Kafkaesque Love Affair


Loneliness was all he had and everything he was
Developed a love with a solution and a vial
A relationship that flourished for quite a long time
Both now searching for a little place to smile

But like many lovers a possessive bond did form
Star crossed lovers in each others shadow ever bleak
Together an existence in bargain basement Nirvana
No one could listen when reasons voice would speak

Relying much too heavy across each others boundaries
Exchanging vows of love upon a bloodstained spike
Unbearable unhappiness they found the freedom to suffer
Counting out their blessing of all things that they dislike

Lacking all joy they were free to create their own martyrs
In reckless abandon enthralled in anarchistic passion love
Hopelessness and fear became their finest hour of truth
One last miserable push with the moon glowing up above

Through despair into fate they came to terms with a reality
Wishing to die they finally began to understand their lot
Together forever embraced with antagonistic emotions
Their bond of death became the twisting of their plot

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