Defeating Hate




Crouched in the dark of hatreds shadow
The Phoenix of bigotry waits in patience
Someday it muses……. Some day
Hoping to kick off the dust of its ashes
Spread its alabaster wings of oppression
And soar on the winds of prior atrocities
History of hatred is attempting a comeback


The ghosts of the slave
Buried in dirt
Still shackled
Not even in a proper grave
The shame of one nation
Scarred by war
Remembered the words
We are all equal in the eyes of creation


We can never again allow bigotry to soar
Cause our rainbows to cower in disgust
Destroy a commonality built on trust
We shall rise in unison to tenets of hate
Stand and resist supremacists doctrine
Sip from cups overflowing with compassion
Side by side and hand in hand love will win
Only love can defeat Hate


George Santayana.. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it

Unknown…A fish rots from the head down…. Remove it before we all stink

JT Hilltop…. Speak out against racism, bigotry, and hatred every opportunity you can…. Silence is complicity


Live and Love in Peace

You May Be A Racist



Money for opioid addiction. Man it seems to be a very important issue these days, and Politicians are jumping on the bandwagon in an effort to prove how important it is to them. It’s an epidemic! So is this a new phenomenon? Hell no, its been in the ghetto’s for years but it only infected the poor, the disenfranchised, or the thrill seeking suburban teens. It was a problem for the urban youth, code word for minorities. We were happy as hell to just lock up anyone who used drugs so mainstream America could feel safe, far away from the losers and evil criminals. But now it has infiltrated white suburbia and suddenly addiction is an epidemic that must be addressed. Now white America is prepared to spend all kinds of money because it’s a problem that has infected their youth, urban drugs in mainstream Suburbia America. That’s privilege and racism whether you are willing to admit it or not and like it or not, if it took these circumstances for you to consider addiction a disease which knows no race, class, or environment, you may be a racist.…..



You’re a racist
Too busy bitching and moaning jawboning and groaning
Screaming so loud that your hatred showing
Your face is all glowing your bullshit is flowing
As you seethe in self pity your racism keeps growing
Believe it or not you continue Jim Crowing
You be exploding and disowning cause you need more melatonin
But shit man that’s whack
You can’t be more black
Sport lash tattoos on your back while smoking your crack
Pretending you’re stacked and hip hop ain’t just black
You don’t know Jack
Time to admit
Who da cap fit let them wear it
You’re a Racist shit
Being politically correct isn’t a solution
You ain’t some old white man exclusive
Verbally abusive full of mental pollution
Read your constitution the retribution and the revolution
Is causing confusion
You’re an unusual delusional on a stay of execution
Aughta be in seclusion
Just an obtrusive nuisance whose abusive excuse is to hate your brother
And become a recluse
Think you got game but you ain’t nothing but shame
Flickering flame looking for someone to blame
Hating on your brother just shows that you’re lame




We traded their blood for free white economics
With atomic vomit poking fun in Ebonics
Time to end the onyx vitrionics
And add to harmonics
Have you even listened
To songs of freedom
Ever really heard the pains
The chains and unheard claims
Of our brothers all bleeding
Pleading and seething in shackles of grieving
Or are you blinded by your heritage
Sipping on your favorite beverage
Using law as your leverage
Is it the garments they wear
Or the skin beneath the thread
That makes you fear and dread
Their lives have been fleeting
Whipped just for reading
They’ve been bleeding and pleading
Too many hearts stopped beating
This shit should end today
I hope the fucking KKK
Simply burns away
Charred by the flames on the crosses
Of the hatred they made
That shit leaves me perplexed
So what’s next?
We need to bear of the scars of the rope burns across their necks
Yes I’m pissed amidst this unforgiving hateful mist
You can continue to say racism doesn’t exist
But if you really believe that…..
Take me off your hypocritical CHRISTmas list

Peace out my brothers and sisters, Live and Love in Peace

I’m Not Politically Correct, I’m A Non Xenophobe

“After almost 400 years we finally ended racism and now I have to be politically correct?”  Wait, what? Ended racism? Are you serious? Racism isn’t dead, it’s not even dormant. Its alive and as ugly and mean as ever. It never went away, it just got covered up with a blanket of ignorance. Well social media has kicked the covers off and now racism stands buck bone naked for everyone to gawk at. No denying it, we can all see it in it’s vile ugly nakedness. But someone is trying to hide it in a thin veil of smoke called political correctness. “I’m not a racist, I’m just tired of having to be politically correct all the time.” Are you saying your tired of concerning yourself with how your words or actions may hurt or offend someone? Dude, you are a fucking racist.

