Driving Prophets

profit drive

We work hard to keep expenses down
It makes no difference as long as it works
There was an accidental death you say?
When in business profit from every loss

Someone sends memo’s to keep us in check
We’re plagued by whistle blowers as well
In the end we will destroy every last one
Because yearly Quarterly reports are due

The business must show off a lot of profit
So some of the small people may need to burn
You tell me there are hungry people starving
Without money its not a corporate concern

Them peasants they never have cash and carry
They can live and dine on leftover crumbs
We’re not losing one single night sleep
Worrying about some unproductive bums

The lazy lot of beggars they’re on welfare
And they drive our property values down
If it was up to the big corporations
We’d toss all their assets straight out of town

Because the only people we really need
Are the folks with dollar sign eye sockets
Like foolish Eskimos who purchase upscale ice
We have the naïve buyer in our hip pockets

The one thing we will sell for the indigent
Is We’ll sell their asses all down the rivers
But don’t go calling us greedy bastards
Call us generous minimum wage job givers

For a healthy tax break we create entry jobs
Employment in which you break your backs
Politicians speaking in fuzzy economics say
Donate to us we’ll give you shelter from the tax

And if anyone attempts to topple our profits
You’ll find your heads inside a hanging noose
We will eradicate any who try challenging us
No one will ruin our branded golden goose

Everyone knows money talks and bullshit walks
You consumers can stop all of your squawking
If your credit rating isn’t up to our standards
Don’t let the door hit you and keep on walking

Walk your maxed out credit cards outta town
No one rides if you don’t have enough bucks
Money is the reigning king of everything
Without it your all plain shit out of luck

So let the bleeding heart socialists whine
Prophesizing an economy thats falling down
Long as we keep driving our high end profits
We’ll drive those prophets deep into the ground

Three Piece Blind


Slinking from behind a shadow the three piece suit appears
You’re distracted by desperation as your money disappears
Right hand shaking yours with a smile of keen deception
Left hand shakes your wallet to complete an interception
Trust me my friend I have a deal you couldn’t possibly refuse
With my creative banking there’s no way that we can lose
Confides you reassurance with a smile that came from hell
His pen is dipped in ink of greed from Satan’s own inkwell
Sign right here, and here, and here it only costs your soul
Partnering with your money is the three piece’s only goal
Now you’re broke and suit gets fatter each and every day
Nobody’s cash will be secure if the three piece has his way
So be aware if a greedy suit skulks up on you from behind
You lose everything including hope when your faith is three piece blind

Have I Got A Deal For You


Come In He Said I’ll Give You, Tax Shelter From The Storm

Man he’s such a hater, a smiling alligator, lawyer and a traitor, financial masturbator

He offered tea, a smile a nod
a promise in his pocket
Then he shook my hand in faith
And I just let him lock it

A knife inside his three piece
The handle sleek and black
razors edge with venom spit
He plunged it in my back

Man he’s such a hater, a smiling alligator, lawyer and a traitor, financial masturbator

In uniform of camouflage
Men’s Warehouse off the rack
In his hand a pen of lies
Papers by the stack

Sign three times, one initial
Shoulda had my doubt
Never dreamed a smiling friend
Would ever sell me out

Man he’s such a hater, a smiling alligator, lawyer and a traitor, financial masturbator