Serpents tongue in silver plate
Wings flaming with convictions
Spewing ashes of your past
To remove your predilections

Gaze upon me hear my words
Taste truth with both your ears
I shall pacify your lost dreams
Arrange desires into fears

Ashes of a baneful ghost
Aimless flock of sheep repulsed
Heed the reckless exorcist
Drink his poison slit your wrist
Go ahead your time to cease
Pray to him to for your release
Breath his blood if your enslaved
For a stone your name engraved
Bare the cross the wicked creature
The artificial furtive preacher

Painting a message in Carbon gas
Follow the macabre out of town
Ride the desert of many colors
Looking up with eyes cast down

You are waste is what he claims
With eyes which don’t observe
A leap of faith ten stories down
End the life you don’t deserve

Enticement of a demon true
Gets his thoughts inside of you
Painted hues of missionary
Arteries sick with dysentery
On the hallowed ground he warns
Scarlet crown a head of thorns
Come with me and give your life
Leave the chaos with the strife
Perilous journey You’ll embark
Join the preacher of the dark

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