Mighty Meg


These words are not meant to elicit sympathy or empathy or instill a sense of sadness or regret, but to inspire an urgency to express love, to share love, to experience love, and proclaim love before time denies you that privilege….   Live and Love in Peace



She sailed into the world
On a gilded cloud
Stars bursting pearl cinders
Platinum moon smiling bright
Comets holding their breath
Circadian rhythms echoing softly
Feathered creatures flapped and crooned
Morning sun rose in admiration
Butterflies danced in adulation
A magical sensation
Cosmic jubilation
Her name murmured softly in the wind
Megan Laurine, Warrior Woman
Mighty Meg
The Universe is put on notice
Our precious diamond would shine
Lifting us towards utopia
Eyes that comfort and soothe
Contagious engaging smile
Igniting the fires of cosmic reality
Life gleamed undiminished
Until the ills of fate crept in
Left its loathsome stench
The burnt smell of betrayal
A gallery of people beside her
The walls of the hospital drenched
In the tears of so many children
Who had come this way before her
The walls screamed in exhaustion
Hearing the Wailing of despondent parents
An unending corridor
A spiral staircase to Hell
The halls of healing fell silent
Machines of life monitoring no more
No longer having purpose
Boasting an analogy of our reality
A once Technicolor world
Now gray cold and lonely
Our crying eyes watched
As heaven burnt to the ground
The smoke blurred our vision
From Iscariots lips
A burning ember kissed my cheek
Leaving a deep laceration
A scar leaving a furrow
To be forever filled with despair
The world turned inside out
Senseless and absurd
Void of purpose
Hopelessness abounded
But a natal event
Lifting our wings once more
Liberated Megan’s legacy
To be shared with everyone
Twenty five years ago today
A tiny little spark soared up in the sky
Finding her place amongst the stars
Where she shines her light on us everyday
We love you Meg
Shine on you crazy diamond


There Was A Time




There was a time
When I looked ahead
Infinite roads of gold
I believed I could reach out
Grab my future
Life was within my grasp
I was the master of time
Now I just look behind
And its all so far away
So elaborately distant
Far out of my reach
I dropped so many moments
But there was a time
There was a time
With the eyes of youth
I could see ever so clear
Knew just who I could be
But I became far too many
I don’t even know which me I am
I been so many lives
Seen so very many sunsets
Since the days of my youth
That my visions clouded
Now my eyes only see
A ravaged reflection
Of what the present holds in its arms
But there was a time

There was a time
I could have owned the world
Ruled my very destiny
Gardens of adventure
Mine for the taking
Living the life
Scratching my name in the stars
To leave my mark
Now life has done the etching
Tattooed on my soul
Scars of the past
Reminding me always
That there was a time

Time is the ultimate in freedom, it can never be chained, never be stopped. There are many important times but no time is as important as right now. I’m never am sure of where I’m going or how I’ll get there but one consistent in life is time. Time is everything that ever was or ever will be and at a certain point it feels like its all happening at once. You can look ahead or look behind, your choice, but you can’t change it or erase it because time never stops or starts it just is. And was or will be. Time can be measured in seconds, hours, days, years, decades, or whatever delineation we assign it but for each of us time is right now, this very moment. There are times we recall and times we forget but one thing I’ll always be able to remember is….There was a time

Existential Clock

an e clock



It all just dissipates
Everything you are
Disappears in a second
A million breaths in the air
A billion heartbeats silent
The world fades
Steam on a mirror
Smoke off a candle
Just gone


Memories never move
They stay where they lay
Leave when they’re forgotten
Like a dream in sleep erased
Abandoned when you wake
Or when you don’t
Everything passes
Time in a handful of sand
Slipping through my fingers
Waves crash to the shore
Then disappear into the sea
Here then gone
With the pulsing of a second
The existential clock ticking
Life is so precious
Be your own pilot
Fly your own vision

