Is Anyone listening?



Unacceptable Casualties
No its not tears of hurt I’m crying
The droplets come from the acrid smoke
A metaphoric world burning to the ground
My eyes glazed in saline apathy from
All the heads that simply turn away
Ignoring the screams of the children lost
The shame of the inhumane brutality ignored
Pretending that the importance of their own lives
Their bubble of social or political discord
Carries a greater weight of relevance
Than a little boy who gave away his shoes
Because he no longer had feet
Or the sobbing little girl clutching her doll
To protect it from flames of home on fire
The microcosm of global destruction called Aleppo
Where all the people stopped praying when
They believed their God stopped listening
Why should I care?
I want to help but Monday Night Football is on
And apparently Jesus is busy making touchdowns
Besides I have my own war to fight of Facebook
And I have so many excessive things to buy because
That’s the best way to honor the Lords natal occurrence
He never wanted us to help the helpless did he?
My apologies for the sarcasm, its all I have left
I’m all out of tears
Live and Love in Peace

4 thoughts on “Is Anyone listening?

  1. Spot on and heartbreaking. I ask what I can do for the decrepit state of mankind, and the best practical tiny thing I can do is stay in the spirit to remind people of their own, and to give little and take little from tyrannical war machine that is our government, to make ourselves poor but lack nothing by being faithful and spiritual. We are charitable and obey God when he speaks in our hearts and I agree, you cannot hear it over the drunken cries of the stadium.

  2. Darcey Brandner

    Wow Keith, I feel like this is Vietnam only ten fold. People say it is man who created this and has nothing to do with God, does that mean god can not step in and help or does he turn a blind eye to and say it is not his fault and is exonerated. Between the political BS that is going on here and the unrest in so many countries … Is this the end of the world as we know it? I am overwhelmed by all of it

  3. Wow Keith, I feel we are reliving Vietnam only tenfold and not just in one country but many. Our military involved in them also. The pictures and videos are heart wrenching and difficult to watch. People say this is mans doing , so if man created this monster does that mean god can not step in or can he just sit on his throne and turn a blind eye to all of it. The Political climate in this country is simmering and will only take an increase of a few degrees to create a boil over . Is this the end of the world as we know it. I am overwhelmed by the increase of hatred, bigotry and insanity which is similar to Hitler in his first days . How one person can do such damage is not far from what we are seeing here .I have lived my life but this is sad for my children and grandchildren.

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