This Me



He’s a parasite this passenger
Inside this unwilling host
Haunting me and taunting me
Made me an emotional ghost
Who is this me
Where did he come from
I became undone when I was so young
The passenger is the only one
Who makes me want to run
This passenger inside of me
Forcing thoughts into my head
Reminding me I don’t belong
Making me wish this me was dead
This me is profoundly lonely
In such a crowded world
Where every voice I hear
Comes from the voice inside my ear
People speak in foreign tongues
I don’t understand a single word
Voices trail and faces fade
They go away as yet unheard
And every dream I dream
Refuses to come true
Every nightmare comes alive
Fear is what comes through
So no longer do I sleep
I lie awake and weep
I wish this me could hide
While my passenger would die
I’m like the bee forever lost
Never again to see his hive
My heart beats my lungs breath
But I don’t feel like I’m alive
I know he’s there he speaks to me
I hear him but I never see
Did I create this passenger
Or did this passenger create this me

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