Into The Fire



The blazing fire inspires me
Flickering with authority
Perhaps it ‘s the danger
The power of its incandescence
Which commands my will
Intimidates my life blood
Entrances my inner self
The vivid burning embers
Capturing my imagination
Pleases my wishful eyes
But it’s the pluming smoke
That holds the true stories
The secrets of the flame
Reaching into my eyes
Coaxing saline droplets
Forcing thoughts upon me
Helping me remember
Things I want to forget
As I gloomily sift through
The ashes of my anguish
Hoping to erase the sad
Live and Love in Peace

What’s That Daddy? A Question of Perspective



Why are you crying Dad
Are you happy or sad?
Right now I’m sad my love
Why do we get sad Dad?
Sadness is part of life Baby Girl
As sorrows burrow
Deep within our selves
It leaves an empty tunnel
To be filled with joy
You fill that tunnel for me everyday
Sometimes it’s okay to be sad
Because happiness exists after sadness
The beautiful sound you hear
When you play the violin
Was born in the anguish of a tree
That grew sad as it was torn down
That wine that brings me joy
Was squeezed from the berry
Born of the tears of the vine tender
Shed when we extracted its luscious fruits

Happiness and sadness both exist within you
Your heart holds near these truths
To enriches all the treasures
Of your infinite depth
Revealed to your soul
Yet not to your eyes
For you don’t see happiness
But you know when it here
Only through life sap in your eyes
The tears of sorrow and joy
Can you meet your true being
And walk together always
Hand in hand with emotion
Through the good and the bad

Live and love in peace

From the very first moment our children point and ask “what’s that” we transform from average people to all knowing parents. They look to us for answers from that day forward and with the right perspective we can become the fountain they’re thirst of knowledge is quenched from forever more. It’s all about offering perspective…….




Last night
I had a dream
I dreamt
It was the last night
Of my life
But when I woke
Tomorrow was waiting
To hear my song
To see me dance
To feel my touch
So I sang, and danced, and felt
In case it’s my last
Every night is a last night
For something
Or someone
One last sunset
One last breath
Each note can be the last note
Every dance can be the last dance
The last touch can be the last feeling
Any night can be the last night
Any day could be the last day
Live and love in peace today
And every day





I’ve known joy, elation, and glee
I’ve known grief, rage, and pain
I’ve cried in a thunderstorm
Sang and danced in the rain
They’re just reflections of my perceptions
Or maybe a collective of misconceptions

What is Pleasure but
Desires reaped
From joys sown
A song unbound
Waiting to be sung
With totality of heart
The harvest of jubilation
From seeds of serenity
Rising of new days
Dances of excitement
Unbreakable smiles
Basking freely in
The Absence of sorrow
The desertion of pain


What is Pain but
The unmasking of joy
Disrobing of contentment
Standing alone
Emotionally naked
Void of élan
A fallen tree cries
But no one hears
Save its homeless residents
A blind man wails
Unable to resolve
The mystery of sight
An abused child quits
Unable to resolve
The mystery of night
A foreboding tale
Of love not met
Drenched in regret

What is Regret but
Chastisement of self
Over performance pernicious
Castigation blurred in fog
The haze of poor choice
Perhaps of inebriation
Of mind or soul
Self flagellation
Unable to forgive
Your own heart
For betraying it’s secrets
To a well of guilt’s
Which quenches no thirst
A lesson learned
Not a burden to the wind
But a winged flight
To a better future
Time offers perspective
Accept it

Last Christmas



What if last Christmas

Was your last Christmas

Would it change the way live

What if last summer

Was your last summer

Would it change the way you love

What if last week

Was your last week

Would it change the way you laugh


Would it change your today

Would it change you’re here and now

Any today

Can be your last day

Your last tomorrow

Your last yesterday

Your last Christmas

Your last breath

Stand tall

Free yourself from the negatives

Let go of grudges

Grudges become exponentially heavier

To carry a grudge

Is detrimental to your posture

Let them go

Feel the freedom of peace

Enjoy life
Don’t live love or laugh alone

Brave each day with a smile

Wear it and share it

For anger is an infectious disease

Anger destroys

Don’t sacrifice the good in your heart

For empty words of anger

Feel the freedom of peace

Don’t wait until its yesterday

Yesterdays gather rust

Or get stored in the attic

Change the way you laugh

The way you love

The way you live


Don’t live behind yourself

Live with love

Live with laughter

Live with life

But live






Inspiration and The Muse


Inspiration is the air we breath, the sunset we watch
The music of life we feel as our souls dance in the wind
Sounds played so indiscreet it scatters hope along horizons
Songs that only a dreamer could dream
Gently pouring Meade from jugs of hallowed thought
Filling the skies with promises whispered in the shade
But fulfilled in the heart

