Poverty Dream



Children raised with hunger pains
Living in the apocalyptic rains
Of the greedy capitalist deserters
And the bankers really hurt us
They stuck their heads in sand
Then took the money and ran
Just as the industries dried up
All they’re assets were tied up
Fed us crumbs from their steaks
Leaving real lives choking in the wake
Coughing from the burning fumes of fate
Cracked walls peeling paint
Rusted hinges and broken gates
Glassless windows lockless doors
Darkened stairways where drugs are scored
Once a beautiful structure now a haven
For crimes and addictions of desperation
Not only buildings were left abandoned
Humanity crawled away from its war
Took its spoils to accounts offshore
And pretended the children were gone
Letting wall street carry on
Blaming misfortune on poverty
Because all we have is apathy
Fuck it, we don’t have to live here
Let’s pack up the shopping cart
And move somewhere else
Somewhere nice

At Least Sometimes

at least



I tripped over my confidence

Stumbled over my identity

And came to rest on a mask

A midnight mask

I keep it on

It keeps me safe

At least sometimes



We never share all we are

With anyone

We all hide our truths

Keep secrets on the run

From everyone

Shield ourselves from ourselves

Hide inside our own shadows

And wear a midnight mask

So no one will see

The hidden real me

At least sometimes


But careful with your guise

You can’t always hide

If you stash away your self too far

You forget who we are

And become who you were


Or even worse

Someone else’s version

Of who you should be

Instead of the me we all are



When your midnight mask

Makes us look back at our past

To stare into our own hearts

We find ourselves in our shadow

Trembling in our own fears

Afraid who we appear to be

Is not the true me

Even if it’s a stranger they see

Like it or not in the end

We all face the same thing

The fear that who we are

Can be seen through the holes

At least sometimes


Crying to ourselves

Without shedding tears

Yet still feeling the hurt

Pains we alone must face

When peering too deeply into our mind

We see not only our self

But the people around us

We tear off their masks

And wonder if they’re real

Or if they’re hiding too


I still don my mask

I find sanctuary in my façade

Comfortable in my strangers skin

Away from who I am

Or maybe who I was

Basking in my concealments

So no one can see

The truth behind the mask

My bones will turn to dust

My memories rust

Always will I wonder

Is anyone really happy

Is this just a dream or a game

The secret game all play

Who wants to win such a game

We all do

At least sometimes






Desperation is our motivation

Driving force of the living

Desolation is an abomination

The lengths to which we’re driven

Desperation is our fornication

Driving the force of our love

Masturbation casts ugly aspirations

Hide your hand inside a glove

Desperation drives my soul

Makes you wanna rock and roll

It makes you whole

Or so I’m told

Desperation and desolation

My flirtation is my creation

I’m a little dangerous a little daring

Arrogant humble and sometimes uncaring

Frantic and frenzied full of Goddam envy

Of those who know how to be friendly

Who get stimulation without desperation

And live a life of ease




Desperation knows no consternation

Desperation shaped my soul

Rehabilitation breeds a stronger foundation

But desperation makes me whole


Desperation straight into annihilation

A philosophy of doom

Mindless stagnation breeds aggravation

I’m gonna be there soon


Desperation drives my soul

Makes you wanna rock and roll

It makes you whole

Or so I’m told

Desperation and desolation

My flirtation is my creation

I’m a little dangerous a little daring

Arrogant humble and sometimes uncaring

Frantic and frenzied full of Goddam envy

Of those who know how to be friendly

Who get stimulation without desperation

And live a life of ease






Perspective (An experiment in freestyle autobiographic redundancy)

picture frame framing gravel


A turtle is a lizard with a Winnebago on its back traveling the world like a gypsy stuck in slow motion

To an alligator an armadillo is merely an escargot on the half shell

To a lobster a shipwreck is an all you can eat buffet

Giraffes aren’t humble because it takes all day to swallow their pride

Why isn’t a chicken too chicken to cross the road

Thoughts like these rob me of sleep because of one thing



Perspective is the way I view my world

My unstable thoughts may not impress

But my words are just a format

So I use them to express

The perspective of mind that’s not quite right

That’s why I write


Is poetry or is it prose

Or just gibberish

Who knows

Is it born of consternation

Making you tremble with trepidation

Or is it all just bullshit

Insanity going through gestation



Shit here he goes again breaking with tradition

No more rhyming no more rhythm this here is beat generation freestyle crap

The speed of dark seems faster than light when the fire goes out

Universal clout

Lightning is just a highly charged game of cosmic whack a mole

Thunder is the growling of a black holes stomach

How often does the periodic table come around anyway

Does the fortune teller see the future or just see your past in reverse

Why oh why do these ridiculous thoughts only come around when I’m trying to sleep

