Remember Her Name

her name



Even through such weary tired eyes

Her beauty was enticingly apparent

Her lips trying hard to perfect a smile

My sullen image in her hollow mirrors

With tempting allure she rolled us a joint

So we could smoke away all the dirt

The grimy filth of two lost lonely lives

Enlightenment arousing our ignorant bliss

Two lonely souls sharing one special night

But I don’t even remember her name



Beneath the shine of comforting neon

Two naked bodies glowed into the night

She laid herself sacrificial a cradle of love

Where passionate desire unconditionally lay

Waltzing to the beat of a furious headboard

Hopeful bones melting in an amorous duet

The fires of our passions left silken grey ash

Leaving trails of our comfort confirmed salacious

One night two strangers fell deeply in love

Yet still I don’t remember her name


So many times I wished for another moment

Once more to relieve both of our pains

To lose ourselves inside of each other again

Singing songs we moaned tender that night

When demands were left forever unspoken

And all she ever asked to receive in return

A supple memory she could keep evermore

Like the love I cling from my desperate flight

I still remember the smell of lust in her hair

But I still don’t remember her name


When I woke up the next morning

I had but one little wish

That we could live that night over again

And again and again and again and once more

But it was one single moment in time

Still I think of her often

But let it pass

Because we both will always have that sapid memory

But she won’t even remember my name


Double Entendre, A Three Act Play On Words


Some may find the language offensive but it’s only words and words can never hurt me. Sticks and stones on the other hand…
If you happen to be one easily offended by words or sexual content scroll the fuck on. If however you have a mind as childish, silly, and uncensored as mine, please continue.

Act I ……………….. A Cheating Bitch with a Heated Itch

Our sex sucks because of your success when you sucked sex for your success
Now my heartache is such a hard ache because our hard break was such a heartbreak

You let a heating hard on turn your cheating heart on and I’m the one getting burned
You strayed away straight away out getting laid the moment my back was turned
Now you’re a success because you can suck sex your way into success with the boss
You elected to erect him let him pry into your rectum leaving me with an erection loss

During all your sexual journeys you got down to suck on your knees so we both need attorneys to sue
You let him cum in your tummy while you were cumming yummy I won’t comment cause it’s my balls that are blue
Cause you didn’t use your noggin while you were out knocking in bed and out on the town
Cums as no surprise you took your eye off of the prize so my price went up high while you were going down

Act II…………………… Fucking Your Way To The Top

Fill up my money pot
For using your honey pot
Your gonna get a lawyer shot
And I don’t really give a snot
Money I want to get a lot
You just want to squat a lot
Because you’re fucking your way to the top

You’re blinded by your vision
Your empty blind ambition
When with sexual precision
You opened your incision
Then you had your collision
It was your bad decision
Which is causing our division
While you keep fucking your way to the top

My eyes are red and dried
Cause every night I’ve cried
Choking on my pride
Cause he gets deep inside
With you laying right beside
Waiting to get supplied
Inside your great divide
You’re like Bonnie he’s like Clyde
He is taking you for a ride
Still you keep fucking your way to the top

Polishing his knob
Slurping like a slob
Making him throb
From a cut rate hand job
But hey babe no prob
Now I can quit my job
My lawyers are gonna rob
That cheating corporate snob
Because you just don’t fucking know when to stop

Act III ……………………….. At Least The Sex Was Good

You give out head to get ahead while getting ahead and getting head
Both you louses have got spouses now our lawyer louses want your houses
Like a traitor he betrayed her while you traded like a traitor you betrayed our love
Took off your girdle for his turtle but a hurdle is you’re fertile so I hope he wore a glove
He sounded insightful so you let him get inside you to light you so delightful when you came
First you blow him then you’re below him taking so much juice it bloats you what a shame

Jesus it never ceases your afraid that if he sees us hell have a seizure but I don’t really care
The bullshit it increases all in bits and pieces until your cheating ceases I’ll be in despair
I still remember doing you when the dew in you was spewing through you came bout every time
I climbed your back you climaxed back we maxed our sex with sweet success that chimed
Once our sheets were stained by heat we did the feat between the sheet and never did it suck
No more heartache no more hard ache my heart is hard baked I’m stronger I no longer give a fuck

It wasn’t fair you had an affair and if I had enough air maybe I’d fare well
But I didn’t fare well so I’m saying farewell and paying your fare all the way into Hell

Wet Cat Burglar in Red


Contains explicit innuendo. Recommended for immature audiences. Reader discretion advised

