Death the Redeemer


Shadow of sorrow
Crooked sly smile
Creeping the corner
Nefarious and vile

Reeking deathly odor
Cross upon the priest
Shouting last rites
Expelling the beast

Only one way out
Admitting the crime
Own up to the act
A confession in time

Gently he soothes
Removing the strife
Enticing the sinner
To forfeit his life

Its death the redeemer
Collecting the debt
For crimes of the heart
A blade soaking wet

Son take my hand
On this I insist
Power in your hand
Answer on your wrist

Sins have been written
Deep into cement
Death is a calling
Its time to repent

Release the dark faucet
Close with your breath
Close tightly the mirrors
Encounter your death

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