Space Needle (Just Say No)


Stepping outside of the universe
On a candle and a spoon
A notion of other wordly spaces
Knew We’d get there soon

Sitting vacant across the ship
Co-pilot I was flying steady
Holding our space needle in our hands
My friend I’m more than ready

Riding away on an Asian Pegasus
Through a tube marked black in numbers
Both us riding across carefree pathways
Clutching at our magic plungers

Starship Enterprise completed missions
Seeking out new forms of cosmic life
Until the space needle pierced a broken heart
Sliced out like a surgeons knife

Weebles wobble but don’t fall down
that’s what we are like when we are nodding
But with his spaceship still in his arm
The pilots breathing required prodding

At captains helm all alone in panic
Only my heart sounded a beat
My friends has stopped to be gone forever
Head soon to be covered by the sheet

He closed his eyes taking the easy route
Face so devoid of its usual glow
Still I cry over what neither of us ever had
The strength to just say no

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