Cat In Heat

Like a thief in the night crawling through the window
Love snuck into my bed
Hit me hard my swollen head spinning ecstatic
Cat burglar dressed in red

Holy Toledo
Unbridled libido
The both of us came in the dark
Sharing hard love
Without wearing a glove
Maybe I should just disembark

She came in hard her hands gently stealing my heart
I know I’ll never be the same
Drove my auto erotic hot rod over orgasm cliff
Didn’t even give her name

Wanton lust
Had me trussed
She became the object of my blind affection
Set me on fire
With burning desire
My brain must have been inside my erection

While my head was aflame with lustful desire
Using my brain for kindle
She ignited the flames of my sexual passions
Then snuck back out of the window

Now I’m flaccid
Still as lake Placid
Just the memory of her climaxing scream
Feel so gratified
Feel so satisfied
I sure hope it wasn’t just a wet dream



The bedroom air darkened
Thick with vows of tender love
Young romance in anticipation
Awaiting the moment of two truths
Her truth smiled nervous in my direction
My truth ready to face the ritual of manhood
But it lay in wait shivering like a boy
Excitement and unease looming anxious
Two truths will be discovered on this extraordinary night
The truth of our innocence carted away and buried
Buried deep inside the ardor of this sacred chamber of rapture
Innocence sacrificed in the name of love
In an act of intimacy cherished by two hearts for eternity
Brining us bliss inexpressible yet absolute
The second truth will be the depth our love
Our true and pure love
Which would be brought into conjugal union tonight
This first time
Our first time

My hand trembled from fears of ineptitude
In the call of duty for the passage to manhood
We both tremble slight our experience absent and obvious
Yet willing to conquer the feat with passionate precision
Sheepishly our eyes met in a lasting embrace
Yearning to exchange the fluids of desire
Eternal promises hovered about our tongues
Fragile lips searching for sensual euphoria
Gently our lips touch to savor the taste of our devotions
Brushing light upon each other for an endless second
The endless rapturous second of a lifetime
My ears burned spreading red across my face
Bodies hot with the hunger of passion poised to enter in frenzy
Sheets cheered us on in erotic anticipation
Mattress eager for our arrival

Our mouths opened not needing to speak
Hungrily our tongues battled for pleasure dominion
Two heads exploded in ecstatic fervor
Two bodies struggling to be one
Moaning and breathing too fast and too hard
Applauding each other in delirious ovation
My lifeline solid thick from anticipation
A bit too noticeably I feared
It throbbed with desperation as it caressed her thigh
Softly her chuckle cried out confused for a second
Until grinding undulation cleared my intent
Our hips oscillated exuding enthusiasm unmatched
Loins pleading seductively into an evening of hope
Pulsating signals of soft communication
Avid allegiance of communion
This first time

Clothing departed no longer needed
The light of moon glistened off her silken skin
Our naked bodies stretched for the bed
Her gossamer treasure damp with dew of love
Her desire plying her thighs gently apart
Inviting me inside
Caressing her breast we erased the world
Smiles spread across our lust hungry faces
Lubricious moistness accommodating our union
I entered into her partnership exhilarated beyond description
The perfume of coital paradise encompassed our souls
Our Kismet of rapture
A destiny of fervor

Hungrily our bodies clenched sprawling the bed
Warm approval she moaned wet in my ear
Sending shivers electric to every region of my flesh
I promised my affection to be hers forever
Entering and exiting I panted devotion eternal
We rode on the moonbeam to paradise
Hand in hand across Wonderland
Pleased in our rapture so pure
Fruition of love
This first time

We hoped to capture this moment immortal
Yet both driven to the point of release
Softly singing a ballad of love
A salacious duet in search of climax
A zillion volts of energy stirred from my groin
The moment of truth was arriving too swiftly
Lessons of reality giving pause
Awkward nervousness returned as held back
Panting and pleading she begged me back in
But a dangerous outburst lay waiting
I opened a foil packet of cautionary tale
Clumsily rolled the lambskin shield over the eager sword
Then re-entered the gate to the Garden of her Eden
Forbidden fruit plunged deep inside the caverns of love
Excitement unmatched
True love understood
For the first time
This first time

