Grimmer Than Grim Tales Presents, Sinner Ella, beneath the silver spike heel slipper


A Sick Bastards Fairly True Fairy Tale
J.T. Hilltop

Part one: Dress for the job you want to give
What’s the deal with the story of a young chick who is tossed into servitude to her jealous step sisters and overbearing step Mom who magically transforms a pumpkin into a coach and herself into a diva to seduce a rich prince, then fleeing when time catches up with her. Not only that, she happens to leave behind a slipper luring the prince into a kingdom wide search for the fantasy woman’s foot who will fill that slipper. Lost slipper? Please! More like some Jimmy Choo”s Come hump me pumps she wore to entice Princey boy. Prince have a shoe fetish maybe? What kind of trickery is used to make mice look like horses? Who is this Fairy Godmother and why did the repo-man show up at midnight? Only the sick bastard can answer these poignant questions so here is JT Hilltops version of events from his “Sick Bastards Fairly True Fairy Tales.” I’m here to unravel the salacious subplot and reveal the half truths of this sacred story. Salacious indeed, the true tale, or should I say tail, has what it takes to rise up beyond your horny expectations. I hope to make it stand up in court and render an explosive climactic verdict. Open wide!

There’s many versions of this sordid tale but the most well known and accepted by far is the version told by our old pal and inspiration behind theme parkery Walter Disney. So that can only mean in my search for truth the sick bastard will begin to take that treasured tale and twist it into a warped shell of itself. This isn’t the fairy tale your mama read you at bedtime, this is the story of the not so innocent Sinner Ella, the shapely and strikingly beautiful high heeled seductress with a secret helper and a gift of satisfying the most voracious sexual appetite that give her a much needed advantage …With a Wham Bam Whatta Slam Bibbitty Bobbity Bada Bing Bada Boo!

Once upon a bunch of thyme the 21 year old gorgeous Ella Fuchs was a good cook and sandwich maker who understood the value of a well placed sexual favor. In and out of church she was known as Sinner Ella and her list of sexual accomplishments earned her the coveted “Peoples Choice of Jumbo Golden Globes Award.” Her home movies, be they consensually filmed or secretly filmed received an XXX rating. She used her sensual piercing cobalt eyes and thick alluring lips to render her an advantage with just about everyone. Just about. Her sexual antics seldom worked at the home in which she lived with her frigid old step-mother, Lady Tremaine and her two step sisters Drizzle and Anna Sthesia who could best be described as…..well, homely. They were jealous of Sinner Ella because as a child the pretty Ella had won Bare Naked Toddlers and Tiara’s one year and was headed for fame and fortune in the erotic film industry. That is until her Mom, Clover Honeybear Boobaleboo passed away leaving her alone with her father. The old boy didn’t trust himself around his sensuous daughter so he married Lady T. to help raise her and prevent him from a life of incestuous scandal. One night he went out for a pack of cigarettes and never returned. Poor Ella was forced to live a subservient lifestyle to the step sisters and step Mom. Sinner Ella prayed that one day someone rich would come by so she could use her oral wiles on him to get him to take her away. It was a sad situation but Sinner was sure that she could lick the problem.

Lady Tremaine was concerned about the competition Ella would give her own daughters so she destroyed all of Ella’s sexy gowns and threw away all her shoes. All except the one pair that Ella had hidden away, her no fail Jimmy Choo come and get me pumps with the spike heel and ankle straps. Sinner had seduced many a man and a half dozen women using her hump inducing pumps and she knew some day they would once again tickle the libido of someone who could free her from her circumstance. Some day!

