Blood On Your Cricket



Justice bought and sold down the barrel of a gun

When hatred is the weapon there’s no where left to run

We place our outrage on display

Whenever violence comes our way

Turn on the news kids died today

Never action just words to say

Rapid fire with military sights

Brining slaughter to brand new heights

We sit and cry about our rights

While families cry into the nights

Guns in the streets

Bullets in the air

We don’t do a thing

Like we don’t even care

It wasn’t from weapons

Blame it on parents

Blame mental health

Blame incoherence



I’m sorry that you lost your son but that’s no reason take my gun

Guns don’t kill people, people kill people

Many times using guns

The religious right will always fight

Until they start shooting nuns

Political conversation

Is mental masturbation

Trial and tribulation and

Painful aggravation

Point of exasperation

We’re a nation of iration

Of paid for political stagnation

A nation that has had it’s fill

You know its time to act

God dammit bullets kill!



Justice bought and sold down the barrel of a gun

When hatred is the weapon there’s no where left to run

Maybe we should start discussion

Talk ourselves into concussion

Breaking news another eruption

Please excuse the interruption

How many children were blown away

How can we condone more murder today

Is it parents that haven’t shown the way

Or the mentally ill that get thrown away

How many tears must be shed

How many more families must we console

How many more wakes until we wake

How many lives will it take

Before we take a stand

As the number of deaths inflate

It hurts me to think

The best we can do

Is engage in a circular debate

Our conscience is in pain

Jiminy is in the thicket

You can wash the blood from your hands but you’ll never wash

The blood upon your cricket

We all know nothing will be done

Any asshole can get a gun










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