Not ready to take satisfaction
Not wanting to risk losing this moment of glory
This feeling that should never end
We tangoed a slower sexier rhythm
Rocking and yearning with carnal thirst
The vice of love clamped tight our bodies
I inhaled the scent of each pore of her being
Entwined in wonton desires
Pulsing and throbbing into the night
I emptied my essence in thunderous exultation
Unity became an emotion unbridled and free
Screams of pure elation and exhilaration abounding
Sounds and words that could be mistaken for murder
Had deep devotion and love not spoken them so loud
Orgasmic explosions spiraled from within both of our bodies
The zillion volts coursed from deep inside me
And exploded in intense gratification encased in the walls of her labia
Throbbing inside the girl I love
This first love
This true love
This first time

Her ………… (A Retro Beat Poetry Narrative)


All those things she said
Promising her bed
Gave the go ahead
On her leash she led
Led my swollen head
Told me she could hold me and unfold me in her bed
Said it with such clarity
Spoken in vulgarity
She offered me some charity
A momentary lapse of clarity
We formed a carnal parity
With genital dexterity

She began to purr
My loins began to stir
Life became a blur
All because of Her
The way we were
I was in love with Her

This then is the story of
The days of all my glory love
The day my love was shoved
My senses falling from above
On the day I fell in love
With Her

She had me in her trap
Pleading in her lap
Her love clamped on me so tight that night I thought my rod would snap
I was hungry for release
A gentle erotic squeeze
A gentle pleasing tease
Salacious wonton please
She held me back until I cracked then had me begging on my knees
Begged her not to leave
I began to freeze until
She brought me to release
Released me with a moan
I let out a happy groan
She held me firm so I would learn that I was hers to own
She had me by the bone
Held me firm and made me squirm
Ejaculated me emasculated me
Then left me all alone

I guess I should have known
Known it from the start
She would break my heart
That we would one day part
She took away my dignity, flashed it right in front of me then tore my world apart

I guess I realized
It came as no surprise
She made me cry spinning webs of lies a devil spider in disguise
A string of hapless flies
Just should have realized
But those haunting sexy eyes
The eyes that mesmerize
Seducing me then reducing me just for exercise
Here’s what took me in
She let me revel in her sin
Deep inside her skin
Silken satin skin
Her satin and her lace
Sex enhanced embrace
Her sensual lustful taste
Absent was the mysteries we both had sordid histories neither of us was chaste
Ours was no disgrace
We really rocked the pace
Sexed in every place
Each and every room
Orgasmic sonic boom
Rumbled from her womb

First she led me on
A willing studly pawn
Getting her off and on
Then poof… She was gone
She learned me as she spurned me but the sex I got was so damn hot
It burned me
Burnt me with a pout
But the flame of lust went out
Gone without a doubt
Won’t copulate on the floor
Or fornicate any more
She threw me out the door

Left my face all sallow
Now I’m just a lone shadow
Alone and shallow
No value
Darkness now surrounds me
How does she confound me
Bodies entwined we used to grind until the day she ground me
Ground me into dust
Left me aching in my lust
Wouldn’t let me get back in
Wouldn’t let me touch her skin
Driving me insane
Like unwanted dismal rain
A puddle of carnal pain
Desires will accrue
Left with balls of blue
Nothing I could do

One should never trust
Relations built on lust
At first there’s so much thirst until the thirst begins to rust
Boring rusty sex
Has profound effects
She don’t care no more your out the door with the rest of the rejects
But at least we can still be friends
How bout it? Well that depends
That’s the way it ends

Time erases the regret
Yet her I’ll never forget
I thanked her for the mammary and thanked her for the memory and sweat
The hot and sweaty carousal
The times when our arousal
Made her flush and pink
Had us at the brink
Orgasms in sync
that’s why I think
Still always think
About Her

Left Behind

left behind

The measure of the soul
Hidden from sight
Bleeding its dreams
Of one erotic night

The range of my love
How much I gave
All of myself
No matter the crave

Imprisoned by love
Tenderly bound
Unchained emotions
Veiled on the ground

Searing desires
Glazed in moonlight
Dipped in sensation
Committed in fright

All that I have been
My love enshrined
The measure of my soul
Is what I left behind

Sex And Leverage


Dermal switchblade
Dipped in lust
Ripping her nature
Phallic mistrust

Abject refusal
Pornographic fence
Gate swinging open
Seminal offense

Answer with doubt
Reply with a wound
Repetitive scarring
True love is doomed

Says she needs me
Closes the door
Clamping her vice
A visceral whore

Pierce with the blade
All the way in
Deliriously sated
Full to the brim

Lust is erotic
Pain can elate
Submissive reaction
Both numb and sedate

Surrender to hunger
Seeking gratification
Lust driven libido
Metaphoric castration

