Three Piece Blind


Slinking from behind a shadow the three piece suit appears
You’re distracted by desperation as your money disappears
Right hand shaking yours with a smile of keen deception
Left hand shakes your wallet to complete an interception
Trust me my friend I have a deal you couldn’t possibly refuse
With my creative banking there’s no way that we can lose
Confides you reassurance with a smile that came from hell
His pen is dipped in ink of greed from Satan’s own inkwell
Sign right here, and here, and here it only costs your soul
Partnering with your money is the three piece’s only goal
Now you’re broke and suit gets fatter each and every day
Nobody’s cash will be secure if the three piece has his way
So be aware if a greedy suit skulks up on you from behind
You lose everything including hope when your faith is three piece blind

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