“Ella you slut make us something to eat and don’t forget to feed Lucifer.” Drizzle seemed to enjoy ordering her slave girl around but Anne Sthesia was a tad more nice, knowing that Ella had a skillful tongue. Anna called from the bathroom, “Sinner, I need a towel to dry off.” Ella knew what that meant, it was more like a moistening up than a drying off. She put some chicken in the oven, fed the cat Lucifer, then headed up to the bathroom with a load of clean and folded towels. “Put the towels down and come lick me.” Anna was sitting on the edge of the tub so Ella put the towels in the cupboard and knelt down between Anna’s knees. She gently rubbed the inside of Anna’s soft white thighs. She hadn’t even been in the shower yet. Ella traced large circles around Anna’s thighs using her soft carnal touch making Anna breath hard before bending her head forward to allow her tongue to go to work, hungrily lapping Anna’s happy patch paying extreme attention to her glee spot. Ella knew exactly where to touch Anna who was gyrating her hips around Ella’s long curly blond hair letting out a soft “Ohhhh my” Ella’s instincts took over and she expertly plied her tongue vigorously as Anna’s moans got louder and louder until she climaxed. “Oh my God Anna, come bathe with me.” The two set in the warm water as Ella tenderly washed every inch of Anna’s body with soap and saliva. No sooner had she finished bathing her when Drizzle’s voice screeched out, “Maaaaa. They’re doing it again and she’s gonna burn lunch!”

Sinner Ella quickly jumped up from the tub, dried off, dressed and ran down to the kitchen where Lady T was waiting, face all scrunched up in a scowl. “God damn you little hussy you’ll be the death of us all. Keep your slutty girlie sex crap to yourself you dyke and finish cleaning up this house. I’m taking the girls shopping to get gowns for the Princes Balls. I mean the Princes Ball on Saturday. You make sure all the chores are done and maybe I’ll let you go too.” Ella smiled to herself dreaming that she could dance with anyone let alone a Prince, but she also doubted it would ever happen. Nothing good ever happened to Ella since her father abandoned her. She worried the only dancing she would ever be involved in was pole dancing or lap dancing at the “Daddy Issues Perve Palace Bar” in town. She obeyed of course, served the chicken lunch and then cleaned the rooms of the three witches that were ruining her life. After lunch Lady T took the girls out shopping while Sinner Ella was alone in the house dancing with a broom pretending it was a man. She then used that man to sweep up all the floors, then she cleaned the dishes and straightened out the living room. She looked over at the three piles of dirty clothes thinking her chores would never end.

While scrubbing the kitchen floor Ella heard the three shop till you drop self centered ladies come home all excited. “Come Sinner Ella, come see what we got for the Princes ball.” Drizzle held up a spectacular Ann Tyler Blue sequined full length gown with a long slit up the thigh. “Ewww Mommie, I like! I bet that Prince will want to do me right there on the dance floor.” She then opened a shoe box, “Especially when he see’s my sexy calves in these black leather Prada’s here.” Sinners heart sunk a she mumbled to herself “you mean steers there sweetie, your calves blew up years ago” But the shoes were remarkable. Patent leather Saffiano pumps in Nero black with two and a half inch heels. A shiny pointed toe shoe that would reveal just the right amount of toe cleavage. Sexy yet sensible they were quite hot, but still nothing compared to Ella’s erection enticing Jimmy Choo’s. If only she could wear them to the ball and dance with the Prince. If only! Then Anna held up her gown, a fiery red Jovani full length sleeveless V neck sure to highlight her more than ample cleavage. She would surely look super sexy in that number, but worse, on top of that she would be wearing silver Manolo Blahnik’s with open toe and jeweled bows. With nearly four inch heels they came pretty close to Ella’ shoes. “Ewwww, I’m gonna look hot. The hell with the Prince, I want to do the Princes sister.” Lady T slapped her daughter, “You better get that lesbian thinking out of your head right now. That’s for little trampy whores like Ella! Get to church tomorrow and pray away that gay!” At first Anna objected, “But Mommy dearest,” then thinking the better of it just said, “You’re right Mommy, I’ll go to church.” But the telling glance she gave Ella let them all know that no gay would

be prayed away anytime soon.

Still believing her Dad would one day return it surprised Ella when Lady T showed off her newly bought wardrobe as well. Ella was now certain her step Mom was as willing to entrap the Prince with womanly wiles as her daughters. Maybe she even believed she would fare better because Lady T held up a very sexy black appliqué cocktail ball dress that would reveal almost all of her back, much of her slightly sagging cleavage, and all of her long sensual legs leaving very little to the imagination. Spaghetti straps revealed most of her smooth skinned back and breast to take center stage to any mans eye and the sheer full length see through lace bottom made it one of the sexiest dresses Ella had ever seen. But the killer was when she pulled out a pair of shoes from the shoebox. Coal black Ostrich teazers with six inch spike heels with zipper up and straps to criss cross up her calves. Ella was stunned, shoes that rivaled her very own hump me pumps. Sinner Ella hid the tears that were sneaking down her cheeks and left to her room as Lady T bragged, “You ladies may have youth on your side but I’m gonna knock that Prince’s brains and wallet off and snuggle myself right into the castle with this number. I’ll have that young stud screaming my name and Gods name in the same sentence while begging me for more. I’ll show you how to bring the sexy girls, just you watch your cougar Mom tie a leash around his royal shlong! Get ready for a new Daddy girls, Mama T is brining sexy back!”
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Concrete Mistress


