Murderous Monday


Oh its you despair we meet again
The murky hallways of my specter
You here to ruin my life again
In mask of fictitious protector

I hate myself again this morning
The evenings numbing never works
Good morning asshole here’s your life
Time to greet the grotesque smirks

They stare and snicker poking fun
Through the swinging of my mood
Call me names laughing from afar
They’re so god damn fucking rude

Maybe build an abstract fence
I hear fences make good neighbors
Or shoot the bastards one and all
Chalk it up as my life’s labors

Shut up despair I can’t do that
Stop pressuring me with those words
I don’t want to hurt nobody
The lines keep getting blurred

Someone help me someone please
Make the voice leave my head
I can’t hold myself responsible
Sanity hangs by crimson thread

Euphoria come back I need you again
Take me to that special sight
I need to find release from living
Despair let me breath tonight

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