Corridor of Death



(Freestyle Post-Beat /Street Tempo Mix)
Bad memories like phantoms
Actors of my Divine Comedy
Circling the layers of Hell
Questioning my honesty
The corridor of the inferno
Hatred burns from every pore
The sound that I was fearing
My name whispered behind a door

Kick it……

Got a call from Satan but I kept him waitin’
Cuz I ain’t freighting for no demon hatin’
I’m going straight into a world where
My fate is anticipating my death
My last fucking breath the bottom of my depth
But it’s not your concern I’m in Dante’s inferno
A journey of no returnin’ and so much burnin’
I’m hurtin’

Facing down my demons always busy scheming
Without reason for the screaming and the streaming
About an agreement of redeeming my soul
That’s leaving without beaming to the lord
But I’m ignored because he’s bored
And until my faiths restored there’s no reward
But water boarding by the horned one
I’m being scorned on my way to Hell
Oh well

Slow it down now……
The waters of my River fill with blood
Bones styx and stones block my path
Deliver me to circles down the hall
The corridors of anger hate and wrath
Where I’m a dead man walking
Down Dante’s corridor of doom
Pays no attention to our good deeds
To him it’s just a room
Verily he grabs me by my hand
Motioning down the hall of gore
Showing me the path of destiny
My name now written on that door
Kick it one more time…….

Time to meet the great tormentor
At the epicenter the wraith dementer
Death the presenter of dissent or
Is this all just another fucking lie
Say come inside and learn to die
The truth you seek is one big lie
The god you praise is petrified
Been sacrificed on Mount Sinai
Come quantify your sacrifice
Showing me the path of destiny
The death that lay in front of me
My image in flames of effigy
Enemies scream in ecstasy
An ember is all that’s left of me
I’ve reached my life expectancy
Because I lack integrity
Failure is my legacy
Words will ring in eulogy
He tried so hard but couldn’t see

Abandon all hope all ye who enter
Too late be a repenter

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