Whirlpool of Worries



(Freestyle Beat Poetry)
Shit is spinning concentric, we all sound eccentric
Without evidence forensic are we still geocentric?
Cause The American dream fell apart at the seams
No more it seems of Norman Rockwell scenes
Scientists tell us to hurry before we get lost in the flurry
Religion says don’t worry, god will clear up what’s blurry
Its not celestial storming
Its just Global warming, go ahead and drill don’t heed the warnings
Oil money will be swarming now that DC reforming
Big business thriving, species struggle at surviving
Environment corroding covered in grease its foreboding
My head explodes across aimless roads
As the earth erodes and our world implodes
Feel the destruction due to the mayhem it knows
With electronic devices recruiters entice us
To kill dice and slice us, with a fucking crisis called Isis
And the deliria in Syria causing bedlam hysteria
A myriad of bacteria, Ebola growing like wisteria
Gives us early dismissals
Turncoats are blowing their whistles, Little countries are firing missiles
Nuclear expansion despite the objection of global officials
Rivers burning in flames, charcoal dark skies
Endless White House lies put fear in kids eyes
Governments using their spies until all justice dies
Fuck it all lets build a wall
The Immigrants are classless, huddled in masses
The tired and poor say a few refugees more
While back in our homes we buy new iPhones
Just leave it alone, this useless stalling
WWIII comes a calling the walking dead begin crawling
Our Democracy is falling!
Plutonium enrichment is causing world wide friction
The president has a predilection, his nuclear code fingers itching
To blow up the obstructions mass killing is seduction
Magnetic conduction, global temperature reduction
Stalling reproduction until nothing is born
It’s all too insane
Circling the drain in a vortex of pain
This “Ball of Confusion” ain’t an illusion
The whirlpool of worrying has us all scurrying
Trying to make sense of this shit we keep getting buried in
Scratch and claw, shock and awe
No order no law an anarchists construction
Mutually assured mass destruction
One big Mother Fucktion
But I’m not worried
I’ll just be one more deduction

We Are Better Than This



I’m all for protest, I grew up in a generation in which protesting made some significant changes in culture and society. But lets be clear, destruction of property and physical confrontation are not acts of protest, they are acts of vandalism and assault. Not only do they deter and undermine your message, it obliterates it because it makes you no better than those you would protest. Its very tempting and easy to say violence only responds to violence but violence only begets violence. So quit your whining and do something clever, volunteer to help, bug the shit out of your congress people with daily e-mails. Believe me in the coming year we will have more than our share of things to protest but we must remain vigilant, consistent, and most importantly peaceful. The outcome is what it is, if you need to place blame place it on those who either didn’t vote or wasted their vote on a misguided protest by going third party or write in. Don’t let violence define the new generation of revolutionists, don’t allow violent protesters to overshadow your message. If you’re angry get off your sanctimonious high horse and get back in the game the way its played. Peaceful protest, voicing your rights not destroying property or assaulting people. Grow the fuck up and learn how to protest with class and purpose. Trump is gonna make errors and its up to us to hold him to task for his decisions but not before he starts making them. Don’t act like deplorable, act like responsible citizens who have valid points to make. Otherwise your just more of what’s wrong with what you want to change.

You Trump supporters aren’t off the hook either. The only thing worse than a sore loser is a sore winner, waiting with an almost evil anticipation to gloat and rub salt into the wounds. The wound your rubbing salt in is a huge laceration and divide in our country, and by continuing to laud over those with opposite opinions you show a serious lack of character and total disregard of hurting your country. So don’t stand there all smug congratulating yourself on how clever you are by using such incredibly well thought out nicknames as Killery, Libtard, Obummer. Grow the Hell up, name calling went out with “I know you are but what am I” playground days. If you seriously want democrats to get onboard then start acting like adults not bratty children who have finally won after eight plus years of disrespecting the President you don‘t like. Your candidate has run one of the meanest and insulting campaigns in modern history. Picking on an opponents wife, discrediting his father, calling a candidate disqualified because “Who would vote for someone with a face like that, and calling out every other contender while hiding behind a Twitter account with childish name calling. Sad! Pathetic! So wipe that smug false pride off you face because that campaign was nothing to be proud of. If you would rather gloat and chuckle at the losing side then don’t give us this bullshit about just accept it and lets move on because you obviously can’t let go of petty bullshit. Look in your own timelines and see how well you accepted and supported the president you lost to. Its not about the person, its about the office and we should all respect the office of the president. Y’all just better hope that when you wake up after being Trump Drunk, you don’t find yourselves in a country with a major hangover…
My final take, you can’t “drain the swamp” and then fill it with bigger alligators and expect the swamp to be safer. We have enemies, we have cultures of people who would like nothing better than to defeat us in front of the entire world. The number one rule if there are rules at all in military conflict is to divide and conquer. That strategy has been used since strategies of military domination began. We are being divided by ourselves and our enemies are ecstatic. We’re doing their work for them by baiting and insulting each other. So we all have a choice, we can sit back and watch ourselves divide us or we can unite. But we will never unite if we want to play chicken and keep playing I’m right and you’re wrong culture. Neither side has all the answers or a solutions. Its our diversity and our ability to keep open minds that will either make or break us. So go out and protest, stand up for your rights but never lose sight of the power of inclusion and unity and quit trying to kick each others asses. Rant over, you decide…. Live and love in peace… or perish in a narrow minded culture of senseless one up-manship……




