Time In A Bottle Rocket


Time heals all it hurts
And hurts all that it heals
Time passes standing still
Time gives and then time steals

Whatever we leave behind us
Is all we were before
I’ll be waiting until forever
For time to close the door

Incremental distress from shadows of sorrow
Into the back a knife and through the heart an arrow
Sardonically smiling The Reaper unseen lays in wait
Hoping for the moment we find ourselves too late

Harvesting destruction in hopes of reaping flesh
Biding time until the moment his and my life mesh
I’ll not sit here and cower all day full with dark unease
But challenge it here on its own turf to bring time to its knees

Time heals all it hurts
And hurts all that it heals
Time passes standing still
Time gives and then time steals

Whatever we leave behind us
Is all we were before
I’ll be waiting until forever
For time to close the door

Don’t Look Back


We reach a point in life when there is more to look back on than forward to and pause to reflect. Oddly sometimes the ones we felt our closest friends from our carefree days harbor ill will and some we never stopped to get to know as deeply as we could have we learn to be worthy of true friendship. True friends possess the ability to forget the nonsense that youth often brings and remember only the good times, the bonds, the laughs, and the stories of legend from their hometown.

My Crew

Where are they now
Where have they been
Whats become of the crew

We lived hard and free
We did what we pleased
Good times we had more than a few

We laughed and we cried
And together grew wise
A life filled with laughter and smiles

But we grew up so fast
Choosing personal paths
Between us grew years and grew miles

If They Could See Me Now

Rib Eye

Rib Eye he won’t talk to me
Why I wasn’t told
But time and distance have a way
Of blurring days of old

Perhaps the memory’s not so clear
With flashbacks too selective
Not gonna lose one night of sleep
Some friendships are subjective
(At first it hurt your snubbing culture, you devour gossip like a vulture)

Rolling in bills to make a straw
Becoming such a dirty habit
Could trust him with my girl or dog
Until he killed the rabbit

Streaker lives in gated housing
Handcuffed to his fears
Stole some paper to wipe his nose
Still has four more years

(I get the blame for many a crime, but I ain’t the one serving time)

Shared a love of little pups
We were quite the pair
Scratched our initials in a tree
Carnal pleasures on a dare

But Blondie she snuck out of town
Her head bent down in shame
Pissed at all the years she wasted
Trying to take my name

(I’m sorry you had me at my worst, but no one ever forgets their first)


With the pedal to the meal
Speed flew all around town
A huffing and a puffing
Stuff that grew from underground

His Mama went an left him
His Dad just never was
He’s driving like a zombie now
Looking for more buzz

(Take a closer look at the crew and figure out the one not true. Don’t believe everything you hear Speed)


Miles he was my main man
Through thick and thin we rode
I got stuck on pins and needles
To him my life is owed

Miles pain was deeper than a well
So abysmal it made him to pull it
I was too late to try and pay him back
friendship ended from a bullet

(To you my blood I always toast, scarecrow you I miss the most)

And then there is JT

Forever taking something
To boost his self esteem
All to often misunderstood
Lives hazily in his dream

Took way too much medication
Never seemed to get his fill
Searching for his confidence
Hoping to find it in a pill
The Gang

Times we had were priceless
Carefree loving friends
Thought we’ be forever but
Sometimes friendship ends

Back then we were the brains, the bold, the beauty, the racer, the biker, and the fool on the hill
Now we are the recluse, the criminal, the missing, the lost, the dead, and the dying but still trying. Where we are has nothing to do with where we were but everything to do with who we were. Time to grow up.