The moment I met her she had my heart
When I was merely a wide eye child
She stole that heart held it firm in her hand
With reckless abandon our love ran wild

As I reached my prime she drew me in
Down the moonlit romantic streets
Seduced with the beautiful mysteries
Enticed my soul with heavenly treats

Lured in with her voluptuous secret
Oh the places she brought me to see
I swore to her my complete devotion
Allowed her to exert her magic on me

She’s my concrete mistress I love this city
I left her flat now I wallow in self pity
No matter what happens she’s always got my heart
It couldn’t last forever we knew it from the start

Left my home just to get deep inside her
We shared a love of the nethermost bonds
Together for always, now and forever
Along the boulevard of our beau monde

But all good things they must come to an end
Luxurious maintenance soared far too high
Packed all of my things and I then I moved out
Across the river where I stare and I cry

When I walked out the door she acted so livid
Vowed that with tears I will rue this day
She’s New York City and she’s my mistress
I wouldn’t want it any other way

She’s my concrete mistress I love this city
I left her flat now I wallow in my pity
No matter what happens she’s always got my heart
It couldn’t last forever we knew it from the start

New York I Love You!

Many years have passed
All has been forgiven
We get together often
It seems we both are driven
I recall all our days together
Best days I ever had
As I stare across the river
It always makes me sad
My city she’s a lady
Alive in every way
We shared a life together
I love her still today
Broke her heart when I left
But mine hurt so much more
The city she’s my mistress
And I’m the cities whore
I think of her so often
She always made me smile
I miss the way she held me
Showered me with guile
But still we have our memories
Relations of love and hate
I’d reside inside her if I could
Won’t say that its too late
And I feel guilty not being with her
On that day she was attacked
My love for New York City
Goes far beyond abstract
Every time I see a vision
Of the mighty towers slide
It hits me in the stomach
That day part of me had died
Some people call her thoughtless
Some people say she’s shady
I know who she really is
New York she’s my lady

New York, I will always love you

Complex Relation


You loved me at my worst
Yet always gave your best
And never let it phase you

Mothers are revered today
But you’re not here to share it
So in my heart I praise you

I know I wasn’t easy
I tossed you into turmoil
I wish I had been better

I know you wept in silence
Praying for me to get it
So I’m sending you a letter

I’ve always loved you deeply
And now I’m here to tell
How sorry I have always been
For putting you through hell

I’m sorry Mom
I didn’t think
I tracked in mud
I clogged the sink
You washed my mouth
Because I cursed
Soap tastes awful
But guilt tastes worse
Kids starve in china
Still no clean plate
Stayed out all night
Made you wait
You lost sleep
It made you grey
I wore you down
Would not obey
I rolled my eyes
I made a face
It never froze
It stayed in place
When you got angry
I had to scatter
Of have my head
On a sliver platter
You weren’t asking
You were telling
I knew this because
Of all the yelling
Had to listen
You had such clout
Or I’d get something
To cry about
Just so you know
I closed the fridge
And never jumped off
The Brooklyn bridge
If you were here today
You would hear me say
I think about you mom
Each and every day

Love you Mom



Fear not old friend
The horizon is close
Discomfort at its ending

Fear not old friend
Soon you will see the light
There’s no more to be defending

Fear not old soul
You’ve passed the worst there is
The relief comes from the waiting

Fear not old soul
No answer is needed
You’re through with your contemplating

Fear not old man
You’ve completed your time
Once its over you’ll feel so warm

Fear not old man
The moment has arrived
What’s left is for you to conform

Fear not gentle soul
Close your eyes and relax
I’ll pick you up to let you fly

Fear not old friend
Allow me one last chance
One last moment to say goodbye


Ete Carinae


Bathed in nuclear glow
Luminous orange yellow
Glistening brazen phosphor
Of chestnut and morello