I love music but I am far from what you Call musically inclined. I couldn’t read a note of music even if it were played on Rosetta Stone. I always pounded my own drum to my own off beat and even in the shower my singing voice is atrocious. I couldn’t carry a tune in a wheel barrel. But be that as it may from time to time an interlude of sounds takes up space in my brain and pleads me to give it words. I’m far from a songwriter, but not being something has never stopped me from deluding myself so I wrote the words.





Four course dinner

A movie a dance

While little children waste away

Hoping for a chance

To earn a piece of bread

Wash the pains away

Praying for some silence

When the bombs begin to play

Smart car- cell phone -flatscreen scene

Blindfolded luxuries

To watch a movie and not see

The homeless refugees



We’ll never change the world if all we do is justify

We’ll never change ourselves if we believe we’re satisfied

Don’t hide behind complacency of nothing can be done

Don’t shake your head but shake your fist until the peace has won



Bomber jets fly overhead

Then circle to come back

And drop destruction on the land

A civilian home attack

Family lives being shattered

Don’t even know if the children live

Chemicals fill in the cracks of life

Somethings got to give

Get those rockets in the air

Limbless children blood and gore

Close our eyes so we cant see

Families dispossessed by war


We’ll never change the world if all we do is justify

We’ll never change ourselves if we believe we’re satisfied

Don’t hide behind complacency of nothing more can be done

Don’t shake your head but shake your fist cause war is never won



Eighty year old in Ukraine

Lost her house today

Lived in it her whole damn life

Until a war blew it away

With a fifty year old crippled son

Alone in the forest hear them cry

Hold each other tight and pray

That sometime soon they’ll die

But I gotta go to yoga class

And I gotta buy some wine

Then turn on my favorite TV show

O I can try to justify


Don’t glorify or justify

Just open your heart and unify

Tome to give real peace a try

Yet still the war machines roll on

Fuck political camp-pains

Use the donations for starvation

Because if we continue on medication

Our world will spin in indignation

And we will continue to build destruction

And we will continue to create deconstrution

Because murder can be a tax deduction

Fuck it, I’m done with my rap Y’all

Peace out, right on

Live and love in peace


The Soldier And The Poet


The soldier hurts more every day
Yet still ready to go to war
Putting bullets in fear today
Finding something worth dying for

Blind ambition
Its my duty
Flames of Hell
That’ll suit me
I’m a soldier
Gun in hand
Prepared to kill
Defend your land
Kill my enemy
Allies thrilled
May get maimed
May get killed
Never run
No thought of treason
Don’t want to die
For no reason

The poet cries inside each day
Yet always ready to tell more
Putting dreams into words today
Finding something worth living for

Blind ambition
Finding love
Rainbow sunrise
The sky above
I’m a poet
Pen in hand
Prepared to share
My special land
Share my stories
Abstract views
Write of beauty
Or write of blues
Beauty abounds
Every season
Don’t want to live
What’s the reason

The soldier stands on the brink
Smoke of destruction rising near
Facing death at every corner
Eyes closed while facing fear

The poet stands on the brink
Smoke of dreams rising high above
Facing life at every corner
Eyes closed while dreaming love

I’m a soldier
Fighting a war
I found something
Worth dying for
I carry a gun
My mind is numb
I’ll blow my enemy
To kingdom come
I fight for freedom
I fight for peace
Some have to die
Some have to cease
Its just the way
The new world works
Bombing for peace
Where evil lurks

