Noah’s Ark De Triomphe (part I)


Whatever Floats Your Boat Lord
The very second Eve placed her mouth on the forbidden fruit the serpent came alive. One look at the huge smile on Adams face made it obvious that sinning was enjoyable so it was no surprise it would become so popular. It wasn’t long before the garden turned into an outdoor den of inequity giving birth to what would be forever known as the oldest profession in the world. Evil penetrated (yes, penetrated) the entire crescent and sex and sinning were rampant. In fact sinning took the entire world by storm, which is exactly what gave God his big rainstorm/flood idea. God looked down from his floating throne taking notice of one man and his family that had somehow remained righteous while everyone around them were balling and screwing everything in sight. “Hmmmm, that Noah dude seems to have the where with all to resist the temptations of the flesh” he thought to himself. Likely it was by his wife constantly saying Noah nookie tonight babe, I have a headache that kept them free of the serpents grasp but whatever, it got the big mans notice. God decided it was Noah he would entrust with his plan to float the lucky few while he caused storms and floods to wipe out all sinning little bastards on earth. God sent word down to Noah of a plan, a very involved plan to build a floating zoo, a kind of jumbo ferry, a luxury Species Saver yacht that could withstand forty days and forty nights of cold Seattle rain.
Noah, a carpenter by trade, (Apparently the big guy has a thing for carpenters) was in his back yard constructing a small birdhouse when the still of the day was interrupted by a loud thunderclap. “NOAH!!!” The old man was startled, “Ah….who said that” In a deep voice that only Noah could hear his answer came, “Its me Noah, God.” Noah looked around to insure he was alone then checked to make sure he had taken his meds. “God? God who?” Obviously stressed out from all the sinners romping around in his world God showed his frustration. “Oh now don’t you start too Dag nab it. How many freaking gods do you know?” Noah pondered explaining the theory of polytheism but considering how loud the voice inside his head was getting he opted to play it cool. “oh I see, THE God. Sorry God, but its not like you come by regularly you know, I mean I didn’t even recognize your voice. Why are you calling on me anyway, your, um, what do I call you?” The voice in Noah’s head took on an air of patience, “Most people call me The Lord God Our Savior but Lord will do. I don’t want to sound like some lofty narcissist or anything. And you’re right, I should have called first but that’s not how it works in heaven. Look, I created this world, took me seven long hard days, and I put a lot of effort into it to have to watch all these frigging sinners getting naked and fornicating everywhere. You’d think I put men’s brains in their penises not in their heads, or maybe there was a typo in the memo and someone got heads mixed up. Anyway, I was watching you and your family and noticed none of you holy rollers sin and the idea struck me. You my righteous man are going to build me an ark, collect two of every animal, place them inside the ark and float to safety while I drown every living piece of feces in sight. I am going to fill the world with a rain like no ones ever seen before and kill every sinning piece of crap around. You Noah, will be the savior of the earth, the guardian of life.” Noah placed his head firmly in his hands squeezing them together as if the voice would ooze out from his ears and leave. “Is this for real, or is this early onset Alzheimer’s? Is someone pranking me? Where’s that Kushner kid? I am far from convinced lord, I’m gonna need a sign, some kind of proof that you really are the all mighty .” God lifted Noah by the scruff of his neck far above the mountains and dangled him over the Nile precariously. When he put Noah back down he was shaking wildly from fear. “Okay…So what’s the plan Lord God Our Savior?”
God told Noah he would return tomorrow with a blueprint of the ark and a list of all the things he would need including special diets and a comprehensive plan of which animals should be kept apart. Noah was still a bit stunned from being manhandled by God as well as perplexed on exactly how he was to accomplish the feat so he decided to go to town for a few beers to calm his nerves. The very second he opened the door to The Tree Of Life Tavern he understood what God was talking about. Right there on a table was a copulating couple oblivious to anyone else as they both screamed coming to an obvious simultaneous screeching orgasm. A huge multi participant orgy on the floor to left and some sort of bizarre circle of naked men on the right each of which apparently had their hands full. You could not only hear sex everywhere, there was so much sinning the air was thick with the smell of sex. Noah turned around and left feeling disgusted now determined to complete Gods task.
