get out


Haven’t really done much lyrics writing but every once in a while I get inspired. After re-watching a movie about Ian Curtiss and Joy Division I was forced to revisit my dark NYC street days when everything I wrote was as evocative and nihilistic as Ian’s lyrics. Hope I only stay here for this one attempt at a song……

Get Out

Routine climbs my stairs
Behind it comes my fears
Laughing and dressed in gray
As my sanity slips away
When opportunity finally knocked
The cellar door was locked
Basement full of drought and doubt
I can’t get out

I can’t get out
I can’t get out
I built this cage
To run about
I built this cage
And locked it tight
Now stuck inside
Through light of night
I can’t get out



Ambition turned and ran away
The sun refused to wake the day
Wish this dreary world was not my home
And reality would get me stoned
Reluctantly the dark room dweller
Cries from the dank and unlit cellar
Inside my head I scream and shout
I can’t get out


I can’t get out
I can’t get out
No where to hide
I’m trapped inside
Inside my brain
A world insane
Trapped in a hole
So deep and cold
I can’t get out


Reaping now the pains I sowed
Paying back the debts I owe
I planted seeds of ice arcane
Chained to a wall of life mundane
In a house of seven gable
I’m the Cain that murdered Abel
Just waiting to perish in my hideout
I can’t get out

Earth of bed
Rotting sprout
Stone of name
I can’t get out
I’m neglected
Dejected and rejected
Brutal thoughts
I am subjected
To thrash and squirm about
No pride I cried
I wanna die
I’m burnt inside
Knife at my side
I can’t get out I can’t get out

Time to Go ( Final Love Song)

time to go


When its time for me to go

When I cant stay here anymore

When its time for me to leave

Will you walk me to the door

Hold me closely just once more


My heart begins to grieve

I’ll tear my heart off of my sleeve

When its time for me to leave




Its my time

I have to go

Not your fault

I loved you so

Our yesterdays

So far away

My tomorrow

Has come today

My time is here

My world is dark

The next adventure

Left to embark




When my welcome mat is frayed

My final hands been played

Will you walk me to my home

Remember days we once had known

I don’t want to be alone

But this day I can’t postpone

It’s time to leave

There’s nothings left

Left to improve on

So its time that I move on

I have to leave



Its my time

I have to go

Not your fault

I loved you so

our yesterdays

So far away

My tomorrow

Is here today

My time is here

My world grows dark

One last adventure

To embark





When its time for me to go

The time has come

My final exit

There is no time

I just accept it

Maybe regret it

Will you walk me down that path

Take away my ire and wrath

Allow me some release

Let me leave here with a little peace

Will you walk me to my car

Write our names up on a star

Sing a song as I go out

Then shout

That you miss me

With a sweet melody

So I can sing it back to you

As I leave



And I know that you are hurting

But I face the final curtain

Just want you to know

As you walk me to my sleep

I’ll always love you

Your heart I’ll keep

But its time for me to go


Will you walk me to me bed

With your arms around my head

Remember days we both had shared

Hold me tight because I’m scared

But we both know

Its time to go




Blood On Your Cricket



Justice bought and sold down the barrel of a gun

When hatred is the weapon there’s no where left to run

We place our outrage on display

Whenever violence comes our way

Turn on the news kids died today

Never action just words to say

Rapid fire with military sights

Brining slaughter to brand new heights

We sit and cry about our rights

While families cry into the nights

Guns in the streets

Bullets in the air

We don’t do a thing

Like we don’t even care

It wasn’t from weapons

Blame it on parents

Blame mental health

Blame incoherence



I’m sorry that you lost your son but that’s no reason take my gun

Guns don’t kill people, people kill people

Many times using guns

The religious right will always fight

Until they start shooting nuns

Political conversation

Is mental masturbation

Trial and tribulation and

Painful aggravation

Point of exasperation

We’re a nation of iration

Of paid for political stagnation

A nation that has had it’s fill

You know its time to act

God dammit bullets kill!



