With a sirens song she serenades
Gliding lithely across the horizon
Leaving me trembling in ecstasy
Transfixed motionless in her stare
Intoxicated by the nectar of a goddess
Sweet fragrance of passion
With fingertips forging my being
Fulfilling my ardent desires
Numbing my head with pleasure
Hedonistic day dreams caress me
While she slices me with a smile
A stealthily hidden carnal sword
My wound yearning for repletion
Then with a soft spoken word
A tender purposeful embrace
She shatters my mortality
Bringing sight to my blind eyes
On her pedestal she ascends on high
Climbing like a mighty oak tree
With most tender branches
And salaciously intricate roots
Knowingly the Goddess kneads my soul
Denys me possession of her heart
Without attempting to possess mine
I melt into her like a running brook
Trickling down her mountainside
Understanding the pains of her wounds
As they flow effortlessly into mine
Allowing us to scar in union
Sharing the blood of tenderness
Aye when I am greeted by the dawn
Her smile welcomes me to the light of day
With upturned lips she ensures my dedication
And together we set out in regality
To conquer the world

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