I want that
How much does it cost
I need to have it
At any cost
Nothing is free
Everything has a cost
Falling in love has cost
Falling out of love has cost
Being nice and being mean
Have a cost
Being right and being wrong
Have a cost
So is cost the one true omnipotent?
The omnipresent?
Even faith comes at a cost
God comes at a cost
Allah certainly comes at a cost
Even Jehovah and Vishnu come at a cost
Cost is our one true master
To be an Existentialist or an Atheist
Comes at a cost
Anarchy costs everyone
We all pay a cost
Just to be who we are
To be what we want
For every decision
For every action
Every fucking thing we do
There is a cost
Politics cost us friendships, family, and integrity
Government is nothing but costs
Acting like the chameleon
Hiding what the real costs are
Not money but personal cost
Selling out who we thought we were
Exchanging one cost for another
What is the cost of existence?
The cost of survival?
Do we win at any cost
Must we sufferer the cost of defeat
Cost isn’t just a human condition
It’s a condition set by corporations
Through exploitation
They determine what we want
And what cost we are willing to pay
In the end it the cost of our very souls
That’s what cost us the most
Yet we allow them to set a price
On the cost of our own surrender
The cost of giving up hope
You can have peace if you’re willing to pay
It will cost you dearly
What shall we pay to overcome the costs of being alive
Only death
Never give up, never give in ……
Live and Love in Peace

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