I have so many names Abaddon, Beelzebub, Satan or Serpent Lucifer, Harborym, Prince of Hell awaiting, The devil the demon the seed of evil The Reaper, the Darkness the master of upheaval. Call me what you may but in the end…… I am you and you are me

The Beast

Hidden in the shadow of evil
Holding darkness in shackles
Impregnating the minds of the masses
With the seeds of infernal fire
Chaos his one true domain
Constantly clawing his way
Into the helix of our beings
He is the Beast and his work is not yet done
Laughing haughtily at our ignorance
He berates us, the feeble light chasers
Insignificant followers of sunshine
All the while biding his idle hands
Because the Beast has the wisdom
Every light of life eventually fades
Enslaving everyone to his onyx trance
I am the temptation, the horrid defecation of your murderous nation
I am the intruder in violation of the king of creation
I caused his castration for all damnation
And its you who will pay son
For I am anger I am hate
I am the death you await
The devastation of war
Anticipating the wraith
I’m the Reaper at the door
Here to determine
I am the paranoid priest
With an unspoken sermon
I am the disease and filth on the teeth of vermin
Looking for your mother to force my sperm in
I am agony, the pain, hurt and sorrow
I’ll still be here when God dies tomorrow
I am you
Witness this
The Beast was there on my day of entrance
Overseeing my natal adventure
The vortex of his evil impaled me deep
Staking his claim on the edge of my heart
His servant indentured had I become
Evil that Clung to me like earthborn roots
Delivered me into unrighteousness
Made me the evil who was once the good
Tortured by my never-ending hunger and thirst
Betrayed by the fall of man
The flightless Phoenix in night dress
The smoke of the arisen burnt my eyes
The putrid ashes burnt my lungs
He is hunger unsatisfied
He is thirst unquenched
His wrongdoing never ceased
He is just the Beast
The horrible fucking Beast
He’s hateful and vicious the demon pernicious
Capriciously malicious an ambitious narcissist
Don’t count on him he’ll always dismiss us
He’ll dismember so tender and splendor in our surrender
He goes by so many names even he can’t remember
But in the corner of your eye
The place you never want to see
Hides The Stalker of Misery
He is in you and me

Within The Shadow




Sneakily obscure

Surreptitiously vile

Creeps in the shadow

Billowing bile

Take me to slaughter

Crushing my head

Pestle and mortar

I’m mentally dead

Cranial mutilation

Heart in a vice

Brain spliced in pieces

Begging for Christ

Rumination poised

Biding it’s time

Disaster in making

Drowning in slime


The shadow compulsion

Smothering the hopeful

Choking emotion

The obscure deadly murder

Intent unspoken

Torture the sick

Spewing profane

Driving the weak

Who cry out insane

Mindless abyss

Barren and void

Thoughts in the wind

Drive us insane

Always inside

Screaming my name


My silent companion

Leaves me abandoned

Lonely and stranded

Remanded disbanded

And branded

A loser

Shadow traveler controlling the ride

Destroying my pride

No place to hide

Ripping out segments of my self esteem

My dreams

And schemes


Never what it seems

Inside the shadows

Hidden destroyer

Paranoia employer

Mean and unkind

Scraping the insides

Of my head and my mind

Leaving me blind

And my sanity behind

Unhinged and crying

All the noise and the din

No escape from the shadow

Or what’s hidden within






Serpents tongue in silver plate
Wings flaming with convictions
Spewing ashes of your past
To remove your predilections

Gaze upon me hear my words
Taste truth with both your ears
I shall pacify your lost dreams
Arrange desires into fears

Ashes of a baneful ghost
Aimless flock of sheep repulsed
Heed the reckless exorcist
Drink his poison slit your wrist
Go ahead your time to cease
Pray to him to for your release
Breath his blood if your enslaved
For a stone your name engraved
Bare the cross the wicked creature
The artificial furtive preacher

Painting a message in Carbon gas
Follow the macabre out of town
Ride the desert of many colors
Looking up with eyes cast down

You are waste is what he claims
With eyes which don’t observe
A leap of faith ten stories down
End the life you don’t deserve

Enticement of a demon true
Gets his thoughts inside of you
Painted hues of missionary
Arteries sick with dysentery
On the hallowed ground he warns
Scarlet crown a head of thorns
Come with me and give your life
Leave the chaos with the strife
Perilous journey You’ll embark
Join the preacher of the dark

Death the Redeemer


Shadow of sorrow
Crooked sly smile
Creeping the corner
Nefarious and vile

Reeking deathly odor
Cross upon the priest
Shouting last rites
Expelling the beast

Only one way out
Admitting the crime
Own up to the act
A confession in time

Gently he soothes
Removing the strife
Enticing the sinner
To forfeit his life

Its death the redeemer
Collecting the debt
For crimes of the heart
A blade soaking wet

Son take my hand
On this I insist
Power in your hand
Answer on your wrist

Sins have been written
Deep into cement
Death is a calling
Its time to repent

Release the dark faucet
Close with your breath
Close tightly the mirrors
Encounter your death

In The Details


He’s merely a concept
A human idea
Vague explanation
Born out of fear

The dark and the dreary
Covered in sin
Its nobody’s fault if
evil creeps in

Repugnance encompassed
Beastly and wicked
malevolent destruction thats
Biblically fitted

We created this concept
A dangerous idea
To resolving transgression
And temper our fear

Monster Mephistopheles
Dangling a probe
Smirking in judgment
Blood soaked black robe

three six river Styx with
Soul taking pacts
Strong arming angels
to perverted acts

Lord of the Darkness
Treacherous Prince
Bloodsucking vermin
Sanguine death wince

During good versus evil
Armageddon prevails
In a quest for the Devil
Its in the details

We never can see him
We know he is near
To blame for our sins and
explain profound fear

Cast out the evil
Cleaning the heart
The devil in the details
Will tear good apart