Satin and tears
handcuffs and lace
Squealing elation
Pleading embrace

Coital alignment
Feral sex lovers
Dance to a climax
Beneath satin covers

Clitoral indulgence
Penile attention
Erotic excitement
And sexual tension

Wanton sexplosion
Flames of desire
Simultaneous release
Bodies on fire

Banished emotion
Forbidden acts
Sex as a weapon
Eternal love pacts

The higher the climb
The steeper the fall
To climax is worth it
Heartbreaks and all

Behind The Music, Stoned-henge Stock , 420 BC


Woodstock is considered to be the first ever mass gathering of a rock an roll concert although many, myself included would argue it began at The Monterey Pop Festival during the summer of love. But recent discoveries by archeologist show that we are all wrong, the true first weekend of peace love and music was put on by the Pagans in the UK at a place called Stone-henge in 420 BC. Before Alan Freed the rebellious music wasn’t called rock and roll, it was called stone and stumble and it was a big part of their counter culture. Take this recently found papyrus music sheet with song lyric scribed by Lady Joni of Mitchell for the popular Pagan harmonizing genius’s Crossbow, Whiskystills, and Nash-hash:
I came upon a child in the fields
Whilst walking along the path
I enquired “where dost thou walk to”
And this is what he told me
I walk along to Maximus Yasgurwoods farm
To join in a stone and stumble band
Set our camp along the henge
To seteth thy soul free
Thou art starburst
Thou art goldstone
And we got to plant ourselves back in our garden

By the time we got to Stonehenge
We were a couple thousand strong
And everywhere was song and celebration
And I dreamed I saw a sun god
Riding shotgun in the sky
And we all turned into whippoorwills
Above the nation

This relic was found with other ancient artifacts including a lute believed to be owned by Jimi Henbicks which he played with his teeth during a searing rendition of “Castles Made Of Sandstone”, and a clown nose belonging to Wavy-Ravey. The discoveries hve led scientists to believe that Stoned-henge was originally built as a stage for Stone and Stumble bands across the UK back in the day. WAY back in the day, 420BC, The Flintstone years, 10 million strong…. and growing. The Stoners Age when Bedrockpalooza and Occupy Rock Quarry were popular. Archeologists now believe that the Stonehenge ruins are all that’s left of an enormous soundstage which played to thousands of young partying Pagans, some who danced naked and took to frolicking openly, many while under the influence of barleycorn weed, a popular and tasty intoxicant when smoked. That weekend celebration of love, life, sex, drugs and stumble and stone music changed their world forever. Well actually it changed it only until the brutal Roman soldiers invaded the lands of the Pagans forcing them into chains of Roman rule but that’s another documentary. Before that devastating event the only event anyone spoke of was the three days of Love, Peace, and Music (and rain) on Maximus Yasgurwoods sheep farm known as Stoned-henge Stock.

Stoned-henge Stock was the brainstorm of childhood friends Ian Kellerlay and Declan Mc Intyre of Brea Scarra Off the coast of Scotland. They had the incredible insight to create a venue that could unite all the various pagan music styling’s of the UK. With top acts like the blues singer Janus, Canned Campfire, Dublin Bay Dirtwater Revival, Countryside Joe McDougal and the 12 fishermen, Bronze Zeppelin, The Ungracious Dead, Jefferson Chariot, The Immobile Stones, and The Salisbury Hill Stompers, nine music scenes in all would be represented. Each of the nine music scenes were represented by a giant stone indicative of its region to “represent“!

It’s believed the festival lasted three days and nights showcasing some 30 Stone and Stumble acts to almost 40,000 jubilant attendees. The crowd was so large the New English Chariot Thru-way was closed. Lotta freaks man! Tremendous efforts were made to feed the crowds, nearly 500 pounds of haggis was prepared for crowd consumption. Breakfast in bed for 40 thousand! Two children were born, a number of rug burns and other sex related casualties occurred, and one person died but all in all the festival was considered a life changing success. Or disaster, depending which news media you paid attention to. This is Behind The Music, the truth behind Stoned-henge Stock 420BC, The two part series presented by our sponsor, “Be My Bud“, the leaders in the legal marijuana industry. “We grow em so you can roll em.” So set your DVR for the upcoming mini series. Watch hundreds of pagans drinking, smoking, and flipping out on pebble peyote, get the inside story from some of the acts, and find out what happened to this sheep farming community when the music stopped.