New Paradigm (Double Edged Sword)


The scars of his words will never fade

Hiding the bruises from his hit parade
Across her neck his fingers played
“Come my sweet child don’t be afraid”

Near every night behind mommies back
Daddy sadistic begins the attack
She wished she had strength to stab in a knife
Too shamed to fight back and regain her life

Inside she cried
Nowhere to hide
Her hero had lied
Wish he had died

People downstairs yet she feels so alone

It makes her ears bleed to hear that fuck moan

She hates the sick bastard straight down to the bone

A callous old pervert laughs a despicable tone

Everybody loves him because nobody knows

Behind bedroom curtains betrayed blood flows

Her anger and anguish continually grows

Some day she will fight back defending the blows

Inside she cried
The bastard lied
All hopes subside
Inside she died

Suddenly it just stopped when Daddy was bored

From out of her room little sister was lured

Gathered her anger and questioned her lord

Then straight through his heart plunged the double edge sword

Oblivious in prison she’s just serving her time

Pre meditated murder they named as her crime

The punching and raping now seems so sublime

Kill a sadist -go to prison- the new paradigm

Inside she’s dead
Free from his bed
She smiled as he bled
But he’s finally dead

Little sister is confused but safe in her room

Never had to deal with the pain or the gloom

Big sisters away Mom cries all the time

Prays every night for a new paradigm

The place where this happened where it went down

A place called “this never happens in this kind of town”

A sickness this vile needs a double edged saber

Look around closely you could save a neighbor

Inspired by a newspaper article from back in the seventies.

In The Details


He’s merely a concept
A human idea
Vague explanation
Born out of fear

The dark and the dreary
Covered in sin
Its nobody’s fault if
evil creeps in

Repugnance encompassed
Beastly and wicked
malevolent destruction thats
Biblically fitted

We created this concept
A dangerous idea
To resolving transgression
And temper our fear

Monster Mephistopheles
Dangling a probe
Smirking in judgment
Blood soaked black robe

three six river Styx with
Soul taking pacts
Strong arming angels
to perverted acts

Lord of the Darkness
Treacherous Prince
Bloodsucking vermin
Sanguine death wince

During good versus evil
Armageddon prevails
In a quest for the Devil
Its in the details

We never can see him
We know he is near
To blame for our sins and
explain profound fear

Cast out the evil
Cleaning the heart
The devil in the details
Will tear good apart