Born to die she dances
Many nebulas away
radiant beams a glowing
Awaiting judgment day

Explosive stellar energy
Cosmic dance floor queen
Spins across time and space
Grandiose galactic scene

Shimmering rays of magnet
Gushing from her toes
Cascade across the Macrocosm
Her beauty defies all prose

Hyper-nova pulchritude
Future star explosion
Will shine a universal glow
A gravitational implosion

Awestruck at the cosmic beauty
Vast mysteries uncurled
Ete Carinae rising star
Of the ever changing world

Noah’s Ark De Triomphe Part II


A Hard Rains Gonna Fall

Assembling the animals was much easier than Noah had anticipated because they seemed totally compliant. Noah assumed the boss had a talk with them but rumor has it the big savior had sprayed the animal kingdom with some of his “special herb” fumes that put everything in a very mellowed out state. The herb was all the rage up in heaven. Many an angel said it was so preamo the stuff was to die for and perhaps some actually did but either way Noah got the animals all aboard and into their respective living quarters, set up his feeding schedule and then waited for the rain to start. He had set up the best luxury suite for the rhino’s up near the top where God would see how well his one horns were taken care of. Outside his entire family was ridiculed relentlessly but they did their very best to ignore all the rhetoric. Noah called out, “Guys, its time, come on aboard.” The family reluctantly climbed across the plank onto the ark. Noah pushed off the plank and addressed the large crowd that had gathered to ridicule him, “You will all be ashamed of your ignorance soon, you sin without fear of consequence but consequence is what you are about to receive.” The sardonic mob increased their jeering and added some pretty accurate rock throwing to emphasize their distain for this village idiot. When one somewhat large rock was thrown directly at Noah’s face he caught it mid air, looked upwards and hurled the rock propelling straight up and at the very second it reached its pinnacle a loud thunderclap, a bright flash of lightning, and along with the rock fell to earth the beginning of a monster rainstorm. Noah looked up to the heavens quite pleased, “Your timing is impeccable lord.”
Within seconds the ground was covered in rainwater and the skies opened up to the teardrops of a million clouds. Noah’s son Hamm was the first to speak, “Holy shit on rye toast it really is gonna rain hell down on those chortling hacks.” Hamm addressed the once jeering crowd in his loudest voice, “How do you like us now suckers?! Maybe you better get you raincoats on its gonna be the mother of all rains. Don’t just stand there, start treading, haha! Now who’s laughing?” Noah cautioned him, “Son, don’t be getting too cocky or you may get tossed overboard. The lord ha a way of over-emphasizing his points.” While Noah was trying to calm his family down a chorus of “Take me with you” and “don’t leave us out here” replaced the ridiculing as many soaking wet sinners attempted to climb onto the arc. Noah was suddenly a tad frightened so he yelled to his family, “Release the hounds. Oh an maybe some snakes too, anything that will keep those maggots off our home.” It denigrated to an epic animal versus human war with snakes biting hands of the panic stricken crowds that attempted to board the ark. Noah stood on the top deck and spoke to the crowds, “I have a prepared statements for the lord God our savior. Please quiet down and all you smaller ones keep your heads above water a little longer.”
The crowd quieted in the hopes of hearing of a second chance, or that maybe this is just a warning. Noah cleared his throat, “It is with deep regret that I inform every living creature not on this ark that I am terminating our relationship. I will make it rain forty days and nights to wipe you all from the face of the earth. It is unfortunate but I deem this world to be far too corrupt to allow any of you to continue living. I understand many of you have indeed tried your best but it is my opinion that you have all failed to follow my commandments as set down by my friend Moses. Therefore I ask you all to terminate your attempts to cling to your miserable lives and just let death visit upon you.” Seeing the tearful and remorseful crowds crying and realizing the Lord was thinking about the Noahide laws they devised for after the flood and no one name Moses has existed yet, he ad libbed a bit, “Please remember I love you all and this isn’t personal. I’m sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.” Noah headed below deck because he couldn’t stand the pains of his neighbors despite how rudely they had treated him. God came into his room, “Are you kidding me Noah? Sorry for your inconvenience? What