Bury My Heart At Wounded Vow

A man and a woman on a pier

I read the message coming from her eyes
The culmination of a thousand lies
Saline reminders of her indiscretions
Leaving me numb a heart full of questions

Didn’t I give her all the she needed
Where did I go wrong softly I pleaded
Its all my fault she said through her tears
How could this happen after all of these years

A mistake she cried
Meant nothing she lied
The tears she dried
When our love died

Heartbreak betrayal the enemy unseen
Sneaks into your life creating a scene
Still never thought it could happen to us
Fell into a world of suspicious distrust

The salt of her tears burn where she cut
Scratch on my heart and pains in my gut
One day together you reach for the stars
The next you fake smiling to hide all the scars
A mistake she cried
Meant nothing she lied
Tears she dried
As our love died

Where do you go to repair a dream
When betrayal rips it apart at the seam
Will the pain linger as long as I live
Can’t find the compassion I need to forgive

She made me a promise I truly believed
Only to find I had long been deceived
A difficult lesson for me to have learned
Love is bleeding my heart has been burned

No more love I cried
Never again I lied
It hurts I sighed
So hard I tried

But I don’t quit I get back on the horse
I’ll try to love again this time stay the course
Maybe I’ll find love that isn’t a shamble
Because being in love is so worth gamble

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