Seeker Of Truth



I knelt naked before a gallery of gods
Waiting in judgment of singular rule
Which divinity will clothe me in faith
I seeker of truth
Searching the chasm of dominions
Pleading for some truth I bared my soul
The mother romancer received me
Adorned me with dreams to dream
Fed me certitude to consume my cynicism
I gave unto her my unwavering fidelity
But it was not truth


So many sleeps have come and gone
The dreams so long ago forgotten or gone
Many a deity swaddled me in hypocrisies
I the seeker of truth
Now standing at the dawn of my twilight
Looking to the oracle of enlightenment
Who reveals to me a painting of words
My eyes ached red as I perused salvation
The scriptures given were barren of fact
Yet gleefully exalted in lessons melodic
Cold and calculated I memorized the songs
But it was not the truth


I sang of prophesies written on the wind
Which gently blew out the light from the stars
Alone in my darkness I light the lantern of quest
I the seeker of truth
Once more Mother Romancer beckoned me
Asked me to quench her spiritual passions
I gave to her free from the weight of gratitude
Yet still I was cast in the molding of evil
Alone in the unlit passageway I open my eyes
For only from darkness can we truly see light
That is my truth




Sometimes its about nothing more than having some fun.. “A little nonsense now and then, cherished by the wisest men”* (and women)

After a few puffs of herbal hilarity
I had momentary lapse of clarity
Followed a mousey mole
Down a white rabbit hole
Not a worry about mistaking the severity
I was……

Grinning and spinning through the vortex from the beginning
I was Frolicking and following without ever acknowledging
There a was a mushroom and a caterpillar smoking a painkiller
A laughing Phyllis Diller the strange theater was a chiller
Goddam it was like re-watching The Thriller in Manila
With Michael as Pop king and Ali as Godzilla
In short it was Killah I was as high as a Magilla Gorlilla

Time came for me to move my trippy high ass
But I was pushed or I fell through the looking glass
Filling my head with wonder
What a weird spell I was under
I truly hoped that this groovy high would last and last
Seems kinda crass but that’s all in the past
Because I was……
Floating and laughing down a rainbow river
My liver all a-quiver from a psoriasis giver
If my organs knew how screwed the booze made them shiver
Both my kidney and liver woulda quit liquor much quicker
Still I was just waiting, hallucinating and debating
If my imaginating was the real deal or if I was faking
It was deflatin’……
But whatever I drank made me pulse like a pheromone
Then made me shrink so I’d fit in this dome of a rabbit home
One sign said treat me
The other said eat me
I took them both and the shit really began to heat me
Opps now a retraction the opposite reaction
To my dissatisfaction the drugs caused a contraction
Lights flashing and laughing, splashing and thrashing
Sent my cold soul North of the pole
The icy Arctic circle had me feeling infertile
Time for some soup so I ordered Mock Turtle
Or was that still the herbal?….

Did a shot of Bacardi at one crazy tea party
The majority of the inferiority made a super majority
A march hare in a hat a rodent sleeping on a mat
A jabberwocky and a Tabby doing this and then that
A Cheshire smiling and inspiring that feline was beguiling
Disappearing and fearing until once again reconciling
I nearly shat when I saw only the teeth of that darn cat
He spat like a gnat so I prayed he was spayed
Didn’t know what else to say
So I found my way to a game of croquet….
With flamingo in hand I joined in the Queensland
And a hedgehog I slammed the deck of cards be damned
The spiky round critter not being a quitter
Fluttered and flittered biting the foot of his hitter
I screamed out in pain but all was in vain
The roses once white where painted red once again
I’m not sure what she said but the Heart card in red
Wanted someone dead so said off with his head
I laughed till I peed then fell to my knee
When SMACK……..reality
I simply didn’t see she was talking about me
Time to hightail and flee…….
I know I shouldn’t make this a habit
But once again I followed the white rabbit
My psychotic behavior
Is something to savor
So I just swallowed one more tablet
Cause I like the flavor
Props To Lewis Carroll, this was my absolute fave story as a kid and as a kid/adult. Some people tell me I should grow up but I tried that once and it was the worst ten minutes of my life…. Live and Love in Peace

*Willy Wonka……Special props to Gene Wilder, not even in my rather fertile imagination will there ever be a better Willy Woksa….Good Day Sir!!





