Sex And Leverage


Dermal switchblade
Dipped in lust
Ripping her nature
Phallic mistrust

Abject refusal
Pornographic fence
Gate swinging open
Seminal offense

Answer with doubt
Reply with a wound
Repetitive scarring
True love is doomed

Says she needs me
Closes the door
Clamping her vice
A visceral whore

Pierce with the blade
All the way in
Deliriously sated
Full to the brim

Lust is erotic
Pain can elate
Submissive reaction
Both numb and sedate

Surrender to hunger
Seeking gratification
Lust driven libido
Metaphoric castration

Satin and tears
handcuffs and lace
Squealing elation
Pleading embrace

Coital alignment
Feral sex lovers
Dance to a climax
Beneath satin covers

Clitoral indulgence
Penile attention
Erotic excitement
And sexual tension

Wanton sexplosion
Flames of desire
Simultaneous release
Bodies on fire

Banished emotion
Forbidden acts
Sex as a weapon
Eternal love pacts

The higher the climb
The steeper the fall
To climax is worth it
Heartbreaks and all

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