Robotic Dreams





A cyber womb
To a metal tomb
Blueprinted from humankind
Kinetic chords
Silicon lords
Created from grand design

Scientist had him
Named him Adam
An irony of the new tech age
A lithium heart
Therefore he’s Descartes
Growing robots has become the new rage
Circuits of rage
Synergistically made
Humanity had better beware
Artificial intelligence
Packaged in elegance
Cyborgs are now self aware

Torn Out Page



From the book of me

A page torn

Of a life forlorn

Sipping on scorn

Swallowing thorns

A torn out page

From a book of rage

Much too full of age

And too short on sage


No matter how fast my legs may take me

The past sneaks behind as if to forsake me

When I think it has left its still there behind me

With a lightning flash searing it blinds me

Filling my pages with misguided dreams

Promises made were not what they seemed




The days of my youth

Define me as reckless

Ill thought plans

My mirror reflection

The heart of rebellion

The brains of a fool

Trying to be popular

Hoping to be cool

Living in consequence

Doing my time

Running away

But its always behind

But time catches up in fiery vengeance

Rifts made so deep no time can mend it

A constant reminder of all I have been

Swimming is whisky dancing with sin

Young and naïve not taking life serious

All that enthusiasm made me delirious

Times heals superficial leaving pain deep inside

A future to outrun with a past I can’t hide

But one thing I have learned

The pain doesn’t stay

It may seem eternal

But it slithers away

Leaving a trail

Scars in our hearts

Tattooed on our souls

Etched on our parts

Ashen and pale

We look to the sky

Unreachable goals

So why even try


Look in my eyes soaked profound in despair

Eyes deep of wrinkle and a head without hair

Life is just a wisp of breath like vapors on a mirror

The older your eyes the more you see clearer

Truths are written if my orbs can stay open

Until the breath dissipates erasing times slogan



The story of a life

From start to finish

Written on the wind

Like words in a scrimmage

Once the protagonist

Now just a viewer

The nights they get longer

As the days become fewer

Spirit and sage on every stage

Acting the fool and feeling the rage

When the last chapter rises

Revealing a crisis

Just a torn out page

Time spent in a cage

Looking to be free

Of myself

That’s me

An anecdote in the rain

Gathering pain

As it runs down the drain

Sometimes life sucked

My arms holding sin

Belly full of gin

Never knowing where to begin

Or how to lose or how to win

Living stagnant

Dying slow

Here’s where its at

Take my advice let it go



Life sucks so suck it up

Stop whining about life and change it

Only you can rearrange it

Don’t be a drag

Make your life what you want

Or hoist the white flag


Live for today….Peace


Letters from Saigon


A tearful museum of love, a handful of broken rain. Too delicate to swim, they both float in their pain
Sometimes it just seems too hard to go on
Stuck in a prison
Conquered by a vision
Reading the letters they got from Saigon

She recalled the sound of a doorbell cough ominous
Two silhouettes lurking from the shadow of moon
The Radio strained to obscure the sound of bad news
Words came in choking through sorrow filled gloom
Surrealistic two men stood looming in military dress
Bearing the words the family prayed never come to the door
Disregarding compassion reality entered into their home
To hug their baby boy in their arms nevermore

I hurt so much so please hold my hand
We both need something to help carry on
In the top of her closet a box full of tears
She showed him the letters she got from Saigon

Dreams are scorched when silence is at hand
Once the shootings over ain’t nothing left to be said
We sing some numbered songs whisper baby what’s next
Time to raise up love and then bury our dead
Struggling to understand why the end came so mean
While watching repeats of the squealing baby they tossed
One day brings the sleepless night playing on loops
Another day brings dark visions of a little boy lost

You can’t hold hands with a memory
You need to find some way to go on
In the top of her closet a box full of tears
As she re-reads the letters she got from Saigon

Always the rock dad must remain solid and strong
Can’t allow weakness just because life isn’t fair
Carrying the load for the son another’s war killed
Tortured alone every day with his own cross to bear
With a shake of his head his father cried silent
Promised for his family he would always fight on
Hidden in his workbench one envelope of tears
His son’s final letter that was sent from Saigon

Dear Dad,
Please don’t tell this to Mom. Three days ago one of our troops went out to another village and were blown up by a booby trap. They all died. Two days ago a sniper from the village shot and killed ten of my brothers, one of them right in front of me. Yesterday my best buddy Frank stepped on a landmine and lost his leg. A Hell of a way to get home right? All I could think was it could have been me Dad. My Sergeant got so angry he ordered one group to kill all the civilians in the village, women and kids too. They did it Dad, they killed them all, it was plain out and out murder. I’m so ashamed. I didn’t even try to do anything to stop it. I hate myself for that Dad. I wish I could come home to talk with you. We’re all afraid to talk about it because they might send us up to the DMZ. I wish I could talk to you to tell me the right thing to do Dad, I feel so lost and lonely. There is nothing but blood and death here in the jungle I just want to come home Dad. I hate it here. I’m trying to keep strong but I’m scared. Everyone around me is dying. Can’t sleep because of the fear and explosions. Please ask Father Duncan to pray for my soul and please don’t tell Mom. I don’t want her to worry. Be home soon Dad, I love you.
You’re Son,

These Things We Do (It’s My Rut)

we do

A song by Krazzy K-Dog

(May contain profanity, depending on your definition)

Same old thing day after day
Wake up and start the rut
Home for dinner and TV
In bed by 11 with the lights shut

We talk and talk and talk and talk
Until there’s nothing left to say
These things we do we do each day
Hoping the light of life won’t fade away

