Poverty Dream



Children raised with hunger pains
Living in the apocalyptic rains
Of the greedy capitalist deserters
And the bankers really hurt us
They stuck their heads in sand
Then took the money and ran
Just as the industries dried up
All they’re assets were tied up
Fed us crumbs from their steaks
Leaving real lives choking in the wake
Coughing from the burning fumes of fate
Cracked walls peeling paint
Rusted hinges and broken gates
Glassless windows lockless doors
Darkened stairways where drugs are scored
Once a beautiful structure now a haven
For crimes and addictions of desperation
Not only buildings were left abandoned
Humanity crawled away from its war
Took its spoils to accounts offshore
And pretended the children were gone
Letting wall street carry on
Blaming misfortune on poverty
Because all we have is apathy
Fuck it, we don’t have to live here
Let’s pack up the shopping cart
And move somewhere else
Somewhere nice

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