what a night 1

(Time to get up, if you can)
The sun was scratching at my eyes an my head was pounding out a thunderous redundant painful beat. Over an over, boom, boom,boom boom, echoing dully through my skull. In the throes of confusion I tried to make sense of my situation. Where the fuck am I? Am I like dead or something? I looked down. Oh shit, I’m alive, and I’m naked in an unfamiliar bed. Naked? Could be a good thing, think back, think back. I remember Me and Miles were at a bar, his favorite biker bar and…. Wait! Jesus shit something moved! Holy fuck there someone else in bed with me. I looked at myself again, buck bone naked, matted pubic hair region, some sort of secretion has occurred… Oh my God! Oh Jesus shit in Hell please don’t let it be Miles laying next to me! I squinted through the powerful streaks of sunrays reaching through the window. I felt some large breasts on my back. Okay, okay, it’s a female, at least there’s that, but who the hell is she? I looked at myself again, naked and seemingly spent. I must have had a lot of sex last night because my normal morning wood is a morning wouldn’t. Or couldn’t. But who’s in bed with me?
An unfamiliar voice in a groggy hoarse tone.“ Well hey there Myron, you ready for a fifth time?” There was a hint of a schoolgirl giggle when she asked me if I wanted to… Wait, did she call me Myron? The only time I use Myron is when I need an alias. Why would I need tell her my name was Myron? “Ah, um, what do you mean?” Uh man my head was pounding, what the fuck did I drink last night? “You two went at it all night, hahaha. You gonna do it again for us to watch? Oh yea do it!” Another strange female voice from across the room. Okay, two beds, me and Miles, this must be a no tell motel room we’re in. Miles is over in the other bed with a chick too. I attempted to remove the fog from my mind but the defroster wasn’t working yet so I rubbed my eyes extra hard as if it would help me remember but it only made matters worse.
I must have taken something last night, a pill or something because I’ve had a million hangovers before but this is like a fugue, I haven’t a clue where I am, who’s in be with me, how I got here, or even what day it is. There was a bottle of water on the nightstand so I took a big mouthful and long swallow to remove the stale shitty taste in my mouth. I peeked over to Miles who was still sleeping but his apparent partner was sitting up in bed naked as a jaybird with her breasts just hanging out in the open. I forced my eyes away from her breasts an looked at her face. She was pretty although the heavy make up she must have worn last night was now making her look like a raccoon. But a pretty raccoon, with real long full blond hair and an obvious well endowed chest. Hard to tell from that vantage point but she appeared rather short, maybe five foot but then again she was sitting cross-legged on a bed and her breasts were like magnets to my eyes, blurred as my vision was. I glanced closer noticing her blond hair was platinum blond that screamed give me peroxide or give me death. But it did look sexy on her and I assumed we had double dated ending up in a hotel. I took a chance, “You two were pretty loud yourselves.” She let out a half laugh, half giggle, “I guess so but I never heard Jenny screaming like that before, I‘d love to see what you did to get her to scream so loud.” The woman next to me blushed, “You’re just jealous Nance, but he is a real tease this one” Jenny! At least I have a name now, but I still don‘t remember anything. The stranger named Jenny, unless she used an alias too, was coming to life herself offering me a good view of her naked body. Not so tiny, she was maybe five and a half foot, but much larger than her counterpart in Miles bed. She also had blond hair but dirty blond, I couldn’t tell how long but there was an incredible amount of hair. Jenny was no stranger to tattoo’s having several small inkings along her arms which seemed somewhat scattered and disorganized. Not the flow of ink like I have, each arm telling a story with the Grim Reaper chest tattoo guarding my heart. But it wasn’t horrible, they could be fixed with some new ink. Her body was stout having a fair amount of meat on her bones but her most striking attribute by far was her enormous mammary glands. I have never seen such huge breasts, at least not in person. Those beauties could have their own area code they were so big. The truth is I’m more of what they call a leg man, I love long muscular legs but I also have no problem exploring new area’s, especially if they have their own area code. I estimated the mountainous melons to weigh a good twenty pounds a piece.
“Hehe, I know what’s for breakfast.” She bent down and took my spent member in her mouth. Fully engulfed I was… how do you say it? Flaccid. I stopped her, “Not right now Jenny, I need to shower and some coffee.” What the Hell was I thinking? I just opted out of getting morning head! Well first I really need to figure out what’s going on, maybe later. Platinum blond from across the room chimed in, “Ohhh, that’s a great idea JT, lets all go shower together.” Fuck! How come she knows my real name but her friend thinks I’m….My thought was cut off by the confused Jenny, “I though your name was Myron?” Jenny squeezed my balls, so I knew I better have the right answer, “So what is your name stud muffin?” Think quick. “My name is Myron but most people, like Miles there call me JT. It’s short for, um, Justin Time, you know because I always seem to get where I need to be just in time…..
I damn near ran into the shower to attempt to collect my rational but was instantly joined by two naked women. A beautiful fantasy had it not been for the fact that one of these ladies, a very hot and sexy lady, was my best friend Miles girlfriend and the other, a slightly overweight tattoo laden lady with mammary glands that require a summit to fully appreciate was apparently my girlfriend. Nevertheless, I was showering with two women, one which was soaping me up, which at this point was possible again. Nancy seductively and teasingly soaped her own body up while watching and commentating on how we were performing. “oh yea Jenny, I think you have his full attention.” The hot water was helping clear my head a bit so within seconds I was standing at soapy attention. Who am I to pass up such a golden opportunity. I gave in and we lathered each other into frenzied states of passion and made love standing in the shower as Nancy commented on our every move. After having been afforded the opportunity to explore the humongous appendages I can confirm the twenty pound estimate, adding that they require almost a half bar of soap just for each. But more importantly I sensed we had made some sort of connection that I can’t seem to recall. Not sure if this is bad or good, I hope when Miles wakes up he can shed some light on how I got here, and more importantly, Where the fuck are we and what day is it!!!