Bombs seared the evening sky
Pounding my ears in beats of death
Like stars exploding to the rhythm
Smell of burnt smoke permeates the sky
While flesh is curdled and disappears
The dermal covering dissolving into skull
Limb and life disintegrated to dust and ash
Blood oozes out from the stones themselves
While the moon closes her tear soaked eyes
Allowing the surviving to attempt broken sleep
No one that slept dared to dream that night
For when a dream ends in war it takes a life
Unable to sleep I counted the number of children
Guilt and pity were my personal insomnia
I now pronounce this inhumane to life
Till death do us part
War, humph, what is it good for?
Absolutely nothing!
Take this war and shove it

One battle is all it takes to create war
Yet it takes centuries to create peace
Why must that process always involve death
How does anger transform into a militia
It takes merely one bullet to start an avalanche
One avalanche is all it takes to dissolve a race
It takes far more than just a village to create a Peace
A climate of peace isn’t merely the absence of war
Peace is the obliteration of hate, anger, and greed
You can choose peace or you can choose war
But pull the trigger you pay the consequence
Because when you fire that first shot
No matter how justified you may feel
The dominoes of destruction begin to fall
You have no idea how many will die
Who’s child or mother will burn in anguish
You’ll never be able count the quarts of tears
Nor comprehend the gallons of blood splattered
War is a tantruming child full of cruelty and power
With no clue what to do when it gets its way
After all the blood is spilled and lives destroyed
It ends in profound discussion and compromise
Which is what they all wanted to begin with

Peace my friends is not a concept but a way of life, a culture of co-existence that can enable us to evolve as humans much more efficiently. Today we have an enormous amount of brilliant minds that can lead our species into a brave new future, but we also have an enormous amount of brilliant minds that would prefer destruction and domination. John Lennon was a dreamer, I am a dreamer, and hopefully you will never stop dreaming of Peace either. Love is love is love is love…… Thank you Lin-Manuel, for the most profound statement made so simple…..Live and Love in Peace

The Portal To My Heart



No more the portal to my heart
Shall be slammed shut in silence
Barren of loves treasures
My empty garden grows weary
The writing scribbled on the stars
Telling me it’s time to move on
To leave the city of my birth
Go without sadness or sorrow
For my days here were too long
With the pains of a hard existence
My evenings seeming yet far longer
Exiled to the pains of loneliness
Ah the bittersweet reelections
Regretful moments of sin and bliss
An insensitive trail of broken hearts
I caused the spirit of many lovers
To lay fragmented on my doorstep
Now destiny beckons once more
So alone and now free of my nest
I would fly off to find a setting sun
A new horizon emblazoned with hope
Yet first I pause to peer over the sea
In which my intensity swam so easy
Where the rebellious waves of the harbor
Disregard the covenant of the land
Yearning for days when I ruled
Riding the ebbs and flows of virility
Hoisting up sails of reckless eagerness
Set afloat on wings of sweet rapture
To endure all the ocean possessed
And all that it left behind
Sunken ships from angry storms
Loves treasure awash on sunlit shores
Broken shells tossed to the shore
Reflecting I took one last breath
One more toke of briny nostalgic sea air
Which had once seasoned my desires
A taste I shall remember forever
Whatever adventure travel brings
No river or stream I shall traverse
Will ever comprehend the freedom
That was abandoned those coral shoals
Aye that all lay in the past now
Histories to be written as ballads
It is the season to shed anchors familiar
Perhaps a new moonlight will impart
An unconditional offer of enduring affections
My moment of self absolution arrives
As the portal to my heart is flung open
To receive the treasure of love once more
This day I shall remain vigilant and true
For a portal once revealed to be open
May be entered from either direction



When you’re laughing its hard to be sad

So issue some humor and life’s not so bad

Whether it a gaffe or a joke off the graph

A quick one liner or a whole paragraph

It you want to be happy, then make them laugh


Laughing is like knocking boots
‘Cept you don’t  get naked
Make Them Laugh
Even if they fake it

Tell a silly joke a playful pun
Or some well placed sarcasm
Cuz when you make someone laugh
You give their brain an orgasm

So make them chuckle
Make them moan and groan
Give them a mental climax
Or they’ll be holding their own

They may grab their sides
With tearful elation
Sometimes the best you can give
Is some humor gratification
Just make them laugh
It’s free

