Third Time Under

third time

I’ve been treading for my life in the ocean of your love
Cloudy skies inside my eyes and not so crystal clear above
The fragile crest of razor waves keep crashing to nowhere
Swim out save me from myself and show me that you care

My mind screams out in in agony cause my body is so sore
Been swimming for two days now but I still can’t see the shore
If your love don’t find me soon I’ll drown here in my failure
Metaphoric undertaker The Grim Reaper and loves jailor

Its my third time under
I’m not ready go down
Without your love to hope for
I’d already have been drowned

If you leave me here alone
My sun will fail to rise
I’ll never see another moon
Never gaze into your eyes

All I ever want to be is to be there by your side
Together on the shore as we watch the ebb and flowing tide
You upon my shoreline makes my landscape so complete
I’m the king of loving you and no one can compete

Leaving you outside my world shouldn’t be my fate
Swim your love back out to sea before it gets too late
I’ll do anything you want to be with you on the shore
I’ve been down for three times now and I can’t swim no more

Third time under
I’m ready to go down
Preserve me with your love
Please don’t let me drown

If you go away today
My landscape fades to black
Tell me how far I need to swim
For me to win you back

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