I’m a poet
I protest war
I found something
Worth living for

I write for peace
I write my notions
I’m searching for
Beautiful emotions
Want you to feel
What life can bring
Every living beauty
Every living thing
I see the good side
To make you shout
Try and tell the world love
Love is what life’s about
I write of freedom
And the stars above
I want to live
In a world of love

The soldier hurts more every day
Yet still ready to go to war
Putting bullets in fear today
He found something worth dying for
The poet cries inside each day
Yet always ready to tell more
Putting dreams into words today
So we have something worth living for


Days Too Often Forgotten


Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it -George Santayana-

Does any one remember when a hopeful generation
Of compassionate human beings made a peaceful presentation

Hell no
We won’t go
Break down barriers
Free Jim Crow
Stop the fighting
Stop the draft
Join the army
Get the shaft
No more murder
No more bombing
No Agent Orange
Stop Napalming

Give us your poor and tired huddle masses
Seeing the world through our rose colored glasses
Bending down to raise the downtrodden
These are the days too often forgotten

Now our friends bicker bitch and moan
Sit at the computer their internet throne
Haters behind the mask of the keypads
Yelling at liberals to put on their kneepads

Heads up their asses those conservative clowns
Those god damn liberals will destroy all the towns
Old white Republicans want us to live in the past
Communist Democrats want rebellion to last

Too many days we have forgotten
Too many riches were ill begotten
Better we let those days remind us
Not let political parties define us

The once united
Has become
A money vulture
Failed policies
Failed schism
Failure to every
Fucking ism
Breeds not sanity
Are any choices
Left to me?

A decree to jog the memory

Let us not forget
The barefoot, pregnant, and silent
Bought them needle and thread
Chained them naked in bed
Don’t let them vote
Let them clean the house instead
It wasn’t easy but we learned we could find the way
You’ve come a long way baby to get where you are today

Let us not forget
The sight of fibers hanging from branches
People crucified for taking chances
The sound of chains
The promise of pain
That was then this is now
That’s no reason to disavow

How easily we forget the war over cotton, these are the days too often forgotten

Now streets are alight burning with hate
Disingenuous rule makers holding out bait
Its always them against us or us against them
When the hell will this hatred end

How is it we traveled across many so generations yet still can’t stop warring against other nations

Foundations like United Nations taking donations to ease frustrations and improve relations
But continued accusations and insincere declarations bring condemnations from all congregations
They hope deportations and allegations will prevent confrontations by becoming celebrations
Will anything lead to sensible conversations?

The taste of anguish so bitter it makes me cry
We’ve forgotten how and forgotten why
Once we stood a rebellious culture united
But money is the root of all the shortsighted
We need to remember the peace we desired
And go back to being a nation inspired

Condemned to a world dank and rotten if we allow these day to be forgotten

Where are those brilliant minds that forged a union
Who stood firm against wrongs in peaceful communion
Youth’s banded together demanding a voice in their world
While defying all inequalities under a banner unfurled
A nation of families spreading blankets of peace and love
Sharing respect and integrity in the utopia they dreamed of
Days once filled with promise of the best of humanity
When those days are forgotten we’re left with insanity

Capitalism is tradition
Revolution is a mission
Hatred must cease
Increase the peace




Flames of injustice scorch the clouds
Smoke so angry it obscures thoughtful view
The strength of humanity was tested again
Full of shock centuries of distrust just stand still
Innocence chokes on the ashes of imbalance
Burning rage condensates the eyes of our hope
Streets littered with debris born from disparity
Embers of promises at the end of their rope

Mothers extinguish the flames with their tears
As frustration shakes it tired head with its fears

No scales of balance can make freedom ring
A fractured lady once stood tall in her splendor
Eagles ascend hairless above the commotion
O’er their aerie of untruths where they sent her
The agents of battle smile beneath a gas mask
The wheels of justice strut proudly through town
Spewing bravado paid in someone else’s blood
Trampling ghosts of the insignificant underground

Hopelessly shackled to pillars of their Plaza
Anger creeping across town like hot molten lava

Looking for an answer but all we get is fooled
Not a perfect system even when you follow rules
See what happens when you step out of line
We travel past ridiculous down into sublime

The glory of authority
The producer of lost future
The frustration of a nation
The sorrow of tomorrow
The saints against the sinners
How can anyone declare themselves winners?

