Defeating Hate




Crouched in the dark of hatreds shadow
The Phoenix of bigotry waits in patience
Someday it muses……. Some day
Hoping to kick off the dust of its ashes
Spread its alabaster wings of oppression
And soar on the winds of prior atrocities
History of hatred is attempting a comeback


The ghosts of the slave
Buried in dirt
Still shackled
Not even in a proper grave
The shame of one nation
Scarred by war
Remembered the words
We are all equal in the eyes of creation


We can never again allow bigotry to soar
Cause our rainbows to cower in disgust
Destroy a commonality built on trust
We shall rise in unison to tenets of hate
Stand and resist supremacists doctrine
Sip from cups overflowing with compassion
Side by side and hand in hand love will win
Only love can defeat Hate


George Santayana.. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it

Unknown…A fish rots from the head down…. Remove it before we all stink

JT Hilltop…. Speak out against racism, bigotry, and hatred every opportunity you can…. Silence is complicity


Live and Love in Peace

Is Anyone listening?



Unacceptable Casualties
No its not tears of hurt I’m crying
The droplets come from the acrid smoke
A metaphoric world burning to the ground
My eyes glazed in saline apathy from
All the heads that simply turn away
Ignoring the screams of the children lost
The shame of the inhumane brutality ignored
Pretending that the importance of their own lives
Their bubble of social or political discord
Carries a greater weight of relevance
Than a little boy who gave away his shoes
Because he no longer had feet
Or the sobbing little girl clutching her doll
To protect it from flames of home on fire
The microcosm of global destruction called Aleppo
Where all the people stopped praying when
They believed their God stopped listening
Why should I care?
I want to help but Monday Night Football is on
And apparently Jesus is busy making touchdowns
Besides I have my own war to fight of Facebook
And I have so many excessive things to buy because
That’s the best way to honor the Lords natal occurrence
He never wanted us to help the helpless did he?
My apologies for the sarcasm, its all I have left
I’m all out of tears
Live and Love in Peace

Hate Fear Anger

hate fear anger

(Beat/Street Poetry Mash Up)
Hate fear anger
Killers all three
Murderous spree
Or just killing me
When I can’t see
The monsters
From under our beds
Confusing our heads
With blood feasts
The evil beasts
Inside us all
Tormenting buzzards
Churning upwards
Burning magma
Blood plasma
Disgust us and distrust us
Spewing injustice
Awaiting release
Destroying the peace
Blame the police
Blame it on sin
Or the color of skin
The monsters roar
A chance to soar
Even the score
Peace no more
Death to all
Who disagree
Death to all
Who are not
Like me

Hate fear anger
Murderers all
Our backs to the wall
Twisting fates
Pearly gates
Hellish straights
Tragedies and agonies
Scrambling our families
Dividing best friends
Refuting amends
The barrel of a gun
Mixes in with the fun
Has us all on the run
In front of our eyes
Disregarding our cries
Until somebody dies
Resulting in talk……….
Nothing more…
Hollow words
But undeterred
Until we descend
To the end
We can’t transcend what we don’t comprehend
So hope is dismissed
Because its easier to pretend
That hate fear and anger don’t exist
Yet feasting on our joy
Hate fear and anger destroy
Huffing and puffing
We do nothing
But talk
Live and Love in Peace

The Soldier And The Poet


The soldier hurts more every day
Yet still ready to go to war
Putting bullets in fear today
Finding something worth dying for

Blind ambition
Its my duty
Flames of Hell
That’ll suit me
I’m a soldier
Gun in hand
Prepared to kill
Defend your land
Kill my enemy
Allies thrilled
May get maimed
May get killed
Never run
No thought of treason
Don’t want to die
For no reason

The poet cries inside each day
Yet always ready to tell more
Putting dreams into words today
Finding something worth living for

Blind ambition
Finding love
Rainbow sunrise
The sky above
I’m a poet
Pen in hand
Prepared to share
My special land
Share my stories
Abstract views
Write of beauty
Or write of blues
Beauty abounds
Every season
Don’t want to live
What’s the reason

