He’s a man

But not just any man

A great man forged in flame

Pushed to the ground

Forced to rise up again

Despite the hardship of his name

The sins of the mother

Upon his shoulders

Burdens he has had his share

The sins of the father

Around his neck

So much weight he has had to bear


I have wandered the sewers

Scaled mountains of shame

I swam in the river of sin

Despite all my misgivings

He came back to my door

A privilege to let him come in

Never once did he judge me

Showed me nothing but love

Listened intently to all I spoke of

We stood together united

Father and son

Taught each other the value of love


So proud now I stand

Praising the man

The man who like an eagle has soared

Not merely a son

The man has become

So much more than the man he adored


Great men are forged in fire

It is the privilege of lesser men to light the flame



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