In My Arms


Once I held you in my arms

You gave me such a rush

Filled with blood of happiness

With just one simple push

Once I held you in my arms

And let you come inside

Hope replaced my agony

Made misery subside

Then you held me much too tight

Imprisoned my every thought

Made me see you every day

The heartaches that you brought

How you got under my skin

Clutched tightly to my heart

Threatened you would never leave

Swore You’d never part

Then I broke free of the strangling grasp

Discarded all your charms

But memories here are scratched in red

From when I held you in my arms

I know for some of you it’s hard to understand why, but if you can imagine pains so totally encompassing someone feels compelled to sell a piece of their life for a modicum of relief you may begin to understand why many people turn to addiction in an attempt to validate their existence. Please don’t condemn them, too many close to me have lost to their addictions, and every last one of them was a beautiful but tortured soul. To all those who are falling, those who fell ,and for the few who have defeated addiction I dedicate this to you. PEACE

7 thoughts on “In My Arms

    1. Thank you, an thank you for rebloging, it an honor I don’t take lightly..Like your work mine comes from the heart and is real, While its not so much a struggle every ay anymore its always there waiting, stay strong..PEACE

  1. Robert Christopher Mergupis

    Thank you for share your soul so others can relize that they too can live in victory, Peace and Gods Speed 🙂

  2. Robert Christopher Mergupis

    Reblogged this on Angel Face Foundation and commented:
    I had to share this with my readers, this is what Angel Face Foundation is all about, bringing awarness to all famly members and love ones about this disease called addiction!

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