The next day Noah got the blueprint which was incredibly complicated. God spoke directly to him, “The instructions are written in five languages, you can pick up all the lumber and hardware you need in Sweden at a town called Ikea. Don’t worry if you have a few screws left over when your done, just toss them away we always put a few extras in. Build the arc, then We’ll talk about collecting the animals. You good with this Noah?” Noah’s head was spinning knowing what a huge undertaking he was about to embark on in addition to the ridiculing he would likely receive when his neighbors see a ginourmous boat in his yard. “Yea, I’m okay with this, but I do have one question. What in the hell is a cubit?”
As time passed Noah was out dutifully building this magnificent floating structure while withstanding the constant ridiculing of his neighbors once they discovered his plight. “Hey Noah, heard from God lately? Maybe a postcard from heaven or at least a voice mail?” “Tell the elephants to pack their own trunks” “Anyone need a floating Club Med resort for their yard? I Noah guy hhahaha” and so on. The humiliation was relentless. His family was beginning to worry about him when he stood at the top of the ark seemingly talking to the air, but Noah pushed on and kept building without a word. After five an a half months the ark was complete and harassment aside it was magnificent. A beautiful 300x500x300 cubit super yacht with sections upon sections of living quarters. When God came down with CO in hand for the final inspection he was pleased, “Noah this is beautiful. Oh Me Myself !What a wonderful job you did.” Noah was beaming with pride but wasn’t about to let the moment slip away without getting some answers.
“Thanks God, it wasn’t easy and I am laughed at from one end of the fertile crescent to the other. I nearly busted my ass literally more than once and I need to know just how all this is going to work. I get it, you’re gonna cause a meteorological catastrophe to wipe out sin while I’m supposed to get two of every animal, convince them to get on board then feed and shelter them. How am I suppose to get lions and sheep together at the dinner table?” Go handed Noah the CO, “That’s right Noah, ye of little faith. You will get all the animals on board into their quarters, feed them and shelter them while I literally rain death upon the world.” Noah still frustrated, “And you say this rain will continue going on for forty days? Seriously?” God chuckled, “And forty nights, it’s a special travel plan. And yes Noah, you need to do all this because I am going to bring on the rainstorm of all rainstorms and when your ark finally lands you and all those animals will get off the ark to start the new world. You and your wife will be my new more modern version of Adam and Eve. Just don’t let Mrs. Noah near the snakes!” Noah stared at God with doubt filled eyes. “You know Noah, it would be a shame after all the work you put in to end up drowning with all the sinners but if you’re not up for being my Caucasian crusader I’ll begin searching for a stronger race to take the ark.” Noah had a mild panic attack, “No no no, I’ll do it, I will! I wasn’t questioning you Lord, I guess I was just a bit frustrated, I’m sorry. I will take good care of all the animals.” God was feeling a bit smug having played the race card so expertly, “That’s better my son, now here’s the list of animals, their diets, and any special requirements my animals have. Very important! The termites must have all the leftover lumber in their suite or you will have major problems. But above all remember, you need to make sure that you have one male and one female of each species. I do not approve of any of that same sex nonsense! You have two weeks to assemble the zoo before the storm comes…. Oh and one more thing, make sure you bring my beautiful one horned creatures along, they’re kind of a favorite of mine plus but are tricky and may attempt to hide.” Noah mumbled to himself in his most sarcastic tone, “Here’s the list, don’t forget the one horn, bring an umbrella, special diets…pain in my ass!” A loud thunderclap caused Noah to shut up and cower, “You say something Noah?!” “No Lord, not a thing.”


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