A Smile From A Veil (Do you think you can tell)



Such a sarcastic smile
Yet not a smile at all
Who is that for
What could be so amusing
I can see it through your veil
What is it you see?
Like any mysterious story
A veil has two sides
What is it you see
From behind your curtain
What do others see
Does it make you feel safe
Accepted for what you are
Does the world look different
Viewed from backstage
Who do you wear it for
Yourself or as a deception to others
So they don’t have to see who you are
So they won’t judge you
Look into the eyes of those who judge
Who refuse to see under the veil
Its their hearts that should be judged
Not yours
When you take off the veil
The impure of heart
May see your face differently
May see a scarred soul
A weak and frightened child
But I won’t
I’ll see the beauty that needs no covering
You will never need a veil around me
You look the same with or without
It just obscures your own viewing
And then you may not see the real me

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