Full of fruit deep running roots
Sprouting tall through every day
Aviary homes and insect catacombs
Until its ecosystem has gone astray
The giant tree holds the secrets of life
Its arms bearing worldfulls of weight
Roots reaching down to the soul of the earth
Give it foundations heavy with girth
Towering over the dense wood a soldier at arms
Protecting the life of its realm
Sucking from the teat of solar energy
Absorbing to share the essence of sunshine
Huge giver of life enriching its kingdom
Grand majesty standing guard at the frontline

Robin and wren at nest on its branches
Squirrels and coons in arboreal bliss
Feeding off berries and leaves of nutrition
On the lips of the timberlands kiss
Passing life from species to species
Igniting flames of color upon the forest
Vibrantly alive like scenes from a landscape
Beautiful aromas like scenes from florist
Rising above all in feats of strength unequaled

Long legs of majesty standing over its domain
Home and protector of the meek and the quiet
Until no fuel from the fountain of rain remains

Ground once so soft and fertile dries out
Cracking skin the floor of the forest
Begging for just one more chance
One more rain like the ones yesterday held
But today the branches are too brittle
The wrens flew away
The robins sought friendlier skies
No more leaves to drop the carpet
No more arms for the nests nor berry of life
Ivy tentacles of chaos climb unto its heights
Searching the fire of energy burning from above
Strangling across the life rings of a thousand years
Leave the gentle giants moaning soft
Its cries we mistake for the creaking of wood
Old age ravaging the once life filled
Leaving it hollow of life
Everything now void

We are the trees
We breath the life
Contributors of conscious élan
And we too fall hollow when our time comes around
We too feel the ravage of time
Until then stand tall
Be the strength, the life
Live it and love it, be your own Apollo
When the rain ends and the sun sets
Numbers of reflections to follow
We will all become what is inevitable
Every last one of us

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