Life Through A Death Stick

d stick

Shook hot sand out of my boot
Death stick poised on shoulder
I see some Mothers frightened young boy
His fate to not get older

Eyes holding steady the length of the stick
I’m not really sure what I see
A monster with two evil God fearing eyes
Who looks like he’s more scared than me

Bombs always screaming and bullets streaming
Through bloodshot eyes I have cried
Oil under land, blood on the sand
I wish I had some place to hide

My death stick is ready hands a’ still shaking
Trigger is moist from the sweat
this young boy will die for somebody’s sin
His death meant to even some debt

One last glance down the stick what do I feel
Is that feeling revenge or do I feel glee
The young boy is holding a death stick as well
And he’s just a young boy much like me

Dizzying flash of anger and heat
Scarlet bubble that once was a face
Good kill there lad you’ll sure get a badge
Another notch to etch in your case

A stranger is gone, no one knows why
It was others determined his fate
His Mom’s sure to cry his brother will wail
Avenging his life with more hate

And Its five, six, seven open up the pearly gates, Well there ain’t no time to wonder why whoopee we’re all gonna die
History repeats, and repeats, and repeats……….

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