With a sirens song she serenades
Gliding lithely across the horizon
Leaving me trembling in ecstasy
Transfixed motionless in her stare
Intoxicated by the nectar of a goddess
Sweet fragrance of passion
With fingertips forging my being
Fulfilling my ardent desires
Numbing my head with pleasure
Hedonistic day dreams caress me
While she slices me with a smile
A stealthily hidden carnal sword
My wound yearning for repletion
Then with a soft spoken word
A tender purposeful embrace
She shatters my mortality
Bringing sight to my blind eyes
On her pedestal she ascends on high
Climbing like a mighty oak tree
With most tender branches
And salaciously intricate roots
Knowingly the Goddess kneads my soul
Denys me possession of her heart
Without attempting to possess mine
I melt into her like a running brook
Trickling down her mountainside
Understanding the pains of her wounds
As they flow effortlessly into mine
Allowing us to scar in union
Sharing the blood of tenderness
Aye when I am greeted by the dawn
Her smile welcomes me to the light of day
With upturned lips she ensures my dedication
And together we set out in regality
To conquer the world

Is Anyone listening?



Unacceptable Casualties
No its not tears of hurt I’m crying
The droplets come from the acrid smoke
A metaphoric world burning to the ground
My eyes glazed in saline apathy from
All the heads that simply turn away
Ignoring the screams of the children lost
The shame of the inhumane brutality ignored
Pretending that the importance of their own lives
Their bubble of social or political discord
Carries a greater weight of relevance
Than a little boy who gave away his shoes
Because he no longer had feet
Or the sobbing little girl clutching her doll
To protect it from flames of home on fire
The microcosm of global destruction called Aleppo
Where all the people stopped praying when
They believed their God stopped listening
Why should I care?
I want to help but Monday Night Football is on
And apparently Jesus is busy making touchdowns
Besides I have my own war to fight of Facebook
And I have so many excessive things to buy because
That’s the best way to honor the Lords natal occurrence
He never wanted us to help the helpless did he?
My apologies for the sarcasm, its all I have left
I’m all out of tears
Live and Love in Peace

A Festivus Visit (Twas the night before….)

Reviving a Holiday Favorite

Terrapin - The Journey

night before

T’was the night before Festivus
When all through the house
No computer was working
Not even with the mouse

The stalkers were hung by their necks with such care
In the hopes that the end of their peeping was near
The children ate Nestles they,d snuck in their beds
And bounced off the walls banging their heads

Mom in her sexy teddy straddling my lap
Had just bound my hands with a Festivus strap
When down in the kids room there arose such a clatter
Got dressed and untied to see what was the matter

Away to the window I flew like a flash
Dropped my baggie of weed losing my stash
It fell on the breast of the new fallen snow
I watched as my reefer was falling below

When what to my bloodshot eyes should appear
A hallucination of eight tiny reindeer
With a leprechaun in red so…

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Omnipresent Observer



Street/Beat rambling wordplay

I need to tell someone
But no one can I confide
An omnipresent observer
Whispering silently inside
I want to hide but my presence is implied
Always being watched my hands always tied
Being taken for a ride without a place to hide
Inside I hear rambling banter and clamor
Is it my doppelganger
A pathogen of anger
Attacking my sanity in cryptic profanity
It’s a Goddam calamity
Is it real or just a fantasy I’m panicking in agony
And he just keeps on nagging me
Dragging me and stabbing me
Shredding my brain and shagging me
…….Oh the humanity
Ripping apart my fragile mind
A voice so darkly unkind
The humiliation the exploitation
No alleviation from the cranial castration
From the brazen maven of invasion
Comes salvation
That omnipresent silent observer
Puts me in a fervor
Silently cursing and perverting me
Hurting and converting me
Churning and burning tossing and turning
Then deserting me
Always watching and waiting
Hating and debasing
My head is rotating and pulsating
So Goddam frustrating
I just want him to leave
Die and let me grieve in peaceful reverie
Give me one full day of brevity
Instead of bleeding in severity
But he stays and misbehaves
Maybe its I who should cease
Not take life any further
But I just stay and gleam away
In the eyes of my observer

Crime of Misfortune



Raised in chains of depravity
Shackled down catwalks
Degraded and dehumanized
Every second of every day
Colonized for profit
Tattooed by flagellation
Forced into toil
Tilling the soil of the iceman
Together in the fields of despair
They sang the songs of captivity
So painful
So hopeless
So angry
Yet so beautiful
Melodies arranged in emotional chaos
Music glowing in hues of blues
All asking the same question
They didn’t understand
Why they were stripped from their homes
Taken so far away
To become trade for chattel
How they’re lives changed so fast
Wondering why does it take so long
To grow old and die
So they could be free
Moaning in harmony
They prayed hopeful
Never giving up on their God
The slightest bit of optimism
A tiny plume of hope
Rose above the cotton puff clouds
And a hazy shade of regret
Appeared on the faces of their captors
In a half smile of distain and dominance
A shot of high class bourbon
To wash away the shame they bore
Of committing humans to a lifetime of pain
For desiring freedom
The crime of being born too innocent
Or perhaps looking too different
Punishable by oppression eternal
A crime of gross misfortune
Live and Love in Peace



I want that
How much does it cost
I need to have it
At any cost
Nothing is free
Everything has a cost
Falling in love has cost
Falling out of love has cost
Being nice and being mean
Have a cost
Being right and being wrong
Have a cost
So is cost the one true omnipotent?
The omnipresent?
Even faith comes at a cost
God comes at a cost
Allah certainly comes at a cost
Even Jehovah and Vishnu come at a cost
Cost is our one true master
To be an Existentialist or an Atheist
Comes at a cost
Anarchy costs everyone
We all pay a cost
Just to be who we are
To be what we want
For every decision
For every action
Every fucking thing we do
There is a cost
Politics cost us friendships, family, and integrity
Government is nothing but costs
Acting like the chameleon
Hiding what the real costs are
Not money but personal cost
Selling out who we thought we were
Exchanging one cost for another
What is the cost of existence?
The cost of survival?
Do we win at any cost
Must we sufferer the cost of defeat
Cost isn’t just a human condition
It’s a condition set by corporations
Through exploitation
They determine what we want
And what cost we are willing to pay
In the end it the cost of our very souls
That’s what cost us the most
Yet we allow them to set a price
On the cost of our own surrender
The cost of giving up hope
You can have peace if you’re willing to pay
It will cost you dearly
What shall we pay to overcome the costs of being alive
Only death
Never give up, never give in ……
Live and Love in Peace

Awaiting The Raven



Who owns that face
Look deeper
In the mirror
Do you see them?
Sad tired eyes
Echoing back
Tormented orbs
Dimensions of sorrow
Volumes of pain
Clouds of regret
Obscuring the view
But I see
Fragmented visions
Broken glass
Pieces of pasts
Vows crumbling
Degradation and humiliation
People pointing
Laughing from afar
Whispering rumors
Stinging sarcasm
Now I see the reflection
An old man waiting
To meet the Raven
Be brave old friend

There in the mirror
Image comes clearer
Hair of silver
Vaguely familiar
Lines from laughter
Deep of disaster
Tracks from tears
Shed over years
Who owns that face
Who’s been misplaced
That can’t be me
I look so hollow
A bitter pill to swallow
The anguish and rage
My refection has aged

I wasted so many breaths
Trying to change
What had already occurred
Can’t change the past
So I guess my advice
Would be this
Waste no time
Attempting to alter
What has come and gone
Focus your efforts
On forging a future
Bury your past
Because before you know it
You become a strained reflection of yourself
Awaiting the Raven

Live and Love in Peace