Not all wars are fought on battlefields but every war is real and deadly. This is in memory of a special friend, all others lost and those left to carry on. It should also serve as a warning to the young one out there that the lasting consequences far outweigh the temporary highs…..Peace

Trapped inside a life of ruin
Where I became a slave
The needle and the spoon
And the highs I always crave
I was already dead
Before the dope went to my veins
Easing pains with acid rains
All alone on the mainline
Far before my life’s prime
I OD’ed my body’s dead
Wish I’d chosen love instead
My lover cried baby come inside
But I hit the streets to find a high
She offered me a lovers charms
But it wasn’t her stuck in my arms
Now my dim lit room
Has become my tomb
Left this world too soon
Now I’m dead

But I died right at the start
First time I took the needle
Pointed it at my heart
I died a million times
Death by China white
Powder in my blood
Darkness in my nights
Cotton wad and spoon
The glow of flickering candlelight
Figured only way to cope
Was to cop a bag of dope
Skag instead of food
A crust of bread and such
Couldn’t get enough
Until I got too much
Now I’m dead
And I can’t go back
A nice way of saying suicide

In Her Arms

in arms


The crimes of adolescence

Sometimes hard to understand

Still we knew we had each other

To face innocence hand in hand

On the battlefield of growing up

Finding solace in each others charms

But when I needed her to hold me

She placed a needle in her arms

Our garden once so fruitful

Now withering up dried

Despite how much I watered it

With all the tears I cried

And when I needed her to hold me

Share some cheap champagne

There wasn’t enough room for me

With that needle in her vein


And the needle in her arms

Replaced me in her heart

Coursing through her passion

Tearing us apart

And all the tears I cried

Couldn’t make the flowers stay

Because skags a drag that destroys life

And dragged my love away










The Needle

In her arms

Took her hurt away

A spoonful of medicine

But our love it would decay

Absorbed in her blood

Becoming her master

Her mister…..

I miss her

But I dismissed her

When heroin kissed her

She kissed back

Now I dress in black

Cause I cast her out

Out in the street on her own

To face perilous harms

The warmth of love our replaced

By the etchings in her arms

Tattoos of despair

Red scars of disarray

I lost her love

She lost her life

I was supposed to guard her

God damn it

I should have tried harder



She’s no longer alive

Kissed by midnight black tar

Left without a single care

Another shooting star

Burning across the night sky

To its death

At least that’s the story I heard

Or maybe its just how the legend is told

The therapy in her arms

Of her heart took a hold

Left her breathless one night

Was it her desperate passion

That made her tie off and shoot

Could she not live without me

Guess the points moot

Maybe it was on purpose

I will never know

If she held me in her arms

I would never let go

Too little too late

Life’s beholden to fate


I pray she found her peace

At least

What she never found in me

Her soul forever forgiven


Or maybe there’s an angel

On a bright starry night

To pick up her memory

And in her arms hold her tight




Glassine Rabbits Hole

glassine hole




Life in his hands

World at his feet

Opened his arms

To greet his defeat

Gave up his life

Paid with his soul

Following rabbits

Down the glassine hole




Chasing the Black Tar Dragon

Down the glassine habit hole

The world below

Invites you down

Spins you around the gallows pole


His gimmicks are here in his pocket

In his fingers lie a loaded dart

Powdered advice

Cotton device

Mixture coursing straight to his heart

Thoughts dissolve

Life devolves

Its dark and vacant of soul

Same old tune

Needle and spoon

Down the glassine rabbit hole


Hallucinations seem lucid and real

Life without turmoil has an appeal

But better beware

Life is not fair

The hole will cost you your lust and your zeal

My friend lost his way

What price he to pay

One last shot for as his final meal


Deep into the hole he fell

Compass was not working well

Incoherent alignment

Solitary confinement

Until the needle pointed to hell


Despite what many feel addiction is not always a choice, too often it’s an escape from torment and hopelessness. Compassion is the best cure. Peace….



Tragic mirror


What you see ain’t what I see
What I see is the real me

What do people see when I’m wearing my chameleon
Young man, old man, middle aged freak?
A sinner to the richeous to the devil I’m a villain
Cool dude, weirdo, out of touch geek?

People see the mask I wear and choose their favorite section
I look in the tragic mirror to see my own reflection
I reveal the piece of me which I choose for your display
You never see the lonely boy retreating in dismay

If you peer inside my onion you’ll reveal the inner peels
Strip away the many layers and find out how he feels
Behind the flesh below the muscle each and every bone
There lay a frantic framework of a hidden ghost alone

Dreadfully abandoned a scattered skeleton on the floor
Trembling bones too petrified to venture past the door
So afraid of what’s in store across that morbid portal
Panicked I may reveal myself to every other mortal

Fake award Get ignored
While idiots are crossing swords

A provocation a Mutilation
Dying is a strong temptation

Pity sorrow and dejection
Waiting for the resurrection

Desperation Isolation
Another lie a fabrication

Melancholy full of bleakness
Living in a world of weakness

Do we see the mask we wear and not the face behind it
If we attempt to see that face will we ever find it
Can they see the lives we store high upon our shelves
Who am I? who are you? do we even know ourselves?

No one pays attention to that man behind the curtain
Although he looks all powerful inside he may be hurtin’
If we took the time and effort to pull the curtain back
We might find an empty space in time to fill the crack

If you care to see yourself in a light that shines much clearer
Take a stare if you dare into your tragic mirror

Space Needle (Just Say No)


Stepping outside of the universe
On a candle and a spoon
A notion of other wordly spaces
Knew We’d get there soon

Sitting vacant across the ship
Co-pilot I was flying steady
Holding our space needle in our hands
My friend I’m more than ready

Riding away on an Asian Pegasus
Through a tube marked black in numbers
Both us riding across carefree pathways
Clutching at our magic plungers

Starship Enterprise completed missions
Seeking out new forms of cosmic life
Until the space needle pierced a broken heart
Sliced out like a surgeons knife

Weebles wobble but don’t fall down
that’s what we are like when we are nodding
But with his spaceship still in his arm
The pilots breathing required prodding

At captains helm all alone in panic
Only my heart sounded a beat
My friends has stopped to be gone forever
Head soon to be covered by the sheet

He closed his eyes taking the easy route
Face so devoid of its usual glow
Still I cry over what neither of us ever had
The strength to just say no

In My Arms


Once I held you in my arms

You gave me such a rush

Filled with blood of happiness

With just one simple push

Once I held you in my arms

And let you come inside

Hope replaced my agony

Made misery subside

Then you held me much too tight

Imprisoned my every thought

Made me see you every day

The heartaches that you brought

How you got under my skin

Clutched tightly to my heart

Threatened you would never leave

Swore You’d never part

Then I broke free of the strangling grasp

Discarded all your charms

But memories here are scratched in red

From when I held you in my arms

I know for some of you it’s hard to understand why, but if you can imagine pains so totally encompassing someone feels compelled to sell a piece of their life for a modicum of relief you may begin to understand why many people turn to addiction in an attempt to validate their existence. Please don’t condemn them, too many close to me have lost to their addictions, and every last one of them was a beautiful but tortured soul. To all those who are falling, those who fell ,and for the few who have defeated addiction I dedicate this to you. PEACE