The soldier stands on the brink
Smoke of destruction rising near
Facing death at every corner
Eyes closed while facing fear

The poet stands on the brink
Smoke of dreams rising high above
Facing life at every corner
Eyes closed while dreaming love

I’m a soldier
Fighting a war
I found something
Worth dying for
I carry a gun
My mind is numb
I’ll blow my enemy
To kingdom come
I fight for freedom
I fight for peace
Some have to die
Some have to cease
Its just the way
The new world works
Bombing for peace
Where evil lurks

I’m a poet
I protest war
I found something
Worth living for

I write for peace
I write my notions
I’m searching for
Beautiful emotions
Want you to feel
What life can bring
Every living beauty
Every living thing
I see the good side
To make you shout
Try and tell the world love
Love is what life’s about
I write of freedom
And the stars above
I want to live
In a world of love

The soldier hurts more every day
Yet still ready to go to war
Putting bullets in fear today
He found something worth dying for
The poet cries inside each day
Yet always ready to tell more
Putting dreams into words today
So we have something worth living for


The Sighted Blind


So much anger on display
Spewing opinions every day
Don’t realize they lost their way
Rise then fall like an old soufflé

Through a darkness so unkind
Through a world they have maligned
Nose stuck up high yet unrefined
The visions of the sighted blind

Ignorant masses
Acting classless
Living in bliss
Yet always pissed
Creating a storm
The new social norm
20 20 eyesight
But can’t see the light
They need their vision realigned
Show pity for the sighted blind

Voice and vision so distorted
Want their problems self deported

Independent thought in shortage
Think they have life problems sorted

They don’t care to ever listen
Solve with biblical dominion
Thoughts lost in cognitive oblivion
Should sighted blind be forgiven

They believe they have clout but have no doubt
They know nothing about how to sort life out
Just want their views to be on the news
Full of bullshit we can’t use
Want me to help their agenda linger
But I wouldn’t lend my little finger
Nevermind those left behind feeling confined and being defined
What in the Hell is on the mind
Of the esoteric and sighted blind

They act so refined
With the lies they enshrine
They are the sighted blind



Flames of injustice scorch the clouds
Smoke so angry it obscures thoughtful view
The strength of humanity was tested again
Full of shock centuries of distrust just stand still
Innocence chokes on the ashes of imbalance
Burning rage condensates the eyes of our hope
Streets littered with debris born from disparity
Embers of promises at the end of their rope

Mothers extinguish the flames with their tears
As frustration shakes it tired head with its fears

No scales of balance can make freedom ring
A fractured lady once stood tall in her splendor
Eagles ascend hairless above the commotion
O’er their aerie of untruths where they sent her
The agents of battle smile beneath a gas mask
The wheels of justice strut proudly through town
Spewing bravado paid in someone else’s blood
Trampling ghosts of the insignificant underground

Hopelessly shackled to pillars of their Plaza
Anger creeping across town like hot molten lava

Looking for an answer but all we get is fooled
Not a perfect system even when you follow rules
See what happens when you step out of line
We travel past ridiculous down into sublime

The glory of authority
The producer of lost future
The frustration of a nation
The sorrow of tomorrow
The saints against the sinners
How can anyone declare themselves winners?

Kafkaesque Love Affair


Loneliness was all he had and everything he was
Developed a love with a solution and a vial
A relationship that flourished for quite a long time
Both now searching for a little place to smile

But like many lovers a possessive bond did form
Star crossed lovers in each others shadow ever bleak
Together an existence in bargain basement Nirvana
No one could listen when reasons voice would speak

Relying much too heavy across each others boundaries
Exchanging vows of love upon a bloodstained spike
Unbearable unhappiness they found the freedom to suffer
Counting out their blessing of all things that they dislike

Lacking all joy they were free to create their own martyrs
In reckless abandon enthralled in anarchistic passion love
Hopelessness and fear became their finest hour of truth
One last miserable push with the moon glowing up above

Through despair into fate they came to terms with a reality
Wishing to die they finally began to understand their lot
Together forever embraced with antagonistic emotions
Their bond of death became the twisting of their plot