Ya know what kind of shit keeps my eyes open at night





I take up space

I have the time

To write a poem

Does it have to rhyme

Sometimes they don’t

Sometimes they do

I don’t really care

Do you

Anyway its my perspective and I’ll cry if I want to

You would cry too if these thoughts were haunting you

Whether late at night or early in the morn

Perspective drives me crazy

Or is that just my norm


Here he goes again

Going off the rails on an Ozzie train of thought

Will this segment rhyme this time or will it be for naught

Some of us have known all along that we differ from the crowd

Some of us are brave enough to write it all out loud

Its what we do


The five steps of therapeutic grief as a way for us to fit in

We drink in de Nile

Angrily fight in our minds

Bargain with the voices

Cry when they win

Then give up trying to be sane and accept we’re not to blame

Its just a game

Acceptance is all we want anyway

Don’t judge us and we won’t judge you

Keep in mind there is power in numbers and we have secret warriors

You don’t want to mess around with those voices in our heads

So don’t try to burn down our forests or you will feel our wrath

Only you can prevent forest fires

We look at the world through our own prisms of one thing

Our Perspective

Accept it


Her ………… (A Retro Beat Poetry Narrative)


All those things she said
Promising her bed
Gave the go ahead
On her leash she led
Led my swollen head
Told me she could hold me and unfold me in her bed
Said it with such clarity
Spoken in vulgarity
She offered me some charity
A momentary lapse of clarity
We formed a carnal parity
With genital dexterity

She began to purr
My loins began to stir
Life became a blur
All because of Her
The way we were
I was in love with Her

This then is the story of
The days of all my glory love
The day my love was shoved
My senses falling from above
On the day I fell in love
With Her

She had me in her trap
Pleading in her lap
Her love clamped on me so tight that night I thought my rod would snap
I was hungry for release
A gentle erotic squeeze
A gentle pleasing tease
Salacious wonton please
She held me back until I cracked then had me begging on my knees
Begged her not to leave
I began to freeze until
She brought me to release
Released me with a moan
I let out a happy groan
She held me firm so I would learn that I was hers to own
She had me by the bone
Held me firm and made me squirm
Ejaculated me emasculated me
Then left me all alone

I guess I should have known
Known it from the start
She would break my heart
That we would one day part
She took away my dignity, flashed it right in front of me then tore my world apart

I guess I realized
It came as no surprise
She made me cry spinning webs of lies a devil spider in disguise
A string of hapless flies
Just should have realized
But those haunting sexy eyes
The eyes that mesmerize
Seducing me then reducing me just for exercise
Here’s what took me in
She let me revel in her sin
Deep inside her skin
Silken satin skin
Her satin and her lace
Sex enhanced embrace
Her sensual lustful taste
Absent was the mysteries we both had sordid histories neither of us was chaste
Ours was no disgrace
We really rocked the pace
Sexed in every place
Each and every room
Orgasmic sonic boom
Rumbled from her womb

First she led me on
A willing studly pawn
Getting her off and on
Then poof… She was gone
She learned me as she spurned me but the sex I got was so damn hot
It burned me
Burnt me with a pout
But the flame of lust went out
Gone without a doubt
Won’t copulate on the floor
Or fornicate any more
She threw me out the door

Left my face all sallow
Now I’m just a lone shadow
Alone and shallow
No value
Darkness now surrounds me
How does she confound me
Bodies entwined we used to grind until the day she ground me
Ground me into dust
Left me aching in my lust
Wouldn’t let me get back in
Wouldn’t let me touch her skin
Driving me insane
Like unwanted dismal rain
A puddle of carnal pain
Desires will accrue
Left with balls of blue
Nothing I could do

One should never trust
Relations built on lust
At first there’s so much thirst until the thirst begins to rust
Boring rusty sex
Has profound effects
She don’t care no more your out the door with the rest of the rejects
But at least we can still be friends
How bout it? Well that depends
That’s the way it ends

Time erases the regret
Yet her I’ll never forget
I thanked her for the mammary and thanked her for the memory and sweat
The hot and sweaty carousal
The times when our arousal
Made her flush and pink
Had us at the brink
Orgasms in sync
that’s why I think
Still always think
About Her