I am an enlightened culinary poet who at present has focused all his culinary energy in the construction of cupcakes. I’ve been a pot washer, a line cook, a chef, a pirate, a poet, a pawn and a king.

I was taught by an haute cuisine chef how to express myself through cooking, and since that time I went from cook to culinary poet. I have many years of experience in New York City restaurants (including Windows on the World) as well as corporate kitchens, had an off-premise catering company, and now co-own a stuffed cupcake company in Jersey. I’ve worn a lot of different toques.

I hope I have found a spot in which to share some knowledge, some stories, and most importantly some laughs. I have a 3rd degree in sarcasm from the school of hard knocks (NYC Campus), and I am not afraid to use it. Every day I come one day closer to death so I’m learning to type faster so I can get more crap off my mind and into the blog abyss. Ironically I was a hippie before it was cool. How hip is that??  I am very happy that giving the peace fingers and believing in peace is back in style, so I don’t get laughed at. When I did have lots of hair, I grew the shit out of it, and if I do say so myself, I had one helluva sexy head of locks when I was young. Ah, the old days. Anyway as more hair leaves my head, it seems to open more follicle portals through which creativity can flow.

I will continue to rock and roll until I can rock no longer, then I’ll just roll……PEACE


4 thoughts on “About

  1. A stuffed cupcake company in Jersey started our beginning of Cupcake Cache. Never sorry for that as we gained a lot but glad those days are finished. Although I do miss some of our customers .

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