Existential Clock

an e clock



It all just dissipates
Everything you are
Disappears in a second
A million breaths in the air
A billion heartbeats silent
The world fades
Steam on a mirror
Smoke off a candle
Just gone


Memories never move
They stay where they lay
Leave when they’re forgotten
Like a dream in sleep erased
Abandoned when you wake
Or when you don’t
Everything passes
Time in a handful of sand
Slipping through my fingers
Waves crash to the shore
Then disappear into the sea
Here then gone
With the pulsing of a second
The existential clock ticking
Life is so precious
Be your own pilot
Fly your own vision

Waiting creates stress
Tomorrow keeps secrets
Until it becomes today
This moment is reality
No one lives yesterday
With the ticking of every second
Each heartbeat moves forward
Away from our birth
Closer to death
Each second wondering
If it will be that special tock
The stopping of the clock
When everything is gone
Except a distant memory
In someone else’s mind
Fairy tales fade
The existential clock spinning
We are precious
Live life now


Time is a vapor
Fogged on the stars
Shooting across the nightscape
Here then gone
A quantum tale to be told
Non linear progression
Seconds reflected in a speculum
A familiar song
A smile unobserved
An image left behind
My memories are not for me
But for you
Yours to clutch tightly
I give them to you
Memories are the morning dew
Like trying to hold onto a cloud
You can carry them with you
Until your song ends
The existential clock
Runs out one day
Redemption becomes obsolete
There is no ever after
Live and love in peace

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