Personally I hope I am always able to remain “politically correct” despite the horrible connotation that politics have anything to do with respecting anyone unlike you. I prefer the term “Non Xenophobic” I hear people saying “PC” has gone too far and its ridiculous, I can’t say anything without offending someone. If that’s true, then just STFU! Because if what you have to say is offensive I, ….we, don’t want to hear it.  Many people are sick and tired of political correctness until it hits home to them personally. Growing up Irish people called us drunken Micks, and if you said that today everyone would see the racism you see in your own reflection .I was taught by my parents that Italians were dirty, Polaks were dumb, Irish were drunks, Jews were cheap, along with an assortment of racist generalizations most of my generation grew up hearing ad-nauseum. So some clever pre-hipster came up with the term “Politically Correct” as a means of rejecting those worn out and untrue notions that anyone can be judged by their ethnicity. It worked fine for the mainstream, but the mainstream didn’t want to recognize the “outer fringe” or the people that can’t possibly fit into the Caucasian category.

It seems that now that we have rid ourselves of our basic European heritage generalizations we think extending it to others is “going overboard”.  What, I should be concerned that I say something offensive to someone Asian, or Native American or God forbid (which apparently transcends the love your fellow man doctrines) gay? Isn’t it bad enough I have to call them “The LGBT Community? No!! It’s not, it’s the right thing to do. Being politically correct, er I mean non-Xenophobic, is the path to peace. Is it really asking too much of others to be mindful of the feelings of a group of people you don’t fully comprehend?  After all it’s us that do the compartmentalizing and set the bar of generalizations about them. They just want a fair shake, to be thought of as human with at least a modicum of dignity.

So the next time I hear you say I am sick and tired of having to be politically correct all the time I will simply walk away, because racist have no considerations in my life. We all carry assumptions with us, it’s a burden. But if trying to unload that burden by being Non Xenophobic is too hard for you to do then I don’t need you darkening my life with your negative values. I will place you in a compartment that I call “Unfriended”. Sorry, being politically correct is a strength, not a weakness, and weakness of mind shines bright in the world of a racist.

Hate Fear Anger

hate fear anger

(Beat/Street Poetry Mash Up)
Hate fear anger
Killers all three
Murderous spree
Or just killing me
When I can’t see
The monsters
From under our beds
Confusing our heads
With blood feasts
The evil beasts
Inside us all
Tormenting buzzards
Churning upwards
Burning magma
Blood plasma
Disgust us and distrust us
Spewing injustice
Awaiting release
Destroying the peace
Blame the police
Blame it on sin
Or the color of skin
The monsters roar
A chance to soar
Even the score
Peace no more
Death to all
Who disagree
Death to all
Who are not
Like me

Hate fear anger
Murderers all
Our backs to the wall
Twisting fates
Pearly gates
Hellish straights
Tragedies and agonies
Scrambling our families
Dividing best friends
Refuting amends
The barrel of a gun
Mixes in with the fun
Has us all on the run
In front of our eyes
Disregarding our cries
Until somebody dies
Resulting in talk……….
Nothing more…
Hollow words
But undeterred
Until we descend
To the end
We can’t transcend what we don’t comprehend
So hope is dismissed
Because its easier to pretend
That hate fear and anger don’t exist
Yet feasting on our joy
Hate fear and anger destroy
Huffing and puffing
We do nothing
But talk
Live and Love in Peace

Racist Good News/Bad News


Listen, I’m not a racist but……. But what? You play one on TV? Chances are if you start off your statement by prefacing the fact you’re not racist you’re about to make a racist remark. In reality though what’s happening is you are merely afraid of being labeled a racist. Here’s the good news. Racism isn’t a label, it’s a defect. So you are NOT in fact, a racist, you are a defective human being.
Now the bad news. If you also insist that racism no longer exists your not merely a defective human being, you’re an ignorant defective human being. And you may also be a racist.
But it gets worse. If you claim you’re not a racist because it no longer exists and then after viewing documented and taped proof that racist activity has occurred and then you claim “they” always have to play the race card you probably use stupid phrases like “Oh, he’s one of the good ones” and you are in fact a despicable ignorant racist human being. Get your act together, there is no them only WE…live in peace

A Dream


I had a dream
A dream that racism and sexism
Became a thing of the past
But they last

I had a hope
Of one world and one peace
Politics free of masquerades
But hope fades

I had a belief
Bundled bales of acceptance
Bound by rope left unfrayed
But it was betrayed

I had a concept
Deep inside we’re the same
Closer as days elapsed
The concept collapsed

I had a dream
Tolerance in world without turmoil
Violence and hate were suspended
But it ended

I had a vision
We all walked hand in hand
Seems my hope was all for naught
The dream has been shot