Echo’s of the ghost (Nativity Scene)


height of activity
ancient festivity
Foretelling captivity
scene of nativity

Bright light across the desert
Teaching us of the truth
Dark star hiding underneath
Swaddled was the youth

Three gifts we bring of omen all
The prophesy of his life
Read between the lines my friend
The king shall swing the knife

Richness first I give to thee
The boy must live in gold
Beware the hands that tread the pocket
Messiahs are bought and sold

This one brings the smoke of god
Heavens aroma to bring us close
Incense I light to bless the child
The fumes may prove morose

The final gift the word of truth
On foreheads of the dead
Bear the oil I spread on thee
Thine enemies let not tread

Keep looking deeper perhaps you’ll find the truth may be revealed
Life and death of the son of god the boys fate already sealed

Chronicle of prophesy
Written with hypocrisy
Tear down aristocracy
The newborn kings a mockery

Born the son of Mother Mary
From Nazareth he hails
Building cabinets with his Dad
Fate hammered out in nails

Then on one day immaculate
The birthing doth commence
The three revealing unto thee
Implications quite immense

One brings riches bags of gold
satisfying each and every need
But in his future sliver coins
Are what will make him bleed

Another lights his frankincense
To bring him close to heaven
Odds may not be in his favor
Pray seven come eleven

The last anoints his head with myrrh
Sacrement of dark forebodes
The boy will last till thirty three
A cross of many roads

To amplify the blessed event
The sky lit up the route
Hundreds flocked with open hearts
What is this all about

But every big reaction
Is bigger in reverse
Many heard about the birth
Believed it was a curse

Before two their heads will roll
King Herod would proclaim
All be dead before the sword
The baptizer bears the blame

And so it was upon that day
A culture would be mistreated
Years from now upon the lawns
The scene would be repeated

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