Stretch on the love seat pass around the chips
Get me another beer hon, what’s happened to your hips?
When did I grow so old and how did I get so Goddam fat
Closed my eyes filled my gut now that’s enough of that
Gotta eat right watch my health do a little exercise
I’ll start that shit tomorrow now I want to shut my eyes

What the fuck is the point
What the fuck is it all about
Why do we do these things we do
Why don’t we just cut out

Lets go to a movie or maybe dinner and a dance
If we plan a night out then we might still stand a chance
Why ruin our streak
Maybe next week
Yea you’re right
Not tonight
Put on the boob tube so we can watch something sappy
We do these things we do so we can pretend our lives are happy

These are the things we do
To make our lives seem real
These things we do we do we do
To make our world congeal
Without these things for us to do
Seems there aint no point in tryin’
If we never did these things
In an casket we’d be lyin’

We have a favorite TV show and we have a favorite meal
Force ourselves to have these things to make our lives seem real
We’re nothing but a nest of drones working for the queen
Running through this rat race maze to feed the big machine

Its better when we’re numb
Even though it defeats the point
So after work I pour a drink
Then light a big ass joint
These things we do these things we do
To keep our lives seeming sane
So we don’t have to watch and see
Our souls slipping down the drain

These things we do because we know
We barely just exist
Sink deeper in our ant farm ruts
No matter how hard we resist
It’s the same fucking shit
But on a different fucking day
These God damn things we do
While we piss our lives away

Life is fun life is real
Life is full of phony zeal
Life is dull life is cheap
Price of happiness is steep
Life is pious life is blessed
Fuck my life and all the rest
These things we do
These things we do
Why do we do these things we do
Life will suck no matter what we say
Fucking A man…..
There’s got to be a better way


Alone in a Crowd (Crying In The Dark)

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Even surrounded by his best ones he always feels alone
Rowdies all around him yet he’s forsaken to the bone
No one never hears his cry never hear the reclusive moan
Maybe that’s the reason why he’s always getting stoned

Good time Charley acting like he’s havin’ so much fun
But his lonely feelings always keep him on the run
Damn good thing this lonely man won’t ever have no gun
After one empty drunken night his livin would be done

He’s the loner in a crowd
Crowd that’s shouting loud
No one can even hear him
When he floats out on his cloud

Ain’t never gonna hit his mark
Got no fire ain’t got no spark
In his room he sobs all alone
Cryin’ in the dark

Underneath that happy smile depression hides inside
Ain’t no one for him to talk to no one to confide
No one will ever hear the voice he has to hide inside
But his head’s a screaming on a non stop torment ride

Tortured while you’re wide awake no way to have a life
Answering to your emotions at the tip of a sharp knife
Wish someone would see inside at his internal strife
Take away his loneliness an give him back his life

He’s a loner everywhere
No one will ever care
Hopes nobody finds him here
Hiding in his dark despair

Ain’t never gonna hit his mark
No ambition not a spark
In his room he sits all alone
Cryin’ in the dark

Taking Chances

take chances

This could be dangerous lets think it through
Young minds considering the wrong side of the law
None of us sat back but dove straight in head first
Without a thought if any consequence lay in store

Way back in the days when we took chances
We let not a soul tell us how we should act
Pissed in the wind without using protection
Mindful supervision was something we lacked

Back when we were young
Left no single bell unrung
No song unsung
No fence could keep us away
All we did all day was play
Doing it our way
Took on every single dare
Lived a life without care
So full of flair
Lives were full of fast romances
Writhing in horizontal dances
Just taking chances

Back in the day without a worry to be had
On life we kept the toughest stronghold
Indestructible bodies we were never defeated
Taking chances was just the way we rolled

Then our own children broke all of our rules
Responsibility suddenly became our new goal
Protecting our own kids from making our mistakes
Trying to teach them the safest way to roll

Back when were old
Talked of how we rolled
We broke the mold
Taught our children rules
They laughed at us old fools
Stubborn mules
Taught them what to see
Be the best they can be
Be better than me
Tried teaching them from the start
Taking dares won’t set you apart
Taking chances is not so smart

Time is a boulder rolling downhill
Gathering moss like no rolling stone
Of all the things we wish most now
We hope we never have to go it alone

I coulda been a contender
A lifetime full of splendor
But I surrendered
Never made a name
Never found my fame
So who’s to blame?
Take a closer look
At the chances we took

We Three Kinks Of Orientar

3 kinks

Oh three kinks of Orientar
In our space ships we traverse afar
Cosmic Fountain, Galactic mountain
Following yonder quasar

Oh weed of wonder weed of night
Weed of royal smoking flight
Westward leading pot de-seeding
Guide us to the perfect height

Bondage a kink of Beth Liam’s plain
Cuffs I bring to bind her again
Bound forever ceasing never
What is that golden rain?

Oh weed of wonder weed of night
Weed of royal smoking flight
Westward leading pot de-seeding
Guide us to the perfect height

Oh weed of wonder weed of night
Weed of royal smoking flight
Westward leading pot de-seeding
Guide us to the perfect height

Role play wardrobe to offer have I
Naughty nurse of Deity nigh
Submissive praising will have your man raising
Worship him and get most high

Oh weed of wonder weed of night
Weed of royal smoking flight
Westward leading pot de-seeding
Guide us to the perfect height

Aromatherapy is mine, a better perfume
Breathing musk in your hotel room
Bound for a boning, bleeding and moaning
Kink is what makes kinky love bloom

Oh weed of wonder weed of night
Weed of royal smoking flight
Westward leading pot de-seeding
Guide us to the perfect height

Glorious now his bone shall arise
Kinky sex is your sacrifice
Alleluia Alleluia
Together you both come twice

Oh weed of wonder weed of night
Weed of royal smoking flight
Westward leading pot de-seeding
Guide us to the perfect height