There was a time
Seems like ages ago
When things appeared clear
There was hope and a dream
That people of all color
Race religion or orientation
Could live in peace
Maybe I was too naïve
Maybe I was too full of promise
Maybe I was a dreamer
But I believed
Back when I was young
I believed in life
Back when I was young
I believed in peace
Back when I was young
I cared
Tossed pebbles of hope into the sea of confusion
Just to watch the ripples
Ripples of freedom
I believed
Now I look at the man in my mirror
He looks sad
He no longer see’s the ripples
He no longer tosses pebbles
He looks like he gave up
But a closer view
Into his noble eyes
He is merely tired from belief
Massacres will do that
Rivers of blood and no one is building a bridge
But deep down in my heart of hearts I know
That even the smallest ripple
Charged with positive energy
Can make the difference
I didn’t give up
I looked away
My eyes filled with clouds
It took too many life experiences
Too many bad choices
To get where I am now
But I did learn from those ripples
I have maintained one life rule
Never make an enemy out of anyone
Sometimes it’s hard to live by
Sometimes it’s the only way that matters
But I think it makes sense
Without enemies we can truly live
If we live for today
We invest in tomorrow
I never fully understood this before
Never heard the proper words sung
Yet I truly believed in love
Back when I was young
I’m gonna grab me some new pebbles

Switch it up now…..

The new social media landscape full of hype flight and escape is trying to reshape or undrape our opinions through digital tape showing us the way we had better take. A step to the future where children are hugged not numbed out or drugged and people have trust our phones aren’t bugged but I think its too late…. We’re fucked because Atlas has shrugged.
We scream out political views whichever side we choose I hate him he hates you is that true or fake news. What we will lose? I mean how much abuse are we able to absorb? Seems We’re cruising to an apocalyptic bruising like pathetic losers. Constitutional misuse by abusers and willful accusers abusing the snoozers. Become a refuser.
Join the resistance be one of the rebels’ grab a handful of pebbles toss them in the sea until the ripple settles
And hope will be leveled, not disheveled or unsettled but real…
You think cause We’re all dopes if you post a slanted story it’ll dash our hopes down some slippery slopes in the hopes we believe you like you got us on the ropes but before you post another bullshit roast…….
…Look it up on Snopes

Live and Love in Peace

Opiod Solutions


My life sucks
I hate it
So I hurt myself
Not cause I dig pain
For the medication
Them Oxy’s help big time
Not just for the ache
But for the torment
The hurt in my mind
One makes it easy
Two make it fade
What will three do?
Maybe it will go away
That and a few beers
No more tears
So I get numb
Novocain for the brain
My life still sucks
But I don’t give a shit
So I get even more numb
Finally I’m happy
Don’t fucking care
Maybe I’ll take some more
What bad could happen?
If I take too many
Worst that can happen
I may not wake up
That doesn’t scare me
Something much worse could happen
I might awaken
Find my feeble existence
Is continuing to be
I hate this feeling
I hate this life
Slaving to my emotions
Shackled to my fears
One sure way out
This is the night I do it
Swallow a handful
Get the fuck away from here
But wait….
Maybe I’ll leave the light on
Just in case I come back home

Kick it

I wanna perish but I still cherish the love and affection even though I’m embarrassed in fairness I’m suffering from over impairment
Not to exasperate one good lesson in oppression but my obsession is a digression into a deeper depression. With a jump into aggression a head shrinking session might lesson the tension. Bur t what the Hell for?
My funeral pyre will burn till they tire of the muck and the mire of my death fire the higher I aspire the more dire I cry….Help me before my desire becomes my qualifier for expiring.
I know I should stop before I die or transpire but truth is…….
I still wanna get higher




Bombs seared the evening sky
Pounding my ears in beats of death
Like stars exploding to the rhythm
Smell of burnt smoke permeates the sky
While flesh is curdled and disappears
The dermal covering dissolving into skull
Limb and life disintegrated to dust and ash
Blood oozes out from the stones themselves
While the moon closes her tear soaked eyes
Allowing the surviving to attempt broken sleep
No one that slept dared to dream that night
For when a dream ends in war it takes a life
Unable to sleep I counted the number of children
Guilt and pity were my personal insomnia
I now pronounce this inhumane to life
Till death do us part
War, humph, what is it good for?
Absolutely nothing!
Take this war and shove it

One battle is all it takes to create war
Yet it takes centuries to create peace
Why must that process always involve death
How does anger transform into a militia
It takes merely one bullet to start an avalanche
One avalanche is all it takes to dissolve a race
It takes far more than just a village to create a Peace
A climate of peace isn’t merely the absence of war
Peace is the obliteration of hate, anger, and greed
You can choose peace or you can choose war
But pull the trigger you pay the consequence
Because when you fire that first shot
No matter how justified you may feel
The dominoes of destruction begin to fall
You have no idea how many will die
Who’s child or mother will burn in anguish
You’ll never be able count the quarts of tears
Nor comprehend the gallons of blood splattered
War is a tantruming child full of cruelty and power
With no clue what to do when it gets its way
After all the blood is spilled and lives destroyed
It ends in profound discussion and compromise
Which is what they all wanted to begin with

Peace my friends is not a concept but a way of life, a culture of co-existence that can enable us to evolve as humans much more efficiently. Today we have an enormous amount of brilliant minds that can lead our species into a brave new future, but we also have an enormous amount of brilliant minds that would prefer destruction and domination. John Lennon was a dreamer, I am a dreamer, and hopefully you will never stop dreaming of Peace either. Love is love is love is love…… Thank you Lin-Manuel, for the most profound statement made so simple…..Live and Love in Peace

