Defeating Hate




Crouched in the dark of hatreds shadow
The Phoenix of bigotry waits in patience
Someday it muses……. Some day
Hoping to kick off the dust of its ashes
Spread its alabaster wings of oppression
And soar on the winds of prior atrocities
History of hatred is attempting a comeback


The ghosts of the slave
Buried in dirt
Still shackled
Not even in a proper grave
The shame of one nation
Scarred by war
Remembered the words
We are all equal in the eyes of creation


We can never again allow bigotry to soar
Cause our rainbows to cower in disgust
Destroy a commonality built on trust
We shall rise in unison to tenets of hate
Stand and resist supremacists doctrine
Sip from cups overflowing with compassion
Side by side and hand in hand love will win
Only love can defeat Hate


George Santayana.. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it

Unknown…A fish rots from the head down…. Remove it before we all stink

JT Hilltop…. Speak out against racism, bigotry, and hatred every opportunity you can…. Silence is complicity


Live and Love in Peace

3 thoughts on “Defeating Hate

  1. Annie Herr McClintock

    Like your Phoenix of hate there is another who is cloaking his savagery under the banner of patriotism and we are stronger together if we speak the truths love,commonality, benevolence, compassion and hope. The rainbows of humanity may become washed Blackened Blurred to be cast upon the darkest skies of night Only to reveal the ever glowing ,radiant glimmer of aspirations and endearment eternal!

    1. my beautiful sister your words speak so many volumes. I not only encourage you but plead with you to share your magnificent voice. You embody all I believed our generation was and come as a welcome reminder that love will alwys bet hate…please write and share, your voice is beyond beautiful

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