The Portal To My Heart



No more the portal to my heart
Shall be slammed shut in silence
Barren of loves treasures
My empty garden grows weary
The writing scribbled on the stars
Telling me it’s time to move on
To leave the city of my birth
Go without sadness or sorrow
For my days here were too long
With the pains of a hard existence
My evenings seeming yet far longer
Exiled to the pains of loneliness
Ah the bittersweet reelections
Regretful moments of sin and bliss
An insensitive trail of broken hearts
I caused the spirit of many lovers
To lay fragmented on my doorstep
Now destiny beckons once more
So alone and now free of my nest
I would fly off to find a setting sun
A new horizon emblazoned with hope
Yet first I pause to peer over the sea
In which my intensity swam so easy
Where the rebellious waves of the harbor
Disregard the covenant of the land
Yearning for days when I ruled
Riding the ebbs and flows of virility
Hoisting up sails of reckless eagerness
Set afloat on wings of sweet rapture
To endure all the ocean possessed
And all that it left behind
Sunken ships from angry storms
Loves treasure awash on sunlit shores
Broken shells tossed to the shore
Reflecting I took one last breath
One more toke of briny nostalgic sea air
Which had once seasoned my desires
A taste I shall remember forever
Whatever adventure travel brings
No river or stream I shall traverse
Will ever comprehend the freedom
That was abandoned those coral shoals
Aye that all lay in the past now
Histories to be written as ballads
It is the season to shed anchors familiar
Perhaps a new moonlight will impart
An unconditional offer of enduring affections
My moment of self absolution arrives
As the portal to my heart is flung open
To receive the treasure of love once more
This day I shall remain vigilant and true
For a portal once revealed to be open
May be entered from either direction

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