Waiting creates stress
Tomorrow keeps secrets
Until it becomes today
This moment is reality
No one lives yesterday
With the ticking of every second
Each heartbeat moves forward
Away from our birth
Closer to death
Each second wondering
If it will be that special tock
The stopping of the clock
When everything is gone
Except a distant memory
In someone else’s mind
Fairy tales fade
The existential clock spinning
We are precious
Live life now


Time is a vapor
Fogged on the stars
Shooting across the nightscape
Here then gone
A quantum tale to be told
Non linear progression
Seconds reflected in a speculum
A familiar song
A smile unobserved
An image left behind
My memories are not for me
But for you
Yours to clutch tightly
I give them to you
Memories are the morning dew
Like trying to hold onto a cloud
You can carry them with you
Until your song ends
The existential clock
Runs out one day
Redemption becomes obsolete
There is no ever after
Live and love in peace

Just In Case

just in case


(Modern Beat)



I ran from a familiar land

After my delusions chased me

Across the sand

And I ran

from the North Shore sights

Toward the bright bright lights

Electric nights of city life

Laughing in the jaws of the dragon

Breathing wisps of demon breath

To a world unnatural

In search of death

There in the belly of the beast

Putting my life on lease

Chasing smoke rings

Dancing a crazy crowd

Punk music blasting loud

Fractured bones in the pit

Because I moshed a little bit

Too hard

Fraught with anger

Driven with salacious devotion

Drawn to deviant commotion

I rode the avenue waves

Reveling the horizontal hugs

Stoned insane from too much drugs

Waltzing on the edge of the universe

Stumbling across my dreams

But age collects it’s toll

Body and mind fade from time

Can’t live that way no more

Can hardly get up off the floor

I’ve become a dinosaur for sure

But if you offered me a normal life

I would turn and run away

Who wants that kind of life anyway

Chained to a picket fence

Life in the past tense

Another hamster in the wheel

Man get real!

That don’t make no sense

Children and suspense

Always worried about expense

I’m better left to all my clutter

Traveling rip tide down the gutter

I’m not who I thought I would be

Two good eyes but still can’t see

Even though its in front of me

Now you tell me God can free us

Jesus will appease us? Please!

Was my life ever worth saving

When it was death I was constantly craving

But anyways I ain’t misbehaving

Mine is no disgrace

Repentance has no place

But I’m not going back there

Just in case






Time Chase


We grab on desperately to our caches of memories petrified that if we lose them we have nothing left. Then on day we realize that those memories are merely vapors from echoes we once screamed from the mountaintops. It’s a tragedy when we run out of life before we run out of time…..

Life running out

Time standing still

Once full of wonder

He’s now had his fill

Behind his old sparkle

The light it grows dim

Underneath the smile

Is a world dark and grim

Running out of verve

But not out of time

Harder day by day

To be towing the line

Don’t let them see it

Don’t let them stare

Light up your candle

Hide from the glare

Condition and acceptance

That’s what they expect

When everything’s gone

You’ll still have respect

Give wink and a nod

Say everything’s great

Life will catch up to them too

Time is our fate

What’s Happened To Time? (Inspired by The Wedding Of Riversong)


The clock it never even ticks anymore
Something bad has happened to time
Just what exactly do I mean by that
Does time belong to you or is time mine

Please explain to me in terms more clear
If its gone has someone committed a crime
Cause no one seems to have enough anymore
What in the Hell has happened to time

Killing time had a thrilling time
Time to make a change
On time in time
Times been re-arranged
What if I’m behind time
Where can I find time
Can’t even define time
A time for us
Someday there’ll be a time for us
Our time has come
Time has come today
One time sometime any time will do
Right here right now I think your time is through
Time heals time steals time a for all good men
Make time take time its time to start again
Been here and gone
But time goes on
Time is on my side
Have no time to bide
No time -go time -hurry up its show time
Your time my time I think its about high time
To give the time of day
Time is slipping away
Time has come today
It’s the right time to stitch time and save nine so sublime
Its about time
The right time
Is nighttime
But what is the time?