in the fire and brimstone possessed you to say that?” Noah was still numb from being the bearer of such horrific news, “Hey I’m sorry lord, but did you see all those faces? Nobody knew what that Moses comment meant and everyone was crying. I felt bad. But forget that, they’re all gonna die anyway, come and look at the suite I set up for your one horns.” God followed Noah down the hall to the rhino room. “Well, what do you think” the beaming Noah asked. Gods jaw dropped to the ground causing a huge dent in the floor. “Noah!? What the everlasting burning place is this? Where are my Me-damn unicorns? I specifically asked you to care for unicorns, not these F bombing rhinoceros. Where arte my unicorns?” Noah became intensely worried having witnessed firsthand the big dudes wrath. “Oh no, wait. You said one horns, these were the only one horns I could find. I don’t even know what a unicorn is! Please lord, its not my fault.” Never had Noah seen anything as angry as God eyes, not even the killer stare from his wife that time he forgot his wedding anniversary. Noah cowered, “Please forgive me lord, I have sinned. No man is without sin and I fu….I fornicated upwards on the unicorns. Wait, that didn’t sound right, I mean I didn’t realize you created anything called a unicorn and I’m sorry, but this has been an extremely unpleasant odyssey. You have any idea how hard it was to get some of these animal in here? Not enough headroom for the giraffes, the elephants pooping every thirty seconds, the termites trying to eat everything along the way? And then bringing these one horns all the way up to the top deck? Holy fecal matter that wasn’t easy.” Apparently the visions it left with the supreme one touched a nerve and he began to laugh. Noah, allowing the frustrations of the past six months slip away laughed too. Within seconds the two of them were bent over in a laughing jag. Perhaps God was laughing out his frustration at losing his unicorns and Noah was laughing out his for all the shit he put up with the last six months but they both needed the release. They compose themselves after five minutes until God pointed to the Rhino’s and said “All the way to the top” breaking out into a second laugh jag. “Oh man Lord, you should have seen the buckets of elephant poop I had to remove, and the first time I fed the giraffes they threw up their entire lunch. Took twenty five minutes hahahahaha!” Eventually they both regained composure and God had to leave. Now the real work would begin for Noah, and the first step was to remove the bodies of the failed attempts of humans trying to board the Species Saver Express.
The trip was not without its difficulties as the constant rain caused major arthritic concerns for Noah and his wife and the woodpeckers constant rat-a-tat tatting was driving everyone, animals and humans bonkers. Cabin fever to the hundredth degree. Hyenas paced wildly attempting to sneak up to first class, the giraffes cut holes in the ceiling for comfort and luckily the sloth’s lived above them and were far too lazy to take advantage of exploring. The wolves somehow got into Hams wife’s closet and put on her woolen fleece coat in an attempt to fool the sheep. The sheep and the rabbits had already conceived babies. The records indicate the rabbits had forty seven but no one could stay awake long enough to count the sheep. Noah was constantly fixing the holes in the woodpeckers door. After only twenty days, only halfway through the storm it has already seemed an eternity. Something had to give.

Pearl white robe

pearl white

World ablaze in hues of gray
Broken waves of grain
Judgment burns in brimstone clouds
From radioactive rain

Smoking billows choking life
Atmospheric hazy danger
Giant redwoods scorched and charred
Atomic structure re-arranger

In fearful judgment the world awaits
Eyes bleeding from the strobe
From her bench the judge resides
Dressed in her pearl white robe

Sentence claimed in Armageddon
A post apocalyptic sorrow
No colors left to form a rainbow
Flesh burning through tomorrow

Gavel is pounded fate be damned
“They brought it on themselves”
Records of biologic mischief
Came tumbling off the shelves

As the earth awaits its fates the judge in pearl white robe berates

Crimes against humanity
You’re guilty of insanity
Propaganda peddlers
Double helix meddlers
Mass destruction your intention
time for judgment intervention
Knowledge used constructively
Is what progress was meant to be
Swung a metaphoric sword
Act as if you were the lord
So now you answer to the judge
The pearl white robe without a smudge
Sparkling pure as driven snow
Passing judgment down below
Crucify you for your hate
Hand you your deserved fate
You’re the species of distinction
Sentenced to your own extinction