Drying Paint

dry paint

A life in color she cloned the sky
Shared on the canvass of her soul
Tumultuous sessions
Lasting impressions
Razor imprints streak out of control

Put down the pallet toss the brush
No need to assign any more paints
Colors ran from the dream
No more sparkle or gleam
A hospital bed locked with mental restraints

Bleeding out through her paintings
Images screaming words yet unspoken
Self loathing contempt
A near fatal attempt
A life was shattered but not fully broken

This is not how the world works
No brush in hand
Not in command
Soar out on your own
You’re not out on loan
Or alone
You belong to the sky
Let your colors fly
don’t let your paint dry
For some guy

Pick it back up
Paintbrush in hand
Your world to command
Take your stand
Paint your own picture
Colorful and true
Its all about you
Your color, your glory
Drying paint tells the story
The soul tattoo
Of a woman so true
Paint not yet dry
She’s back to
Cloning the sky
With strength found anew
She isn’t quite through
That painter is you

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