Inspiration is
Breaking fences to allow passage for the wonton desires
To frolic in the garden of life’s labor found
This garden planted from the spark of arduous hope
Seeds of impulse illuminated glowing in amber beginnings
Awakening the harmonious cosmic perception of spirit
Growing and sprouting glorious rainbows of edible life
Brought fourth by the haughty tango of bee and stamen
Flower and insect wrapped in a dances of passion
Openly making love in the garden of growth

Inspiration is in that garden
I lay humble in its triumphant essence alone to think
To ponder the mysteries of the self
This meal I cook is a poem of sustenance
The aria I sing from the voice of love
Tunes conceived under covers of darkened rooms
These words I write are a symphonies of my inspirations
My gratitude now hangs on the walls of a cerebral museum
Belonging to the muse

The Muse

Let the muse light your fuse
Set your mind afire
You could use to lose the blues
Inspired with desire

They motivate and invigorate
Fan the flames with rapture
First they locate then they rotate
Spin you as their captor

Don’t expire the muses fire
Let your intellect grow
They’ll take you higher above the mire
Your muse will make you glow

The Dreamers Lament


(Inspired by a Welsh poet who refused to go gentle into that good night)

I was the king of the evening
Time as my mistress
Many darkness’s ago
Life beckoned at my call
I was going to survive forever
Time clutched me close to her breast
A pillow of confidence
Embraced me with endlessness
Swam alongside me
A vast ocean of pleasures
Awarded me her grace
Filling my vessel with
Warm compassionate smiles
And enough comfort to keep me amused
Whispering promises
So many promises
Whispering dreams
Dreams of greatness and grandeur
Oh the potential of the dreams
Dreams she only lent me
Endowed me dominion over the nights
Left me to writhe in the passion filled light
All of my nights

When my world needed seeing
She shone her light across my obscurity
Whispered close
“Your dreams yet to come will burst with elations
Don’t rush past in haste my love
Live inside them and breathe
The brass spiral is yours for the taking
And the world yours to embrace”
Time held my hand to her heart
Laid my head on her shoulder
Hair smelling of sweet promise
Vows were confided
“My prophecy is a life of bliss
But it comes with condition
Embrace them together
And head this warning my love
Don’t close your eyes or blink
You may miss precious moments”
She looked past me into the horizon
Eyes hinting sadness of that yet to come
Foretelling misfortune
Together we shared a teardrop
And a moment

Time is a calculating prophet
I wish I had paid closer attention
To the prophecy I was bound to fulfill
Blindly I continued chasing the air
Sunrises and sunsets came and then left
Leaving me lonely and tired of eyes
Until her prophecy emerged
I shut my eyes too tightly to see
For only one brief second
Moments morphed into memories
Both time and I grew older of age
As time got more distant she added some pounds
Placed the weight of the world on my back
Stripped me my carefree title of midnights
Made me slave of my own 9 to 5
Stresses of lifetimes pulling me down
Gravitationally held in a rut
Please I begged spare me the onus
No longer can I bear the demand

Time offered me beverage of self confident stupor
To lighten the load of minutia
Took more than my share too many times
Filled my lungs with wisps of contentment and joy
Laughing my way past my life
Found euphoric fulfillment in carnal release
Searching for intimate solace
Passions moaned softly under silken enticements
Blissfully moaning in tandem with love
In the midst of salacious confusion
Of blind indulgence I blinked once again
I stood still as the dream ran right past me
Forgotten moments tucked under its arm
My eyes became heavy with lost opportunity
Too much weight for my tear ducts to bear
Dejected I blinked once again
In an instant it they were all gone
Leaving me alone to negotiate the forest ferocious
Void of strength to fight
Unable to flee
Unwilling to reload
Not one second longer can I face the dangers I once braved
Behind me ashes of yesterdays
Billowing smoke of pale ghost dreams
Time has left me for another
But I’m too tired to cry

“Why must it take so long,” I inquired
“Why must it be so long?”
Time blinked
Confused by my query
Once more I offered my dreary supplication
I waded in my own teardrop
“Why must it take so God damn long to die?”
Time held me tender caressing my head
“Close your eyes my love, and let me hold you a while ”
Time sang a song so soft and sweet
Her lullaby sounded just like a dream