Be The First One On Your Block To Have Your Boy Come Home in a Box

be the first

Schoolyard fights and bloody noses just one of the crowd
Trying to find his way through life he never got too loud
Normal kid in a normal life just like a million others
Mom Dad an older Sis, four young and faithful brothers
Born another average healthy kid just like you and me
Do the right thing god and country a soldier he would be

Blacklight posters
Day glow paint
He’s a rebel
No restraint
Beatle boots
Pointed shoes
paisley print
Bell bottom blues
Long hair hippie
Aint no biggie
English fashion
We love Twiggy
World on fire
Burn baby burn
No deposit
No return

Grew so fast and learned so much in a boring little town
Never let the weight of world fall and take him down
Kickball baseball young kid games a catch out back with Dad
Had a Duncan yo-yo, lava lamp and every latest fad
Did his homework studied hard and earned himself good grades
We rode our bicycles every year in the holiday parades

Monkees on TV
Batman too
Ginger or Maryanne
Which one would you do?
A groovy story
Of a groovy bunch
See the Lone Ranger
On his box of lunch
Granny and hillbillies
Tripping Dick Van Dyke
Flipper the dolphin
Bronson on his Bike
99 and Maxwell
A very pretty witch
Saturday morning cartoons
Scooby & Ritchie Rich

But when his number came up he was selected in draft
Moving to Saigon where he’s sure to get the shaft
Fighting for his country and for his family’s honor
The general never told Mom that her son will likely be a goner
Its easy when you send young kids to someone else’s shore
While yours are at home safe and free from being drafted into a war
Assassinations become the norm as well as governmental con
John -Bobby -Martin King I turned around and they were gone

Gone, baby, gone
Died for his country
Mama carried on
Daddy even cried
Lost his first born son
How did all this happen
When will all this end?
VD crabs the clap
Malaria and typhus
Forget about disease
Cuban missile crisis
Drop the bomb
Drop the bomb
Kill the dirty commies
Blow up Viet Nam

Just one more of many deaths to parade across the news
So many young ones died for Nielson ratings and reviews
A grisly war played out on screens all across the TV nation
To prove they care they give the maimed a purple commendation
Too many of our children harmed, too many now deceased
While oil and giant businesses continue getting greased

Does it matter
Who cares
Brother’s dead
Mom in tears
Wounded soldiers
That’s their fate
Vets get help
Too little too late
Protest march
Peaceful rally
Songs of freedom
Tin Pan Alley
Pete and Woody
Jim ‘a crowin’
Bobs freewheeling
Wind is blowing

We need to stop the killing and fighting war is just insane
Finding peace solutions seems like what we should obtain
As humans keep on dying for the power and the oil
The annihilation of our planet seems to figure in it all
We have to make them listen to the peaceful rants and raves
Or the place of all our residence will be dead and in our graves

Make Love
Not War
Flower Power
Feed the poor
Turn on
Tune in
Hawks and Doves
For the win
Elect Nixon
He’s great
Impeach Nixon
Denounce war
Declare peace
Increase love
Let hate cease

I long for the day when every nation declares peace on every other nation. You may say that I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one. I hope some day you’ll join us, and the world will live as one. Thank you John Lennon, there are some who still strive to keep your dream alive…..Imagine That! PEACE

Where Have All The Flower Children Gone?

The Decade That Was
Once upon a time, there was a creative thought, which blossomed into a fine young idea. That idea was nurtured and guided so it became a sound and just suggestion . As it grew it evolved into a brilliant well thought out concept. Because the concept had such universally beneficial implications it rose up into an action. The action was pure an meaningful and reached so many other open minds that it morphed into a movement, and it was the most glorious movement the world had ever seen. It was a movement dedicated to equality, world peace, harmonious existence, and awareness. Seeking a better world through music, inclusive lifestyles, positive politics, and the ability to question injustices perpetuated by governments. Like most good things authorities believed it needed to be compartmentalized so it was labeled a decade. The decade became turbulent and pushed our tolerance to the limit. The decade ended. Time passed, and the decade was reduced to a memory of drug induced youth protesting without direction, and the memory began to fade.

Only wanted to live in peaceful bliss
World peace love and happiness
Place the hate down a deep abyss
That’s the utopia we all should miss

No one cared about your race
Accepted all in loves embrace
We were in such a happy place
Until it fell and crushed our face

Now so many years gone by
Often times I wonder why
Did the movement have to die
Was the decade one big lie?