We Are Better Than This



I’m all for protest, I grew up in a generation in which protesting made some significant changes in culture and society. But lets be clear, destruction of property and physical confrontation are not acts of protest, they are acts of vandalism and assault. Not only do they deter and undermine your message, it obliterates it because it makes you no better than those you would protest. Its very tempting and easy to say violence only responds to violence but violence only begets violence. So quit your whining and do something clever, volunteer to help, bug the shit out of your congress people with daily e-mails. Believe me in the coming year we will have more than our share of things to protest but we must remain vigilant, consistent, and most importantly peaceful. The outcome is what it is, if you need to place blame place it on those who either didn’t vote or wasted their vote on a misguided protest by going third party or write in. Don’t let violence define the new generation of revolutionists, don’t allow violent protesters to overshadow your message. If you’re angry get off your sanctimonious high horse and get back in the game the way its played. Peaceful protest, voicing your rights not destroying property or assaulting people. Grow the fuck up and learn how to protest with class and purpose. Trump is gonna make errors and its up to us to hold him to task for his decisions but not before he starts making them. Don’t act like deplorable, act like responsible citizens who have valid points to make. Otherwise your just more of what’s wrong with what you want to change.

You Trump supporters aren’t off the hook either. The only thing worse than a sore loser is a sore winner, waiting with an almost evil anticipation to gloat and rub salt into the wounds. The wound your rubbing salt in is a huge laceration and divide in our country, and by continuing to laud over those with opposite opinions you show a serious lack of character and total disregard of hurting your country. So don’t stand there all smug congratulating yourself on how clever you are by using such incredibly well thought out nicknames as Killery, Libtard, Obummer. Grow the Hell up, name calling went out with “I know you are but what am I” playground days. If you seriously want democrats to get onboard then start acting like adults not bratty children who have finally won after eight plus years of disrespecting the President you don‘t like. Your candidate has run one of the meanest and insulting campaigns in modern history. Picking on an opponents wife, discrediting his father, calling a candidate disqualified because “Who would vote for someone with a face like that, and calling out every other contender while hiding behind a Twitter account with childish name calling. Sad! Pathetic! So wipe that smug false pride off you face because that campaign was nothing to be proud of. If you would rather gloat and chuckle at the losing side then don’t give us this bullshit about just accept it and lets move on because you obviously can’t let go of petty bullshit. Look in your own timelines and see how well you accepted and supported the president you lost to. Its not about the person, its about the office and we should all respect the office of the president. Y’all just better hope that when you wake up after being Trump Drunk, you don’t find yourselves in a country with a major hangover…
My final take, you can’t “drain the swamp” and then fill it with bigger alligators and expect the swamp to be safer. We have enemies, we have cultures of people who would like nothing better than to defeat us in front of the entire world. The number one rule if there are rules at all in military conflict is to divide and conquer. That strategy has been used since strategies of military domination began. We are being divided by ourselves and our enemies are ecstatic. We’re doing their work for them by baiting and insulting each other. So we all have a choice, we can sit back and watch ourselves divide us or we can unite. But we will never unite if we want to play chicken and keep playing I’m right and you’re wrong culture. Neither side has all the answers or a solutions. Its our diversity and our ability to keep open minds that will either make or break us. So go out and protest, stand up for your rights but never lose sight of the power of inclusion and unity and quit trying to kick each others asses. Rant over, you decide…. Live and love in peace… or perish in a narrow minded culture of senseless one up-manship……

Death Row Stroll



Modern Beat Rhyme
(In Freeform cadence rhyme, compound signatures)
Cold winters day, late November
Burning in fear inside Purgatory’s ember
On Death Row shuffle
For sins I don’t even remember
Did I do it? Did they misconstrue it?
Too many thoughts I can’t break through it
Screw it, I blew it
If they Want me to die I’ll do it
They wanna open their gates
So we can all seize our fates, our loves and our hates
Is that what life generates?
I’ve got my death date
The reaper anticipates and my grave awaits
Today is the day I take the slow walk to peace
Today is the day when my failed life will cease
Led down he hall with chains on my feet
Comforted by a man who hears all mens shrieks
The voice behind me is the preacher walking
Words of his Bible doing all the talking
Stalking my death and holding my coffin
Its fucking exhausting
Like I’m on another trial
Dead man walking vile
Its my green fucking mile
To make the victims family smile
Get their retribution if I offer my contribution
To their resolution of emotional restitution
When I go from this institution to my persecution
Maybe electrocution is the final solution
They want my allocution?
Screw it what if I didn’t do it
Goes to show ya there ain’t no closure
From a man who stands innocent in a shadow of guilt
A dark of enclosure
Who loses or who wins
Who cares the walk begins
Fear turns to sweat dripping down my neck
Trying to keep a bold face but I just peed on the deck
I don’t want to take this trek
No noose around my neck
I didn’t kill the chick
I loved her
I swear on my life
I never saw that knife
I didn’t kill my wife
The wrong person is walking to death
But I Have nothing left and her families bereft
My attorney didn’t detest when I confessed
I was depressed and oppressed
Caved in at the bequest of a brutal request
Good cop bad cop at its very best
So here I am
Strolling down deaths hall
Taking the fall
Led by my executioner
The infamous Lucifer
Satan has me by the balls
How many others walked down these halls
I’m the moral equivalent of a holy dissident
A miscreant citizen militant innocent
Strolling to shoot up deaths insulin
Forced to mainline my own decline
Seems ironically sublime
Doing drugs was my only crime
Now its my method of dying
But no crying its just my time
I’m here at center stage
The audience full of rage….
Revenge finally comes of age
I wonder why
I only want to see the sun once more
Feel the heat upon my face
Dream about the morning birds
But what I heard was
“Speak your Last Words”
They strap me to their table
Bound in stretchy cable
Stick their needles in my veins
Pull tight on the reigns and what remains
………A dead man still in chains
In a roomful of hosts
A chamber of ghosts
All of us now toast
You may mistrust us or just be disgusted
But this injustice upsets us
And trust us
Death Row is poetic justice
Marching with Satan in tow
As I walked down Death Row