Justice bought and sold down the barrel of a gun

When hatred is the weapon there’s no where left to run

Maybe we should start discussion

Talk ourselves into concussion

Breaking news another eruption

Please excuse the interruption

How many children were blown away

How can we condone more murder today

Is it parents that haven’t shown the way

Or the mentally ill that get thrown away

How many tears must be shed

How many more families must we console

How many more wakes until we wake

How many lives will it take

Before we take a stand

As the number of deaths inflate

It hurts me to think

The best we can do

Is engage in a circular debate

Our conscience is in pain

Jiminy is in the thicket

You can wash the blood from your hands but you’ll never wash

The blood upon your cricket

We all know nothing will be done

Any asshole can get a gun










New Apocalypse


Welcome to the new apocalypse
Ominous dominance across Metropolis
Standing idle instead of stopping this
World is burning with God on top of us

Crushing souls
Removing hope
Noxious fumes
Choking rope

Deny him and defy him
Existence is just a lie
Defile him and revile him
Let the wretched of us die

My world revolves on broken glass
While grazing fields of poison gas
Every revolution may be the last
Pity those who survive the blast

Smoke is rising
Burning homes
A sight of great distinction
Acrid smoke
Mortal stench
A place of mass extinction

Provocative apocalypse shoved down our esophagus while optimistic populace suffers through necropolis
The new apocalypse

Smithtown Sunrise (A little ditty bout love on The Island)


(In trochaic rhythm)

Midnight managers stumbling in the night
Some searching love others looking for a fight
Riding rainbow’s across the Smithtown bluffs
Full on drunken promises and magic dragon puffs

Did our shots of courage with a side of rum and coke
To add a nice perspective went out and had a smoke
Come with me darling to cliffs where from above
We’ll watch the sun come up together while we are making love

Let’s watch the sunrise
The Smithtown sunrise
Naked by the shore who could ever ask for more
At our sunrise

Out on the Bluffs the morning waves are breaking near
Promises of love being whispered in your ear
Moonbeams dancing in our kaleidoscopic eyes
Digested window panes now we’re riding butterflies

Watching the sunrise
so high

The magic sunrise
way up high

This sweet sweet Harmony will be our eternity
Loving the sunrise

(Diminuendo tempo)
Secrets are revealed at the break of dawn
Where lines of truth in sand are being drawn
Telling sweet lies and moaning soft cries
Look in my eyes let me claim you as my prize
Between your thighs I hear your sighs
Falling in love beneath a magic rainbow surprise
Neon yellow shards of sun writes I love you on the sky
The Smithtown sunrise

It’s the sunrise
The Smithtown sunrise
Falling in love at The Bluff in the sunshine in the buff
Watching the sunrise

At Kings Park bluff where love rules the day
Sensual loving couple find a place to play
Hoping love will find a way to make this feeling stay

Sun tickling our eyes our Smithtown sunrise
Love is The Bluff
Love is enough

Think it through
Tell me true
Whisper in my ear those three words I want to hear
I love you

At the sunrise
The Smithtown sunrise
Aquatic cries soar where a seagull flies
Waves cresting soft as the darkness dies
You look into my eyes
Lust lives forever never dies
Today our love will stay
Tomorrows just a day away
Smithtown sunrise

(Trochaic return)
Like rays of silver almonds sunlight stretches to a yawn
Strutting down the red carpet is the wakening of the dawn
Memories tucked in her arms as night kisses day good bye
Another Smithtown sunrise where true love will never die
Watching the sunrise

Dark City

dark city

Somewhere on the outskirts of obscurity
Not far from the dark side of the road
There’s a town that never shows no mercy
It don’t glitter and it ain’t got no gold

It ain’t no place for heroes babe
And it sure ain’t no place for saints
Fools rush out to this lonely village
Where weak of flesh falls and faints

Because in this land of the unforgiving
On life they don’t never put no price
But for the cost of a soulless promise
You get your chance to throw the dice

Dark city let me go
Set my spirit free
Dark city go away
Keep your bad away from me
Dark city you own my soul
Never gonna let me be
Dark city let me go
Gonna be the death of me

Some get lucky and some just get dead
Neither sure ain’t worth riskin’ your soul
If you stay hangin’ round this vacant city
Guarantee you its gonna take a toll

This dark town it ain’t got no heart
I know cause I done looked around
Been a life an a half and I’m still here
Won’t get out till I’m under the ground

I seen men come and I seen them go
That’s what this dark city’s all about
If you stay more than just the day
Sure you’ll never be getting’ out

Dark city let me go
Set my spirit free
Dark city go away
Keep your bad away from me
Dark city you own my soul
Never gonna let me be
Dark city let me go
Gonna be the death of me