Fear Me

fear me

Fear ignorance and hate once decimated the world
Its making a comeback
Fanning its flames of anger over social media
Because of me
Get ready for the new apocalypse
Brought to you in living color
Exploding on your screens
Wars and disasters everywhere
At the click of a mouse
And I bring it to you free
I am fear
I am rage and fury
I am hatred
I am that I am
Fear me
Fear my deceptions
Hate your neighbor
As thyself
No respect
No compassion
Nothing matters
I alone am the center of the universe
Kneel and worship me
Me me me
Fear me
Fear my deceptions
Fear my opinions
Fear my truths
Fear my lies
Be what I tell you to be
Think what I tell you to think
Sing your songs of me
Kill for me
Crucify the different
Crucify cultures
Genocidal murder
Murder is redemption
Redeem your neighbors
I am the pinnacle
Death is coming soon and you better be ready
Judgment day is arriving
Coming soon to a combat theater near you
I supply the anger
You supply the death
Seven deadly sins as one
Stand before me
Be judged
Feel the tremble
Fear me
Fear my wrath
Feel the paranoia
Deception reigns
Fear my dominance
Praise me
I am the savior and the destroyer
Redeem yourself to me
I have dominion over all things
I am angry
I am the Kingdom
The power
The glory forever
Fear me

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