Don’t Look Back


We reach a point in life when there is more to look back on than forward to and pause to reflect. Oddly sometimes the ones we felt our closest friends from our carefree days harbor ill will and some we never stopped to get to know as deeply as we could have we learn to be worthy of true friendship. True friends possess the ability to forget the nonsense that youth often brings and remember only the good times, the bonds, the laughs, and the stories of legend from their hometown.

My Crew

Where are they now
Where have they been
Whats become of the crew

We lived hard and free
We did what we pleased
Good times we had more than a few

We laughed and we cried
And together grew wise
A life filled with laughter and smiles

But we grew up so fast
Choosing personal paths
Between us grew years and grew miles

If They Could See Me Now

Rib Eye

Rib Eye he won’t talk to me
Why I wasn’t told
But time and distance have a way
Of blurring days of old

Perhaps the memory’s not so clear
With flashbacks too selective
Not gonna lose one night of sleep
Some friendships are subjective
(At first it hurt your snubbing culture, you devour gossip like a vulture)

Rolling in bills to make a straw
Becoming such a dirty habit
Could trust him with my girl or dog
Until he killed the rabbit

Streaker lives in gated housing
Handcuffed to his fears
Stole some paper to wipe his nose
Still has four more years

(I get the blame for many a crime, but I ain’t the one serving time)

Shared a love of little pups
We were quite the pair
Scratched our initials in a tree
Carnal pleasures on a dare

But Blondie she snuck out of town
Her head bent down in shame
Pissed at all the years she wasted
Trying to take my name

(I’m sorry you had me at my worst, but no one ever forgets their first)


With the pedal to the meal
Speed flew all around town
A huffing and a puffing
Stuff that grew from underground

His Mama went an left him
His Dad just never was
He’s driving like a zombie now
Looking for more buzz

(Take a closer look at the crew and figure out the one not true. Don’t believe everything you hear Speed)


Miles he was my main man
Through thick and thin we rode
I got stuck on pins and needles
To him my life is owed

Miles pain was deeper than a well
So abysmal it made him to pull it
I was too late to try and pay him back
friendship ended from a bullet

(To you my blood I always toast, scarecrow you I miss the most)

And then there is JT

Forever taking something
To boost his self esteem
All to often misunderstood
Lives hazily in his dream

Took way too much medication
Never seemed to get his fill
Searching for his confidence
Hoping to find it in a pill
The Gang

Times we had were priceless
Carefree loving friends
Thought we’ be forever but
Sometimes friendship ends

Back then we were the brains, the bold, the beauty, the racer, the biker, and the fool on the hill
Now we are the recluse, the criminal, the missing, the lost, the dead, and the dying but still trying. Where we are has nothing to do with where we were but everything to do with who we were. Time to grow up.

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