Does anybody really no what time it is?
Does anybody care?
Time’s up
We out

Time In A Bottle Rocket


Time heals all it hurts
And hurts all that it heals
Time passes standing still
Time gives and then time steals

Whatever we leave behind us
Is all we were before
I’ll be waiting until forever
For time to close the door

Incremental distress from shadows of sorrow
Into the back a knife and through the heart an arrow
Sardonically smiling The Reaper unseen lays in wait
Hoping for the moment we find ourselves too late

Harvesting destruction in hopes of reaping flesh
Biding time until the moment his and my life mesh
I’ll not sit here and cower all day full with dark unease
But challenge it here on its own turf to bring time to its knees

Time heals all it hurts
And hurts all that it heals
Time passes standing still
Time gives and then time steals

Whatever we leave behind us
Is all we were before
I’ll be waiting until forever
For time to close the door

Don’t Forget To Turn Back Your Biological Clock This Weekend



I attempted to shake the vodka cloud from my head as I headed towards the bathroom. In an effort to remove the morning mental mist that settles in after on of those nights I rubbed my face and peeked into the mirror. There staring back at me was my Dad. OMFG, who is that? Who am I? The old dude I used to make fun of for having a soft bulging Buddha belly and a head of hair who’s only wave is the one that says good bye looking back at me. I have morphed into my father, and the worst part is its not the young dashing man in my parents wedding photo but the outdated bargain bin model. The grumpy old manchild in the promised land whose pants never seemed to fit right Not the leisure suit wearing try to be hip with the “in crowd” Dad with a comb over in a successful attempt to embarrass me, but the wrinkled and bloated bald dude whose only conversations involve his particular ailment of the day Dad. That’s the one looking back at me. Crows feet around my darkened eyes, wrinkles where my cheekbones used to reside, a fading grey beard, and a forehead that is over two inches higher than I thought it was. I have the face of an old man. I looked at my hands, my stomach. Old. When did this happen? How did time ravage my body so cruelly rearranging everything making everything so wrinkled, so fragile? Why does my skin not seem to fit tight anymore? Everything has gotten soft yet life continues to be hard. I’ve aged ungracefully and feel as though I have been one upped by time. And time snuck up on me like the devious practical joker it is, took away my High Times magazine replacing it with an AARP magazine. And membership card!

What do I know about this time thing, this tricky conniving concept that creeps and slithers around unnoticed until it chooses to rear its timeworn ugly head? This cruel dark spirit that sneaks into you room while you sleep and tugs out your hair, squeezes your bladder, and gives you random smacks so you wake up wondering exactly which part hurts this morning and why. Is time on my side? No it isn’t Mick! Time may allow you moves like Jaeger when you’re young but when you use up too much time you’ll pay for it with osteoporosis, poor eyesight, and a compromised digestive system. Fuck time!

Time and time again I was put in time out. This time, next time, anytime, Time in time out, time zone, time time time. Parsley sage rosemary and time. Sorry, couldn’t resist. Anyway, its that time of the year to change the time of day. Another tricky time maneuver. I have heard it said it was Bennie Franklins idea but I blame time, in another surreptitious plot to mess with our biological clocks, which for some fucked up reasoned I the one clock we can’t set back. Sneaky because that was my fall back on plan, to reset my biological clock back to maybe my thirties or something, but time won’t let me. My fall back is to not spring forward to quickly but that ship has sailed and this body can no longer spring without consequence. Damn you time, you won again, you’re the slinky descending my steps in intense determination unwilling to stop for anything. So time will just seep marching on and moving forward so the only thing left for me to do is look back in the mirror again, look lovingly at my reflection and say, “Love you and miss you Dad, wish we had more time.” Don’t waste it, make the best of your time, spend it with the ones you love. it’s the best investment you’ll ever make

BTW, don’t forget to change your clocks, spring ahead, fall behind…….PEACE