This Me



He’s a parasite this passenger
Inside this unwilling host
Haunting me and taunting me
Made me an emotional ghost
Who is this me
Where did he come from
I became undone when I was so young
The passenger is the only one
Who makes me want to run
This passenger inside of me
Forcing thoughts into my head
Reminding me I don’t belong
Making me wish this me was dead
This me is profoundly lonely
In such a crowded world
Where every voice I hear
Comes from the voice inside my ear
People speak in foreign tongues
I don’t understand a single word
Voices trail and faces fade
They go away as yet unheard
And every dream I dream
Refuses to come true
Every nightmare comes alive
Fear is what comes through
So no longer do I sleep
I lie awake and weep
I wish this me could hide
While my passenger would die
I’m like the bee forever lost
Never again to see his hive
My heart beats my lungs breath
But I don’t feel like I’m alive
I know he’s there he speaks to me
I hear him but I never see
Did I create this passenger
Or did this passenger create this me

Too Much Truth



The truth can break the bonds which burden you
But too much enlightenment can shine a false beam
Illuminating the nighttime’s with unwanted realities
Casting the darkness of an eclipse upon daylight
Revealing the impurity of our own righteousness
Sculpting our rectitude and directing the moral compass
Seeing too much truth can reveal a lack of honor
Integrity is a marble rock chiseled by truths
The more you take away the more you see
Unless it’s carved into a likeness of the self
If we search the answer in the puddles of ego
Unaware that the reflection is aggrandizing
For all of us stand in the same sunlight
Yet we all cast a uniquely separate shadow
Our silhouettes traced upon the same moon
Yet each exclusive to the music of our own profile
We can stifle the drumsticks that beat our rhythm
We can loosen the strings of our cogent guitars
But we can never stop the songs of our truth
For our legitimacy will lay upon us as a harness
Directing us to places we never knew existed
Perhaps the graveyard where memories go to die
Perhaps the nursery where dreams are conceived
The search existential is far from a mere crisis
It’s a revelation to the edification of true life
Oft times much too hard to carry by oneself
If I could I would hold midnight in my hands
And offer it to you as love to guide you to victory
Because one of my truths is I’m tired of losing
Not of harmonies mislaid but of people gone
I struggle because each day I see all of them
I see their eyes
The hope, the anger, despair and joy
I see them close their eyes to dream
All of them lost as a rainbow at dawn
And that’s too much truth for me to bear





Live and Love in Peace

A Smile From A Veil (Do you think you can tell)



Such a sarcastic smile
Yet not a smile at all
Who is that for
What could be so amusing
I can see it through your veil
What is it you see?
Like any mysterious story
A veil has two sides
What is it you see
From behind your curtain
What do others see
Does it make you feel safe
Accepted for what you are
Does the world look different
Viewed from backstage
Who do you wear it for
Yourself or as a deception to others
So they don’t have to see who you are
So they won’t judge you
Look into the eyes of those who judge
Who refuse to see under the veil
Its their hearts that should be judged
Not yours
When you take off the veil
The impure of heart
May see your face differently
May see a scarred soul
A weak and frightened child
But I won’t
I’ll see the beauty that needs no covering
You will never need a veil around me
You look the same with or without
It just obscures your own viewing
And then you may not see the real me