Looking back we had a goal
Drugs sex and rock and roll
Scuse me while I light a bowl
Get high on the grassy knoll

But in the end the dream is done
No more flowers in the gun
Flower power was on the run
If nothing else we sure ha fun

Quest for peace replaced by greed
The hell with what poor folks need
We all have our own mouths to feed
Don’t have time to hear them plead

But take a minute and reflect
At all the rights we keep in check
And thank a Hippie what the heck
For trying to make this world correct


Life Through A Death Stick

d stick

Shook hot sand out of my boot
Death stick poised on shoulder
I see some Mothers frightened young boy
His fate to not get older

Eyes holding steady the length of the stick
I’m not really sure what I see
A monster with two evil God fearing eyes
Who looks like he’s more scared than me

Bombs always screaming and bullets streaming
Through bloodshot eyes I have cried
Oil under land, blood on the sand
I wish I had some place to hide

My death stick is ready hands a’ still shaking
Trigger is moist from the sweat
this young boy will die for somebody’s sin
His death meant to even some debt

One last glance down the stick what do I feel
Is that feeling revenge or do I feel glee
The young boy is holding a death stick as well
And he’s just a young boy much like me

Dizzying flash of anger and heat
Scarlet bubble that once was a face
Good kill there lad you’ll sure get a badge
Another notch to etch in your case

A stranger is gone, no one knows why
It was others determined his fate
His Mom’s sure to cry his brother will wail
Avenging his life with more hate

And Its five, six, seven open up the pearly gates, Well there ain’t no time to wonder why whoopee we’re all gonna die
History repeats, and repeats, and repeats……….

Shock and Blow Me (up)


The images of humans burning from chemical waepons is disturbing to say the least. Being a man who’s core ethics were forged as a youth watching napalm burning children on TV in a war that I may one day have to either engage in, go to jail, or move to Canada its doubley disturbing. The horrors of the made for TV News war in Viet Nam left indelible impresions on all of us and hopefully from the brutality and inhumanity some very difficult lessons learned. As a colective force many youths joined in the hippie movement and voiced distain for violence and brutality and vowed to declare peace where others chose to declare war. The hippies have grown up and are now the “establishment” making decisions concerning the lives and deaths of other people. Are we facing yet another “conflict” of death and destruction in another country?
Where are we as a society now? We have warred in Kuwait, Kosovo, Iraq, and Afganistan and now face the decision whether or not to bomb another country, Syria. It sure would pad our resume pretty well and once again prove that we have the biggest dicks in the world. To be clear, those dicks are the ones who gleefully joined in protests against militaristic intervention when they were young, but have had a change of heart as they realize that war is a business. The leaders of the youth movements of the 60’s have largely become grumpy old bastards who can’t believe that kids today think they know everything. Kinda like their own Dads. And these dicks are now in charge of making decisions with potentially global implications. Unfortunately too many of the youths supporting peace movements and equality have become an old man and women network of haters of liberal pinko fags. Archie Bunker once a caricature of what was wrong with the older generation is now their role model.

Many Americans are against another war but the irony seems to evade a lot of them. George Carlin said “bombing for peace is like fucking for virginity.” (I think it was George) Past members of the SDS, weathermen, of just hippie protesters are now weighing if the right thing to do to a bully is to be a bigger bully. Certainly I would like to see some humanitarian groups take on this disgusting act of violence but the bigger guy beating up on the little bully isn’t what we were taught. Where is the UN in this and why aren’t they extremely vocal and building up support? If not keeping world peace then WTF is the purpose of the UN? Something needs to be done to assure other countries that this or any form of genocide should be condemned and any nation practicing it shunned but intentionally shifting the power structure of a civil war through a very destructive action which will surely result in numerous deaths is jut wrong. War is wrong!
War it seems to me is a matter of inches on a tape measure. Our Fathers must be awfully proud of how big our dicks have gotten. We have pulled out the measuring tape no less than four times since the Viet Nam war and each time we have proven that our dicks tower over the dicks of small countries. But as always we are a little afraid to measure our dicks against Russian dicks, or Chinese dicks (tiny chopstick jokes not withstanding) . I mean shit, what if some small country got some nuclear dick enhancer off the email offers and really added inches to their penises. I guess we could always bomb their dicks back own to size. If you think about it our dicks didn’t compare in any way shape form or size to dinosaur dicks an look where they ended up. Buried in the desert! Declare Peace…