Bombs seared the evening sky
Pounding my ears in beats of death
Like stars exploding to the rhythm
Smell of burnt smoke permeates the sky
While flesh is curdled and disappears
The dermal covering dissolving into skull
Limb and life disintegrated to dust and ash
Blood oozes out from the stones themselves
While the moon closes her tear soaked eyes
Allowing the surviving to attempt broken sleep
No one that slept dared to dream that night
For when a dream ends in war it takes a life
Unable to sleep I counted the number of children
Guilt and pity were my personal insomnia
I now pronounce this inhumane to life
Till death do us part
War, humph, what is it good for?
Absolutely nothing!
Take this war and shove it

One battle is all it takes to create war
Yet it takes centuries to create peace
Why must that process always involve death
How does anger transform into a militia
It takes merely one bullet to start an avalanche
One avalanche is all it takes to dissolve a race
It takes far more than just a village to create a Peace
A climate of peace isn’t merely the absence of war
Peace is the obliteration of hate, anger, and greed
You can choose peace or you can choose war
But pull the trigger you pay the consequence
Because when you fire that first shot
No matter how justified you may feel
The dominoes of destruction begin to fall
You have no idea how many will die
Who’s child or mother will burn in anguish
You’ll never be able count the quarts of tears
Nor comprehend the gallons of blood splattered
War is a tantruming child full of cruelty and power
With no clue what to do when it gets its way
After all the blood is spilled and lives destroyed
It ends in profound discussion and compromise
Which is what they all wanted to begin with

Peace my friends is not a concept but a way of life, a culture of co-existence that can enable us to evolve as humans much more efficiently. Today we have an enormous amount of brilliant minds that can lead our species into a brave new future, but we also have an enormous amount of brilliant minds that would prefer destruction and domination. John Lennon was a dreamer, I am a dreamer, and hopefully you will never stop dreaming of Peace either. Love is love is love is love…… Thank you Lin-Manuel, for the most profound statement made so simple…..Live and Love in Peace

8 thoughts on “SHOCK AND AWE

  1. Heartafire

    Live in love and peace…so beautiful. Why is it some refuse to love or live in peace, but continue to move about the world creating havoc and death. Tumbling towers, bombing innocents on the street…why is it…believe it or not, it is in most cases the fanatical min set of religion.

    1. Yes mind set of religion I agree, but also I have sen people who create the havoc and they seem to thrive on the adrenaline rush from it all death included. I am saddened by all the people I know that are talking the talk to rid certain populations in our country building walls and praising the white supremacists . Ridding our nation of the Native Americans and destroying there precious spirits and sacred burial grounds by building an already leaking pipeline . That our President said no to. Then it was decided to much time and money went into it so they started building it again. Then the pipe burst south of North Dakota leaking over 200,000 gallons of oil so far. Do we have any say in decisions for our country any longer.
      I refuse to stoop down to there level I am at peace with myself for that I am so grateful for

  2. Heartafire this reminds me of the 1960’s and the 1970’s But we did see change and the people were not afraid to get up and fight for it. With this new presidential elect I feel we are in for a nightmare I try to think it will be Okay yet my gut tells me different. Peace to you and yours

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