In My Arms


Once I held you in my arms

You gave me such a rush

Filled with blood of happiness

With just one simple push

Once I held you in my arms

And let you come inside

Hope replaced my agony

Made misery subside

Then you held me much too tight

Imprisoned my every thought

Made me see you every day

The heartaches that you brought

How you got under my skin

Clutched tightly to my heart

Threatened you would never leave

Swore You’d never part

Then I broke free of the strangling grasp

Discarded all your charms

But memories here are scratched in red

From when I held you in my arms

I know for some of you it’s hard to understand why, but if you can imagine pains so totally encompassing someone feels compelled to sell a piece of their life for a modicum of relief you may begin to understand why many people turn to addiction in an attempt to validate their existence. Please don’t condemn them, too many close to me have lost to their addictions, and every last one of them was a beautiful but tortured soul. To all those who are falling, those who fell ,and for the few who have defeated addiction I dedicate this to you. PEACE

This Way To Egress


A satin switchblade dark evening moans

Bedroom dark and shady

Violet teardrops in shards of promise

No way to treat a lady

A distant echo of agonizing cheer

Acting like he bought you

Dreams of lace caressed in crimson

Not how Mama taught you

Circus message send painful rhythms

Pounding through her head

Cries flow soft through ears unopened

Yearning to be dead

This way to Egress written in the dark

Only one way out

Fading hope a dispassionate plea

Showering in doubt

Unsuspecting partners dance alligator tango

Squirming on the sheet

The pearl stiletto in and out

Flaming from the heat

Teardrops flow in restoration

Accompanied by moans

Breathless bodies lay in tandem

A shiny pair of bones

Lovely child in distress, come with me to find egress

Subway Sanwhich Chain Says Chew On This


Hoagie Central Replaces Yoga Mat with Bath Mat

Hoagie Central has announced it has upgraded their hoagie rolls to a healthier and less consumer panicking recipe. They have replaced the rolls they were buying from the Downward Dog Bakery with the less chewy rolls from Mirror Mist bread Company. Senior officials cite the recent bombshell dropped on Twitter exposing the fact that large pieces of yoga mat have been found in the rolls. Mirror Mist uses the less rubbery bath mat, although they still fear finding remnants from the bath mat remnants. “Our quality control team has been sampling many of the local bakeries to find which one has the most easily digestible foreign objects and after an exhaustive and gastro intestinal challenging search we found that Mirror Mist has the fewest defects. We only want to use the best possible inappropriate products to rip off our customers with. If they all were to choke on yoga mat fibers we would lose a huge percentage of our clients.”
Downward Dog Bakery refused our offer for an interview but released this statement, “Downward Dog uses only the finest quality yoga mat in our breads. We not only stand behind the matting we use we also stand on them in upward facing proud peacock pose. We guarantee the yoga mats we bake with are only slightly used in strictly Bikram Yoga classes which you may know is heated, thereby destroying all the bacterium from the participants feet. We never put our customers in an awkward position and literally bend over backwards to make the best rolls we can for our customers ” Not reassured by this Hoagie Central has taken steps to insure only bathroom matting reaches the mouths of their customers. “We understand Downward Dogs position but we have to think of the people we are taking money from, and 90% of them have Twitter accounts. With all the bad publicity we received from the chewy yoga matted bread we don’t want our customer base to be reduced to 140 characters or less.”
Consumer advocate groups have praised the decision noting that not only were the chunks of yoga mat a choking hazard, but they also contained almost twice the calories of the more expensive bath mat. They have expressed concern over the color dyes used in some bathmats as well as the hairy fibers, but close inspection of Mirror Mists mats passed the smell test. Choo Won Deese, the makers of the somewhat edible yoga mats could not be reached for comment.
The opinions expressed by The Existential Baker do not necessarily reflect in the Mirror Mist, but he does want to point out that all of his products are 100% mat free.