Death Row Stroll



Modern Beat Rhyme
(In Freeform cadence rhyme, compound signatures)
Cold winters day, late November
Burning in fear inside Purgatory’s ember
On Death Row shuffle
For sins I don’t even remember
Did I do it? Did they misconstrue it?
Too many thoughts I can’t break through it
Screw it, I blew it
If they Want me to die I’ll do it
They wanna open their gates
So we can all seize our fates, our loves and our hates
Is that what life generates?
I’ve got my death date
The reaper anticipates and my grave awaits
Today is the day I take the slow walk to peace
Today is the day when my failed life will cease
Led down he hall with chains on my feet
Comforted by a man who hears all mens shrieks
The voice behind me is the preacher walking
Words of his Bible doing all the talking
Stalking my death and holding my coffin
Its fucking exhausting
Like I’m on another trial
Dead man walking vile
Its my green fucking mile
To make the victims family smile
Get their retribution if I offer my contribution
To their resolution of emotional restitution
When I go from this institution to my persecution
Maybe electrocution is the final solution
They want my allocution?
Screw it what if I didn’t do it
Goes to show ya there ain’t no closure
From a man who stands innocent in a shadow of guilt
A dark of enclosure
Who loses or who wins
Who cares the walk begins
Fear turns to sweat dripping down my neck
Trying to keep a bold face but I just peed on the deck
I don’t want to take this trek
No noose around my neck
I didn’t kill the chick
I loved her
I swear on my life
I never saw that knife
I didn’t kill my wife
The wrong person is walking to death
But I Have nothing left and her families bereft
My attorney didn’t detest when I confessed
I was depressed and oppressed
Caved in at the bequest of a brutal request
Good cop bad cop at its very best
So here I am
Strolling down deaths hall
Taking the fall
Led by my executioner
The infamous Lucifer
Satan has me by the balls
How many others walked down these halls
I’m the moral equivalent of a holy dissident
A miscreant citizen militant innocent
Strolling to shoot up deaths insulin
Forced to mainline my own decline
Seems ironically sublime
Doing drugs was my only crime
Now its my method of dying
But no crying its just my time
I’m here at center stage
The audience full of rage….
Revenge finally comes of age
I wonder why
I only want to see the sun once more
Feel the heat upon my face
Dream about the morning birds
But what I heard was
“Speak your Last Words”
They strap me to their table
Bound in stretchy cable
Stick their needles in my veins
Pull tight on the reigns and what remains
………A dead man still in chains
In a roomful of hosts
A chamber of ghosts
All of us now toast
You may mistrust us or just be disgusted
But this injustice upsets us
And trust us
Death Row is poetic justice
Marching with Satan in tow
As I walked down Death Row

Damaged Goods



Adrenalin rush
Wakes me from sleep
Reminds me I’m weak
Tossing and turning
Head and heart pounding
Someone’s shouting
At a loss, can’t even think
But can’t shut off my thoughts
There’s only one thing
That could unleash
That level of torture
This intense fear
My passenger is near
Snickering in jeer
Why must you always be here?
Let me be
Set me free
Its been a while
I’d hoped
You had left me
We’d never meet again
But now you’re back
Another attack
I guess its time
To talk to my old friend
So you can damage me again
I wished you had died
I wished you had died
But you’re still alive
You’re always inside
Waiting to manage
Waiting to damage
Take advantage
Because I’m damaged
Re-arranged and deranged
I’m self estranged
I wish I could kill him
Destroy the passenger
Who constantly rides me
Hides me
Derides me
Won’t let me out
I scream And shout
But no one hears
Like they don’t have ears
Can’t see my tears
Of frustration and fear
But to me its real
My inner self revealed
I just can manage
I’m damaged

You Don’t Know Me

i am


Modern Beat Flow of Consciousness

People like to judge, criticize the perception of who they think I am but know what? They have no idea who I am, what I’ve been through, what I survived on the outside or in. So judge your own self and back off the rest of us.
Don’t tell me
You know how I feel
Like my life ain’t even real
How I pay for my love
With her sex appeal
You have no idea where I’ve been
So take off that robe
Pass penance on yourself
Before you probe
Two good eyes but you still can’t see
Judge yourself
You know nothing bout me
Who am I?
The effect of one passionate evening
A spawn of sex
One steamy night of heavy breathing
Dads eyes gleaming
Moms mind streaming
Waiting to beam me
Don’t ever doubt me you know nothing about me
I languish in anguish
Despondent but real
Been down to soup kitchens
Finding a meal
Locked up and hopped up
Dragged through the dirt
Beat down by street clowns and shrugged off the hurt
Been strung out and rung out
Then hung out to dry
Tested molested with no tears to cry
I’m not plastic imitation
Shifting for compensation
Quit judging me
It aggravating and degrading
I’m a hard swinging gate
Pulling an inside straight
So back off and give me a pass
Go and judge your own ass
Don’t need your scam
You have no idea who I am

I am a child procreated
Dated then fated
A mistake of sex
But still I’m not hatin’
I’m waiting
To find out who the real me is
I was a child of Gods sake
Swam in Satan’s wake
As he sped cross River Styx
With his devilish tricks
Laughing at the trails
As I flew off the rails
Cause some joker like you
Likes to tell tales
So before you pass judgment take one long hard stare
If you reflect hatred than I just don’t care
But beware
Not everybody will treat you that fair