Inspiration and The Muse


Inspiration is the air we breath, the sunset we watch
The music of life we feel as our souls dance in the wind
Sounds played so indiscreet it scatters hope along horizons
Songs that only a dreamer could dream
Gently pouring Meade from jugs of hallowed thought
Filling the skies with promises whispered in the shade
But fulfilled in the heart

Inspiration is
Breaking fences to allow passage for the wonton desires
To frolic in the garden of life’s labor found
This garden planted from the spark of arduous hope
Seeds of impulse illuminated glowing in amber beginnings
Awakening the harmonious cosmic perception of spirit
Growing and sprouting glorious rainbows of edible life
Brought fourth by the haughty tango of bee and stamen
Flower and insect wrapped in a dances of passion
Openly making love in the garden of growth

Inspiration is in that garden
I lay humble in its triumphant essence alone to think
To ponder the mysteries of the self
This meal I cook is a poem of sustenance
The aria I sing from the voice of love
Tunes conceived under covers of darkened rooms
These words I write are a symphonies of my inspirations
My gratitude now hangs on the walls of a cerebral museum
Belonging to the muse

The Muse

Let the muse light your fuse
Set your mind afire
You could use to lose the blues
Inspired with desire

They motivate and invigorate
Fan the flames with rapture
First they locate then they rotate
Spin you as their captor

Don’t expire the muses fire
Let your intellect grow
They’ll take you higher above the mire
Your muse will make you glow

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