Where Have All The Flower Children Gone?

The Decade That Was
Once upon a time, there was a creative thought, which blossomed into a fine young idea. That idea was nurtured and guided so it became a sound and just suggestion . As it grew it evolved into a brilliant well thought out concept. Because the concept had such universally beneficial implications it rose up into an action. The action was pure an meaningful and reached so many other open minds that it morphed into a movement, and it was the most glorious movement the world had ever seen. It was a movement dedicated to equality, world peace, harmonious existence, and awareness. Seeking a better world through music, inclusive lifestyles, positive politics, and the ability to question injustices perpetuated by governments. Like most good things authorities believed it needed to be compartmentalized so it was labeled a decade. The decade became turbulent and pushed our tolerance to the limit. The decade ended. Time passed, and the decade was reduced to a memory of drug induced youth protesting without direction, and the memory began to fade.

Only wanted to live in peaceful bliss
World peace love and happiness
Place the hate down a deep abyss
That’s the utopia we all should miss

No one cared about your race
Accepted all in loves embrace
We were in such a happy place
Until it fell and crushed our face

Now so many years gone by
Often times I wonder why
Did the movement have to die
Was the decade one big lie?

Looking back we had a goal
Drugs sex and rock and roll
Scuse me while I light a bowl
Get high on the grassy knoll

But in the end the dream is done
No more flowers in the gun
Flower power was on the run
If nothing else we sure ha fun

Quest for peace replaced by greed
The hell with what poor folks need
We all have our own mouths to feed
Don’t have time to hear them plead

But take a minute and reflect
At all the rights we keep in check
And thank a Hippie what the heck
For trying to make this world correct


5 thoughts on “Where Have All The Flower Children Gone?

  1. I don’t know. I was too young to be a flower child and later in life the Joan Baez, Peter, Paul and Mary and Dylan showed me one time. Someone fought for me. Old wise man “John Denver” lost too soon said. “War is man’s sin.” If anyone believe the arm dealing USA is doing well. They need my glasses. We could use some Flower children. Many years ago. They slowed down hate and violence for a second. Thank you for your poetry. Open the door to the hope and dreams of people who became ghosts.

    1. Thank you, my poetry is weak but my heart and my message is strong. It makes me happy to know there are some youth out here trying to keep hope alive, keep on keeping on the world needs strong young voices to speak for the good ghosts

  2. sorry but please can you remove the flower power image, it is copyright to the jafagirls and being downloaded and used without our permission or licence fees. would appreciate your help in this, thanks.

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